What is Scalenut?

We are a managed marketplace where businesses can get services at a fixed price, with pre-defined workflows and milestones. With a pool of highly talented professionals, those services are delivered with the highest quality.

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Our Story

Having witnessed the issues of the freelancing world first hand, we feel there is a large problem to be solved.

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When it comes to getting tasks done via freelancers, we still have to evaluate hundreds of freelancer profiles on online platforms, tackle uncertainty on the pricing of jobs and expect delays in terms of delivery dates and project closures. While enterprises in every field are devising ways to go smarter for their in-house tasks, freelancing job engagement and work management as a problem still remains unsolved.

We, at Scalenut, identified it as a huge bottleneck and are now trying to solve this puzzle. We offer services to empower businesses for their content creation and graphic designing. Our aim is to ensure that every business gets the best quality on-demand services.

Our Vision

We aim to achieve all this by leveraging technology and deploying smart solutions in all the categories we work in. We ourselves work with several freelancers across the globe to understand the key issues in the model first hand. The future of work is remote and Scalenut intends to be at the forefront of it.

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Our vision is to organize the freelance services. We aim to bring in transparency, standarization and a very high quality in freelance world.
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Our vision


We are backed by various marquee investors from US and India.

Like us, they believe that this is a large unsolved problem and we are well positioned to service this market.