How to Use AI Features for Seamless Writing Within Scalenut’s SEO Assistant’s Editor?

SEO Assistant

Scalenut SEO Assistant seamlessly creates error-free content that saves your time and efforts using AI. Along with automatic content generation, the SEO Assistant also helps in optimizing content for SEO.

It has the following features which can help you generate fast and high-quality content:

1. AI templates

These are the Scalenut SEO Assistant’s writing templates for creating an impressive and catchy introduction, conclusions, meta descriptions, and much more.

Let’s say you want to create an introduction of your main topic. Click on the ‘Introduction paragraph’ to generate an introduction for your main topic. 

You can create as many outputs as you want by clicking on ‘Generate More.’ 

Copy the generated content by clicking on the copy icon.  You can add it to your text editor by clicking on the ‘plus’ icon. 

In the same way, you can generate your conclusion and meta description. You can also write about the particular subheading using our ‘Heading to Paragraph’ template.

2. Write with AI

Scalenut AI generates automated content for your main topic. You can use the template feature mentioned above to create an introduction and then use the 'Write with AI' feature. Write with AI features needs context to generate the content automatically. The more the context, the optimum the content output generated.

Use the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+K’ to generate the content automatically. 


3. AI Operators:

Generating the questions, content topics, conclusion, or the highlight of the content written above the cursor is a cakewalk with AI operators. You can also use the AI operator to write a short, crisp summary of your long content. 

Use the AI operators for: 

  • Topic operator for generating the main topics about the content. 
  • Question operator to generate the questions about the content. 
  • Outline operator to generate a content outline. 
  • Summarize operator to write a summary for the readers. 
  • Conclusion operator to write a subtle outro of your content. 


4. AI Connectors:

Connectors can be used to create transitions in the content. You can use these to transition to the next topic and add more information about the same topic.

It has the following AI connectors: 

  • Addition
  • Contrast
  • Sequence
  • Condition
  • Result
  • Summary

For example, the addition connector contains various connectors like ‘In addition, ‘Additionally,’ ‘Plus,’ ‘Moreover,’ ‘Furthermore,’ and ‘What’s more.‘

Similarly, the other connectors have relevant conjunctions as well.

Using the selection toolbar:

Scalenut SEO Assistant makes formatting easier with its selection toolbar. This toolbar gets activated when you select a text. The selection toolbar has three AI features: 

  • Write about the content 
  • Finding topics for the content 
  • Questions about the content

Write about the topic:

Use this feature to generate the automatic content for your subheading or the incomplete paragraph. 

Find topics about the content: 

Use this tool to generate relevant topics about the selected content.

Generate Questions:

The third feature in the selection toolbar generates the most relevant questions around your selected content.

How to combine SEO intelligence with AI writing?

You can use the AI writing tools along with SEO suggestions to create content that can outrank your top competitors. Use the AI writer to achieve a good content score and combine your SEO efforts into it. 

Scalenut SEO Assistant uses the AI writer to make your SEO efforts a breeze: 

  1. Use NLP terms in the headings to generate content 

You can use the NLP terms in your content to make it comprehensive. 

You can also pick the relevant heading tags for your main keyword by using the NLP terms section.

Copy this heading and highlight. Use the selection toolbar to write about this NLP term as the heading. 

Similarly, you can use the NLP terms within your content and make use of either ‘Write with AI’ or the selection toolbar to write further.  

  1. Use H-tag from top competing articles and write about it

Draw comparisons with the competitor’s sub-headings and write better content to generate the search engine’s interest. 

Use the headings that are most relevant to your main topic. 

Let’s say, we want to write about the competitor's heading text highlighted in the picture. 

Copy and paste the Heading text into the editor. Highlight the text and use the selection tool to write about this heading. 

Click on ‘Write about this content’ to generate the content about this topic. You can write further about this topic by clicking on the ‘Write with AI’ tool. 

  1. Writing Questions and Answers 

Lastly, you can use the AI writer to generate the answers to your questions. Copy the questions about your main topic from the Questions tab. 

Next, use the Write with AI tool, selection toolbar or templates to generate answers to your questions. 

Scalenut AI assistant is a tool that seamlessly combines AI and SEO writing. Just remember to give your AI enough context for it to create the most meaningful content.