Topic Clusters

Topic Clusters is a powerful feature for SEO experts and marketing teams looking to build a strong brand presence through content.

By analyzing data from around the web, Topic Clusters offers sets of keyword clusters you should address within your content to improve your overall site ranking and credibility.

This video covers Topic Clusters and how you can create them with Scalenut tools.

Scalenut’s Topic Clusters can help you generate content ideas while creating your content marketing strategy.

Find the Topic Clusters feature on the left navigation panel of your Scalenut Dashboard and click to get started.

Enter the keyword you want to find related ideas for. 

"affordable sunglasses”

You can be as vague or as specific as you like.

Search and select your target location and then click on ‘Create Topic Clusters.’

Scalenut’s powerful AI conducts a comprehensive analysis through its Deep Learning Model and creates a Cluster Report for you. 

Click on the ‘Open Cluster Report’ button to have a look.

You can see the number of clusters the tool was able to create for you under the keyword. In this case, 36.

Click on the ‘Expand’ icon on any of the clusters to look at them in detail. Topic Clusters provides you with the Total Cluster Search Volume, relevant keywords, and the search volume for each of the keywords.

You can use the ‘Sort By’ option in the top right to sort these clusters by their Search Volume or the Number of Keywords in the cluster. Use the search box to search for a keyword among the clusters.

If you wish to share the clusters with your team, click the ‘Export’ button on the top-right corner to download a handy .csv file.

Once you are ready to proceed, hover over the cluster of your choice and click ‘Create 

SEO Doc’ so Scalenut can generate a thorough SEO report for you to get started with content research and writing.

To delete a topic cluster, the three dots to the right allow you to delete any report you no longer need. You can find any accidentally deleted reports in your archives.

Just like that, Topic Clusters make strategizing and planning content simpler and more effective.

Thank you for watching.

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