How to get the best out of Scalenut AI Copywriter

AI Copywriter

You can create the best out of our Scalenut AI short-form copywriter if you know how AI works. AI is all about understanding how humans replicate and communicate with each other. 

To get the best version of your copies, you must follow some Dos and Don’ts of using the AI copywriter. 

Here are the things you should do to get better results for your input:

  1. Write a long and detailed description

Describe your product and other relevant details with as much information as you can to get the most out of AI Copywriter. Scalenut description allows up to 160 characters. The more specific your instructions are, the better output your AI will give for your business. 

  1. Keep generating more output

You can generate as many outputs for your desired use case by clicking on the ‘Generate More’ button. Every time you click on this button, the AI copywriter will give more output. 

If you didn’t like the output copy on the first try, use this button to generate more outputs. You can also join two or more outputs for creating better copies. 

  1. Mark the favorites

The best practice to create the final version is by pulling out your favorite pieces from the generated results. Brainstorm these ideas and keep the ones that you think is the right one for your brand. 

Keep generating the results and let the AI tools do brainstorming. Lastly, use a bit of human effort to give it a polished finish. 

Don'ts of using AI copywriter: 

  • Do not leave the description box empty. If you can’t give AI much information about the product, it might not create the best outputs for you.
  • Do not give irrelevant or unnecessary information to AI. Consequently, it will generate data that you pour in. 
  • Be patient and let the AI Copywriter take some time to give more outputs.