Saving and History

AI Copywriter

Learn how to save the generated content as your favorite. You can also find the previously generated content from the History section. 


Generating the output for your brand: 

Input the product name and description in the box and click on Generate. 

Mark your outputs as favorite

Now you have various generated outputs. To save the generated content for later purposes, mark it as your favorite. 

Click on the ‘heart’ icon against the output that you want to save to mark it as your favorite. You can also copy it by clicking the copy icon. 

View your saved outputs

View all your saved outputs in the favorites tab. 

All your favorite copies can be found under this tab with the product name so that you can easily find the one you are looking for. 

Find your outputs in History:  

In case you haven’t saved the generated output to favorites, you can find it in History. 

Click on the ‘History’ tab and find all the recently generated content. 

Scroll down to find all the previously generated content. You can get access to all the outputs here irrespective of the date. 

Mark these outputs as favorites or simply copy them.