25% Clicks Increase
20% Impressions Difference

Buzet is a marketing agency that specializes in blending innovative technologies with result-oriented marketing to deliver profitable marketing and sales results. They focus primarily on B2B, edutech, and e-commerce industries.

Bengluru, India
Marketing Agency
Buzet's collaboration with Scalenut enabled them to overcome their content challenges, achieving growth and improved content production efficiency.
  • Difficulties in conducting effective content research.
  • Struggles in scaling up content volume due to limited resources and lack of new ideas.
Buzet faced challenges in conducting effective content research and scaling up their content volume due to resource limitations and lack of fresh ideas.
  • Streamlined SEO-related research and competitor analysis.
  • Automated short content generation with pre-built templates.
  • Created full-length blog drafts quickly with minimal inputs.
  • Built guided content outlines based on SERP results.
  • Provided flexibility in content generation with AI-powered features.

Buzet utilized Scalenut's features to streamline their content research and generation process, allowing them to produce high-quality content with greater efficiency.

Buzet, leveraged Scalenut's AI tools to enhance its content research and generation processes. Faced with the challenge of scaling content production efficiently, Buzet implemented Scalenut's solutions to automate and refine how content was created and optimized. This strategic move enabled a more streamlined workflow, leading to a 25% increase in organic traffic. By optimizing content for better audience engagement and improved SEO, Buzet significantly enhanced its digital presence and market reach.

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With Scalenut, Buzet experienced a 25% increase in organic traffic and became more self-sufficient in their content production.

25% Increase in Organic Traffic
50% improvement in SERP rankings
5X Improved Content Production Speed

Buzet’s partnership with Scalenut revolutionized their approach to content marketing. Faced with challenges in effective content research and scaling their content volume, Buzet leveraged Scalenut’s suite of tools to streamline their process. By utilizing the SEO Hub, Cruise Mode, AI Copywriter, and other features, Buzet significantly improved their content production efficiency and quality. This transformation allowed them to become more self-sufficient in content creation, ultimately achieving a 25% increase in organic traffic and establishing a robust online presence.

"Scalenut's tools helped us master content generation with ease, enhancing our ability to create high-quality content quickly," said a representative from Buzet.
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