Aug 19, 2022

AI in SEO Content Creation & Optimization - An Ultimate Guide [With Use Cases]

Image of Saurabh Wadhawan, Co-founder
Saurabh Wadhawan
AI in SEO Content Creation & Optimization - An Ultimate Guide [With Use Cases]
Image of Saurabh Wadhawan, Co-founder
Saurabh Wadhawan
Aug 19, 2022

AI in SEO Content Creation & Optimization - An Ultimate Guide [With Use Cases]

Want to take your SEO efforts to the next level? If yes, read this guide to know how AI helps create quality content for higher rankings on SERPs.
AI in SEO Content Creation & Optimization - An Ultimate Guide [With Use Cases]

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Ranking on SERP is getting harder due to its increasing competitiveness. Therefore, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve and explore all the possible ways to optimize your content for better ranking.

That's where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes in to help you with better content creation and optimization. So, if you're excited to learn more about the potential role of AI in SEO, this blog is for you.

In this post, we'll be exploring AI in SEO content creation and optimization, with a focus on how AI SEO can help your website grow.

What is AI?

what is AI?

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence through computer systems or machines. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech recognition, and machine vision.

In sales and marketing, renowned brands and marketers use AI digital marketing to save time and resources through automated digital marketing efforts.

What is AI?

30% of AI users mentioned an increase of 6-10% in revenue after implementing the AI technology.

What is AI SEO, and Why is It Important?

AI SEO and it's Importance

AI has become a core component of major search engine algorithms, consisting of Google’s Rankbrain and BERT.

RankBrain is a Search Engine Algorithm based on machine learning. The use of RankBrain was authorized by Google on 26 October 2015. It enables Google to process search results and deliver more relevant search results for users. 

In 2019, RankBrain was officially being used for every search query, and several companies have commenced experimenting with AI and machine learning to try and get ahead in the race. This is how the new term “AI SEO” was formed.  

By incorporating AI SEO into your content creation process, you'll be able to boost your website's visibility and ranking. Moreover, AI SEO also helps in keyword analysis, which is essential for creating an effective SEO strategy.

Here are two points depicting the primary importance of AI SEO:

  • AI SEO technology helps generate more focused results in less time.
  • AI can help you automate tasks such as article writing, keyword research, and analyzing competitor content.

AI SEO: 7 Ways AI can Help You Improve Your Website Ranking

AI SEO: 7 Ways AI can Help You Improve Your Website Ranking

As search engine algorithms continue to change and evolve, so does the need for professionals who can create content that ranks well on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Here are seven ways AI can help you improve your website ranking:

Perform Content Audit and Identify Opportunities Using AI SEO

A content audit is an essential step in a content marketing strategy. It helps you identify areas where you can improve your website's optimization efforts and optimize for relevant keywords.

You can use AI audit features to see which content is working and which is not. They give recommendations on where to improve and find growth opportunities, such as link-building.

Finally, combining AI with manual tweaking of SEO parameters will give you the most effective results.

Generate SEO Content Outline Using AI

Generating content for SEO requires a lot of time, effort, and research. However, with AI’s help, you can free up considerable time to focus on other aspects of your business. Scalenut makes this step easier for you. How, you ask?

Scalenut helps you create a solid content outline through its guided workflow in the platform. It performs SERP analysis of the Top 30 URLs to help monitor your outline structure.

Here is a quick overview of how to generate an SEO content outline using Scalenut: 

- Start by entering keywords in the input box.

Outline generator

- Now, wait for the tool to optimize the results using its AL and ML properties. Once the tool has packed the data, you can click on the “Create Brief” button to proceed further.

- Here, you will see the top 30 Ranking URLs. Pick the headings you want to include in your brief.

Outline generator

- You can also create your own with the “Click to Edit” button on the tool.

Outline generator

Streamline Content Planning and Creation Using AI SEO

Using the Topic Cluster tool by Scalenut, you can easily perform content planning and creation using AI SEO. They are the pages that help your pillar page. They target secondary keywords and long-tail keyword-related subtopics at length.

Scalenut Topic Cluster

It consolidates the other related keywords into multiple clusters. You build topical authority when you develop authoritative and well-researched content for a cluster. Here are the best content writing tools for SEO that can help you write and optimize content. 

Optimize Your Content for SEO Using AI

Optimizing content for search engine ranking is a process that can be greatly aided by artificial intelligence.

You can create more engaging and informative pages by keeping track of your website's ranking changes over time and using AI to optimize your content.

Several different AI tools are available, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the tool or tools that best suit your specific needs is important before starting the optimization process.

AI in SEO also helps you

  • Create topic clusters.
  • Use keywords and LSI keywords appropriately.
  • Know the optimum length of your content.

Once all content is optimized, ensure it is well-researched and written in an easy-to-read style so as not to frustrate search engine robots.

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Create SEO-friendly Meta Tags Using AI SEO Platforms

Meta tags are a crucial part of search engine optimization. However, many website owners struggle to create SEO-friendly meta tags using manual processes. 

With the help of AI, this process can be automated and simplified significantly. You can try our free meta description generator tool to write SEO optimized descriptions at scale.

Do Quality Checks and Humanize Your Content With AI Guidance

When it comes to content marketing, ensuring the quality of your website's content is a top priority. However, this can be a difficult task as it often requires human input. 

With AI guidance, you can automate many of these tasks so that your content remains high-quality and search engine optimized. For example, using AI to identify broken links on your website will improve its ranking in search engines.

In addition, AI can help you create engaging blog posts that are easy for readers to understand. Finally, don’t forget to give your content a human touch. 

Furthermore, by using AI in timing strategies, such as when to post on social media sites, etc., you'll ensure that all your content goes out at the right time and boosts engagement rates.

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Improve User Experience

Improving user experience is a critical element of any content marketing strategy. By making sure pages load quickly and are easy to navigate, you can improve the overall experience for your website visitors.

Apart from page speed optimization, there are many ways that artificial intelligence can help optimize your website for better UX. For example, AI can help identify use cases for which AI-powered designs could improve usability or search engine visibility.

It also has the ability to generate engaging content that resonates with your target audience, improving user engagement and satisfaction on your site as a result. 

AI-powered SEO tools like Scalenut, MarketBrew, Hubspot, etc., can help with appropriate suggestions to improve your overall content quality. 

Conclusion: Start Your AI SEO Journey With Scalenut

If you're interested in using artificial intelligence to optimize your content for search engine ranking, Scalenut is the perfect tool for you.

With its wide range of features and capabilities, it integrates seamlessly with Google Ads so that you can optimize your content for various search engine outcomes.

The use cases it meets include increasing website speed, boosting click-through rates, and increasing user engagement. 

Additionally, Scalenut offers a range of features to help you create custom landing pages for lead capture forms and measure the performance of your website using AI tools.

With its artificial intelligence capabilities, Scalenut can help you create high-quality content that is search engine-friendly. So, start your AI SEO journey today and see the positive results for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is AI content good for SEO?

Ans. According to a study by content marketing company Moz, artificial intelligence content is a top influencer for search engine optimization (SEO).

The study found that 72 percent of marketers say AI content is a great tool for search engine optimization, ranking higher than content creation (68 percent) and social media optimization (64 percent).

Further, 73 percent of marketers say AI content is the most effective way to reach more people with their message.

Q2. How effective is AI in SEO?

Ans. A study by Moz found that Google's algorithm considers a search engine’s quality score and user feedback when ranking a website. This study concludes that a search engine’s quality score is a better predictor of a website’s ranking than a website’s content.

However, the study also found that a website’s content can still improve its ranking if it has high-quality user feedback.

Q3. How can AI be used in SEO?

Ans. According to a study by search engine optimization company Moz, artificial intelligence can help improve search engine ranking. AI helps optimize search engine results by evaluating past search query data and identifying patterns that can be used to better optimize a website for future search queries.

Saurabh Wadhawan
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