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How it Works

Free Topic Cluster Tool

Harness the Strength of Connected Content

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Add Your Primary Keyword

Enter the primary keyword for which you want clusters.
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Add Your Target Location

Enter the location you aim to rank for.
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Hit 'Generate'

Click on Generate, and voila! You have clusters of related keywords tailored to your search intent and location.

What does Scalenut's Topic Cluster tool do? 

  • Structures and organizes your content into topic/keyword clusters. This improves user experience, boosts SEO rankings, and increases engagement. 
  • Establishes your authority by covering subtopics under a central theme. You can find the search volume, relevance, and CPC of each keyword in the cluster with this tool.  

What is topic clustering? 

Topic clustering is the act of grouping similar keywords based on their meaning or theme. The goal is to organize keywords into distinct clusters or categories to understand the main topics in a set of keywords or documents. 

By grouping related best keywords (short-tail and long-tail keywords) together, it becomes easier to analyze, summarize, and extract meaningful information from large amounts of textual data. 

What is a topic cluster tool? 

A topic cluster tool is a software or platform that helps with the creation and management of content clusters, keyword clusters, or topic clusters. Through the utilization of an SEO topic cluster tool, marketers can pinpoint the most crucial themes and topics within their industry. 

They can subsequently generate relevant content that specifically focuses on these themes, resulting in improved search results ranking, heightened website traffic, and ultimately, enhanced conversions and revenue.

What are the various benefits of topic clustering? 

  • Developing authority and expertise
  • Enhancing search engine rankings
  • Facilitating content planning and promotion
  • Boosting search traffic
  • Facilitating website organization or structure
  • Improving internal linking to enhance search engine bot crawling

How can I use Scalenut's topic cluster tool? 

Process 1 

1. Add keyword  

Enter the primary keyword (new york hotels) or specific topic for which you want clusters.

Scalenut’s topic cluster tool in action 

2. Input location  

Enter the location (USA) you aim to rank for.

3. Output  

Click on Generate, and voila! You have clusters of related content keywords tailored to your user intent and location.

Scalenut’s topic cluster tool in action output 

Process 2 

1. Enter a list of keywords/upload CSV file  

Enter a keyword list (list of keywords) in a text box or upload a CSV file containing the keyword data.

2. Add location 

Specify your desired location for more targeted clustering.

3. Output 

Click on Generate, and voila! The tool generates clusters with the help of algorithms, SERP and NLP (natural language processing) analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scalenut's Keyword Grouper and Topic Cluster tool free to use?

Yes, this keyword grouping tool is a free to use tool.

Can a topic cluster tool affect SEO and rankings?

Yes, a topic cluster tool can have a significant impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Topic clusters are an SEO strategy that involves organizing content on a website into a "pillar" page and related topics and subtopic pages. The pillar page acts as a comprehensive guide or overview of a broad topic, while the subtopic pages delve into specific aspects of that topic.

Can a topic cluster tool help with content planning?

Yes, a keyword/topic cluster tool can assist you with content plans by suggesting search intent related keywords and providing a framework for organizing content around relevant topics. It helps ensure comprehensive coverage and enhances the overall content strategy.

Are topic cluster tools suitable for both small and large websites?

Yes, topic cluster generator tools are suitable for websites or web pages of all sizes. Whether you have a small blog or a large e-commerce site, a topic cluster SEO tool can help optimize your content and improve your search engine visibility.

Should I prioritize making new topic clusters or updating older ones?

It depends on your goals and situation. If your current topic clusters are outdated or underperforming, focus on updating them for better SEO and relevance. If your existing topics are already comprehensive, creating new clusters can expand your reach to new audiences. Evaluate your content's performance and do keyword research to make an informed decision based on keyword insights.

What are some other free tools that Scalenut offers?

Scalenut offers a wide range of complimentary AI SEO tools, including a keyword density checker, keyword research tool, on page optimizer, keyword rank checker, keyword clustering tools, and others. Explore and access all these free AI SEO tools here.

What are some of the paid tools offered by Scalenut?

Some of the paid SEO and content marketing tools offered by Scalenut are Content Optimizer (for refreshing your content inventory), Cruise Mode (5-minute SEO blog writer), and Keyword Planner (to acquire topical authority).

What is the cost of Scalenut?

Scalenut offers various plans. The first plan starts at $39/month. If you're looking for detailed information about their various plans, kindly visit Scalenut's pricing page. You can also check the capabilities of Scalenut's content suite with its 7-day free trial.