SERP Ideas Feature

Scalenut’s SERP ideas functionality lets you keep a close eye on the search engine's real-time insights to help you write high-ranking content.

This video will guide you through,

  • What is SERP Ideas
  • How to use SERP Ideas

The SERP Ideas functionality gives you a peek into SERP content that is current, factual, and ranking on the search engines. 

Click on SERP Ideas and enter the topic for which you want to extract content ideas. 

Click on Find SERP Ideas.

Select one or more ideas you want the AI to talk about. Click on Write about this. You can even click on the robot icon to expand on a particular idea. 

In a matter of seconds, the functionality creates unique content based on information from pre-existing high-ranking web pages!

Keeping your content current is now easy with SERP Ideas.

Thanks for watching!

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