Making Use of the Different AI Operators on the AI Toolbar

Quality content should have three things: right information, balance in the tone, and unique sentences, i.e., no repetitive lines. The Scalenut AI Editor presents advanced content features which help you achieve just that!

You can use Scalenut AI features at any stage of the content creation process. In this video, we will see the different AI operators available in the Scalenut AI suite.

  • Write with AI: The ‘Write’ feature lets you generate coherent content based on the existing text. 
  • Instruct mode: You can give your content direction using the “Instruct” mode.
  • Connectors: You can use ‘Connectors’ to maintain a flow in the content. They help you smoothly transition between topics and subtopics and give your content depth.
  • AI Toolbar: You can use AI tools to find topics and questions relevant to your content, and also write about them.

  • Write with AI

To use ‘Write with AI,’ add a few sentences to give context to AI, and click on the ‘Write’ button. Our AI writer will produce content based on the context.

  • Instruct Mode

To use the ‘Instruct Mode,’ type in the topic, “Write 3 benefits of Green Tea,” select the text, and click on the ‘Instruct’ button. The Instruct Mode will come up with content, just as you instructed!

You can also use ‘Instruct’ if you feel the AI is not producing content as per your requirement on its own. 

  • Connectors

The AI editor presents six different types of connectors: 

  • Addition
  • Contrast
  • Sequence
  • Condition
  • Result
  • Conclusion

All these ‘Connectors’ further offer options to select the starting word of the sentence. 

To use ‘Connectors,’ place the cursor where you want AI to add content, click on connectors, and choose a word to start the sentence. Our AI will quickly process the existing content and add to it based on your choice.

  • The AI Toolbar

The AI Toolbar offers three options.

“Write about this content” - gets the AI to expand on the selected text with content related to it.

“Find topics for this content,” looks for topics relevant to the subject to help you shape the content according to your requirements.

“Create questions about this content,” simply jots down questions on whatever you have selected.

Thank you for watching.

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