Scalenut AI copywriter is a powerful tool to help your brand grow.

AI Copywriter

Be it the website copy, social media, or your ad copy, Scalenut AI copywriter is helping thousands of marketers, growth hackers, authors, and influencers like you to grow with creativity. 

Here is your complete guide to getting started with Scalenut AI copywriter. 

Let’s create a product description for Shein- an eCommerce site for fashion and trends. 

Step 1: Select Copy type 

Head to the Scalenut “AI Copywriter” and choose the Product Description as the use case out of various available use cases. 

Step 2: Describe your product

Under product description, enter the name of the brand and up to 160 character brand description. Better the input description, the better will be the output. Now, click on Generate. 

Step 3: Review and Save your results. 

On clicking generate, the copywriter tool will give various outputs. If you want more outputs, click on ‘Generate more’ to get more results. 

You can copy the output or mark it as your favorite. 

 You can easily access the history or access your saved copies anytime you like.