Sep 8, 2022

Copy AI vs. Jarvis AI/Jasper AI: Which One To Choose?

Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Copy AI vs. Jarvis AI/Jasper AI: Which One To Choose?
Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Sep 8, 2022

Copy AI vs. Jarvis AI/Jasper AI: Which One To Choose?

Confused between Copy AI vs. Jarvis AI (Jasper AI)? Check out our in-depth comparison between these AI tools to choose the one that fits your SEO needs.
Copy AI vs. Jarvis AI/Jasper AI: Which One To Choose?

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The last couple of years have seen AI writing and SEO tools gaining unforeseen traction. There have been a slew of tools that have made a mark. These tools have been instrumental in helping creators get rid of their writer’s block.

As the dependence on AI and ML continues to grow, these tools are expected to gain new grounds and find interesting use cases.

This in-depth Copy AI vs. Jarvis/ Jasper AI blog discusses the reason behind their existence, several aspects that differentiate these two, and the pros and cons of each AI writing tool. It will ultimately help you figure out the right option for yourself. 

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The Basics of Copywriting Tools, and How To Choose One For Yourself

As per research, the AI market stood at USD 93.5 billion by 2021. Not so surprisingly, it is touted to cross USD 309.6 billion in the next five years, an astonishing jump of over 3x in such a short span. 

In the writing space, AI helps marketers and creators in more ways than one. It offers long-form writing assistance, helps in brief creation, and even has a range of templates for their copywriting needs. 

AI-based copywriting simply means leveraging the prowess of AI and NLP tools to create automated marketing copies. 

For this, users first decide on the type of content they want to produce and what they want to write about. The range is significantly wide, from product descriptions to blog headlines. For example, you may want to create a few product descriptions about your products to be listed on Amazon.

For this, you must choose the right AI copywriting tool, feed the information, and wait for it to churn results. The algorithm uses the information provided to analyze existing content on the web about the topic and create several iterations of the product description on its own. 

But for that, you will need a capable AI copywriting tool. 

So, how do you choose the most suitable copywriting assistant for yourself? Here are some criteria to keep in mind:

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  • Diversity of Templates Available 

Most copywriting tools have AI templates packed in for different content types. The broader the use cases supported, the more likely you are to find outputs based on your specific needs. So, look for the number of templates available while choosing between two tools. 

For example, Scalenut’s AI Copywriter offers over 40 AI templates for all your copywriting needs.

  • Ease of Use

A few years back, there were hardly any AI-driven writing tools other than the likes of SEMrush and Ahrefs. These tools were specifically designed for marketers and agencies, meaning most of us are new to this landscape. So, it is vital for us to look for an SEO and writing app that is easy to use. 

  • Factual Accuracy

Another vital criterion to keep in mind while choosing an AI tool is factual accuracy. As these tools generate automated content, two tools can be vastly different from each other in factual accuracy. Given that the results can significantly impact your SEO through the EAT factors (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness), go for a software with the ability to generate factually correct results. 

  • Pricing

The pricing of AI tools can vary significantly depending on several factors, and it is not always - the pricier the better. So, a common rule of thumb is to go for a copywriting tool that offers enough AI-generated content for your monthly needs in terms of words. Ensure that the software you choose matches your value quotient and is within your budget.

  • Supported Language

Gone are the days when the internet was driven by people who could read and write English. Today, there is a thriving audience for vernacular languages. Most brands look to encash this opportunity by generating copies across languages and tweaking them according to local tastes and preferences to gain more traction. So, go for an option that offers you the option to create content across languages, at least the most popular ones. 

  • Free Trial

Given the rapid technological shift and significant improvements in what copywriting tools can do, a free trial has become another major criterion when choosing the best software for yourself. And it’s also logical to know what you are paying for before shelling out the money. If you have created a list of tools to choose from, make sure you give higher preference to those with a free trial for you to test features. Scalenut offers a free 7-day no-questions-asked trial to its users. 

  • Form-based or Editor-based

AI writing tools come in two variants, usually: form-based and editor-based. Form-based tools allow users to enter inputs to derive outputs. In contrast, editor-based tools are more collaborative and let users create content themselves or use AI to write for them. You can choose a tool depending on whether you want AI to run it all or partner with you in your writing needs. 

Now that you know how to choose the right copywriting tool for yourself, let us shift our focus to Jarvis vs. Copy AI. 

Copy AI vs. Jarvis AI (Jasper AI): A Quick Comparison 

Before we delve deeper, here is a brief overview of how Jasper and Copy AI stack against each other:

What is Copy AI? 

Copy AI is a short-form copy generator that specializes in generating marketing copies, such as blog titles, headlines, social media captions, email subject lines, and more. The tool is one of the most popular Jasper alternative when it comes to short-form marketing content. 

Who should use Copy AI?

Here are the categories of users more likely to benefit from using Copy AI:

  • Ad Agencies - With its ability to produce a variety of AI-based marketing content, Copy AI sits well within the billing of ad agencies looking for a capable tool for generating ad descriptions, social media captions, and more. 
  • Freelance creators - If you are a freelance creator, especially a copywriter, Copy AI offers significant strengths, which help develop meaningful copies with little input.
  • Small and medium businesses - The plethora of collaboration features coupled with a slew of AI templates enable Copy AI to be a capable partner for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Copy AI pricing - How much does Copy AI cost?

Like the interface, Copy AI’s pricing is relatively simple and easy to deduce. 

Here is how its pricing plans stack up:

  • Free - A free plan offers 2,000 words and access to tools with a 7-day free trial to the Pro plan.
  • Pro - Starts at USD 19 monthly, offering 15,000 words to 5 user seats and access to the Blog Wizard tool.

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What is Jasper AI? 

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis, formerly Conversation AI) is another AI content tool. The tool specializes in developing content and copies built to boost conversions and ROIs. 

Who should use Jasper AI?

Here are the categories of users most likely to benefit from using Jasper AI:

  • Entrepreneurs - If you are an entrepreneur managing a business, Jasper has over 50 templates to enable you to create diverse content for all your marketing needs. 
  • Agencies - Features like Boss Mode enable agencies to create content 5x faster to meet deadlines with greater ease. 
  • Freelance creators - Jasper AI offers several features to assist freelance creators in creating blog post outlines, generating copies, and more within minutes.

Jasper AI pricing - How Much Does Jasper AI cost?

In addition to a 5-day free trial when you register your email ID for the first time, Jasper AI offers three different plans curated to cater to specific needs:

  • Starter - Starts at USD 29 monthly, offering 20,000 words and access to over 50 AI templates for up to 5 users.
  • Boss Mode - Starts at USD 59 monthly offering 50,000 words and priority chat support.
  • Business - Custom plans as per specific needs.

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Copy AI vs. Jarvis AI (Jasper AI) - In-depth Features Comparison 

After testing Jasper AI and Copy AI, we realized that the use cases are similar for both the tools. But when we analyzed the content, the results showcased different advantages and disadvantages pertaining to each tool compared. Read the detailed comparison of some important features comparison of Copy AI vs. Jarvis in our next section.

Copy AI vs. Jasper AI: AI Technology 

Both these platforms are powered by GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). The technology is developed by OpenAI and uses over 170 billion parameters to generate stunning results. 


There is very little difference in the AI prowess of these two tools, but Jasper AI has Boss Mode and other features to speed up the process. 

Copy AI vs Jarvis AI: User interface 

Copy AI is barebones when it comes to interface. In contrast, Jasper AI developer puts more emphasis on design and has a slew of templates to make it easier for you to develop different content types. 


The winner depends on individual preferences. If you prefer a barebone user interface and are happy with limited functionalities, Copy AI is the way to go. In contrast, Jasper offers a more intuitive user interface. 

Copy AI vs. Jasper: Supported Languages 

Copy AI now supports 25 languages and has upgraded from the 11 it did in the past. In contrast, Jasper AI lets you create content in 24 languages, including Spanish, German, and English. 


Again, a tie. Unless you are looking for the additional languages that either tool has on offer, it is difficult to pick a winner. 

Copy AI vs Jasper: Content Type 

Both Copy AI and Jasper support short-form and long-form content creation. Copy AI offers multiple long-form modules, such as Write Blog Intro, Write Blog Section, and more. It even has a Blog Wizard Mode that lets users generate their first drafts within minutes. In contrast, Jasper has Recipes and Command features to automate parts of long-form content write-ups. 


While there is not much that differentiates these tools in short-form content generation, Copy AI offers more options to help users in their long-form content generation, but its results are often lackluster and lack factual accuracy, which is not the case with Jasper. So, Jasper wins this round too. 

Copy AI vs Jasper: Content Tone and Output

In our testing, we realized that Copy AI’s results were quite rigid and inclined towards trying too hard to sell. In contrast, Jasper’s results were more free-flowing and felt natural without having a subtle machine-type undertone. 


Again, very difficult to choose, but Jasper’s natural tonality makes it a better companion for most use cases. 

Copy AI vs. Jasper: Plagiarism Check and SEO

While both Copy AI and Jasper don’t have a native plagiarism checker, the latter has Copyscape integration available. It means that users who would want to run the document to check plagiarism can do so by paying Copyscape’s charges. In contrast, Copy AI doesn’t offer any integrations with other plagiarism checkers. 


Given that both tools do not natively support plagiarism checking, they are somewhat matched. But Copyscape’s addition as an integration means our verdict inclines towards Jasper. 

Copy AI vs Jasper: Third-party Integration

As has been the trend, we found Copy AI to be rigid in its approach and not offer third-party integration. In comparison, Jasper offers third-party integrations limited to its GPT-3 module. But users can integrate Surfer and Copyscape modules with it.


Jasper AI is the clear winner here as it offers third-party integration with Surfer SEO and more. 

Copy AI vs. Jasper: Community and Customer Support 

Customer support is one of the most important aspects while choosing an AI-powered tool. You do not want to get in a rut and have no one to save your day. 

So, to begin, both tools do not have support for live chat, something which Scalenut does. On the bright side, they have help centers and tutorials to guide their users.

If you still feel the need to get in contact with their teams, Copy AI offers a contact page to fill your doubts. Jasper, on the other hand, provides an email address and promises quick feedback. In addition, they have a thriving Facebook community to give you quick fixes if required. 


Again, difficult to judge a winner in this case. Both are fairly accommodating in responding to user queries. 

Copy AI - Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Copy AI

Here are the advantages of using Copy AI –

  • An easy-to-use interface 
  • Support for AIDA and PAS frameworks
  • Over 90 copywriting tools
  • Blog Wizard tool for developing long-form first drafts within minutes

Disadvantages of Copy AI

Here are the drawbacks of using Copy AI - 

  • Its content often comes out as factually incorrect
  • Not conducive for long-form content

Jasper AI/Jarvis - Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Jasper AI

Here are the advantages of using Jasper AI –

  • An excellent AI writing tool for short-form content
  • Command mode works well
  • The Boss Mode supercharges content delivery timelines
  • Native support for Copyscape and SurferSEO

Cons of Jasper AI 

Here are the potential criticisms of Jasper AI - 

  • Falters in handling overly technical topics
  • Charges extra for plagiarism detection

Copy AI vs Jasper - The Final Verdict

It is difficult for us to judge a winner between Copy AI and Jasper. So, for the most part, the decision would depend on your specific use case and how you like the tool to perform. During our usage, we found Jasper churning out better results across categories more often than not. Particularly in copywriting, Jasper has a clear lead over Copy AI. 

But when you talk long-form, Copy AI comes back strongly and offers more features than Jasper. But the fact that it often produced factually incorrect output meant that we would choose to rely on Jasper AI if asked to choose between the two. 

So, who wins it? Copy AI or Jasper AI?

Well, we will take Jasper’s side as its integration capabilities with Copyscape and Surfer SEO lets users get SEO-optimized, plagiarism-free content without having to copy-paste stuff across tools. In addition, the list of copywriting templates available with Jasper is far greater than Copy AI and produced results that were more to our liking and more likely to resonate with the audience. 

While both tools have a lot to offer, users can also look at Scalenut as a great alternative, before making their final choice. 

Scalenut - A Better Alternative 

Now that you have an idea about Jasper and Copy AI, you know that both have their fair share of pros and cons and bring something different to the table. You can also have a look at Scalenut, a tool that looks to bridge the shortcomings of the two software mentioned above. 

Here are some Scalenut features you should know of:

Over 40 AI Templates to Experiment With

When it comes to copywriting, AI templates often prove instrumental in the results you generate. Worry no more. Scalenut comes packed with 40 diverse AI marketing usecases, such as product description, video scripts, copywriting frameworks and more, to let you ace the copywriting game. 

Cruise Mode: 5-minute AI blog writer for SEO-friendly content

Scalenut’s AI writer - Cruise Mode generates long-form first drafts within minutes. This AI-powered feature requires you to enter minor inputs, such as the primary keyword, a title, and generate finalized writing points, after which you will have a handy first draft. 

AI-driven Long-form Writing

For those instances when you are finding it difficult to write an introductory paragraph or are stuck in the middle of the content, Scalenut’s AI tools, such as Write with AI, Instruct AI and Connectors, can bail you out. 

Ears Across the Internet

Most AI tools do not have social listening capabilities. Even those that have them are limited to Google and Reddit. We go a step further and offer social listening across the most popular public forums, such as Quora and Reddit, along with Google. In addition, we also have AI-generated questions to help you create impactful content with the Scalenut’s tool. 

Factual content through SERP Ideas feature

This feature analyzes what’s happening on the SERP and allows you to validate the content of an article. You get real-time access to 360-degree intelligence for your keyword. This way, you ensure that the content is factual and is as per the latest information available on the internet.

Scalenut Pricing 

Besides the 7-day free trial with access to the entire content suite, Scalenut offers tier-based pricing to its users. It has three different tiers that cater to different user needs - 

  • Individual (for freelancers and hobbyists) - Starts at USD 12 monthly, offering 100,000 AI words and 5 SEO reports every month
  • Growth (for small businesses and entrepreneurs) - Starts at USD 32 monthly with 30 SEO Reports and unlimited AI words
  • Pro (for marketing agencies and enterprises) - Starts at USD 60 monthly with a dedicated customer success manager and unlimited reports

Click here to get a free 15-day trial and leverage the opportunity to make a wise decision. No credit cards, no unwanted hassles. 

Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager
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Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager

Suman Samal is a Asst. Marketing Manager at Scalenut. She is a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in content marketing and SEO. She truly believes that with the right set of tools every organization can improve the ROI of their content marketing campaigns. She spends her time managing content operations at Scalenut and ensuring that everything we publish is of the highest quality.

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