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Get a complete blog in just 5 minutes with Cruise Mode

Use Cruise Mode to create SEO content in your brand tone. Get content that is 100% optimized for search with the live SEO score.

Writes in your brand tone

Optimized for search

Latest information from SERP

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Tone of Voice

The only AI that writes in your brand tone

Cut through the clutter and personalize your user experience. With Scalenut’s AI, speak directly to your audience.

Unlimited tones

Set rules

Like human writing

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Automated Outline

Craft winning blog posts with automated outlines

Based on real-time SERP data and social trends. Designed to beat your competition.

Data-drive outlines

Search optimized subtopics

Audience-tailored headings

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SEO Editor

Editor that’s designed for SEO writing

Streamline content creation with AI-guided recommendations across everything from blog ideas, keywords, and NLP terms to keyword usage recommendations.

Real-time SEO Score

Grading & optimization

Built in insights

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Get 100% optimized content for hundreds of ranking factors.

Leave optimization to Scalenut’s AI. We auto-analyze your content for over 200 ranking factors to create winning content.

Real-time SEO Score

Optimize Existing Articles

Boost Organic Traffic

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ai copywriting

Not only long-form content, get thumb-stopping marketing copies with the power of AI

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AI generated seo optimised product templates

Trusted by 100,000 marketers of the world’s leading brands

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to use AI for content writing?

To use AI for content writing, simply use Scalenut's AI-powered software to create SEO-friendly content in just 5 minutes. Simply enter your keywords, and the software will suggest topics, headings, and content optimized for search engines. Get a complete SEO-optimized blog with ease, thanks to Scalenut's user-friendly interface and advanced AI technology.

Which is the best AI content generator?

Scalenut's AI-powered content writing software is a highly rated option for those looking for a tool to help create long-form, SEO-friendly content quickly and easily. With its AI-guided features, Scalenut helps you optimize your content for search engines and gives you the ability to create a complete SEO-optimized blog in just 5 minutes.

Is AI content writing worth it?

Yes, AI content writing is worth it for those looking to save time and improve their SEO efforts. With Scalenut's AI-powered content writing software, you can create high-quality, long-form content that is optimized for search engines in just a few minutes. Scalenut’s content writing software guides you in writing SEO-friendly content, ensuring that your content ranks higher in search results and drives more traffic to your website.

How can I write an SEO article fast?

With Scalenut's AI-powered content writing software, you can write an SEO article quickly and efficiently. The software guides you through the process of creating long-form, SEO-friendly content, making it easier to create high-quality content in just a few minutes. Simply input your topic, and the software will help you create a complete blog post that is optimized for search engines.

Will AI content writing be cheaper and more effective than normal content writing and how?

Yes, AI content writing with an AI-powered content writing tool like Scalenut is more cost-effective and efficient than traditional writing methods. Scalenut uses AI to guide you in creating high-quality, SEO-friendly content in just minutes. With its constantly improving algorithms, you can save time and money while still producing top-notch results.

Your best AI tool kit to create winning SEO content

Accurate information. Writes in your brand tone. Creates better than your competitors. 100% optimized for search. In less than 5 minutes.

Trusted by 100,000+ marketers of the world’s leading brands


See how Scalenut is helping other brands like yours

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“ It’s been great experience working with Scalenut till date. I would particularly like to highlight  the quality and finesse of work that is delivered consistently. Kudos to the team for that”
-  Ashir Sahal,
Content Executive, Pharmeasy
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