Oct 18, 2023

How Buzet Used Scalenut to Master the Art of Content Research and Generation: Increased their Organic Traffic by 25%

How Buzet Used Scalenut to Master the Art of Content Research and Generation: Increased their Organic Traffic by 25%


About Buzet: Helping brands experience revolutionary growth

Buzet is a home-grown full-funnel marketing agency that has partnered with over 180 companies in the past to help them make profits from their marketing and sales efforts. It does this by intuitively blending cutting-edge technologies with result-oriented marketing. 

Buzet primarily focuses on B2B, edutech, and e-commerce industries.

Challenges: Stumbling blocks in their growth plans

Buzet wanted to tap into the power of content marketing early on to promote the business to its target market. Unfortunately, the team's s efforts were met with 2 major challenges:

  1. Research: Buzet found content research to be an uphill task straight away. They realised that they not only had to create content that was readable but also rankable. In other words, they had to create content rich with information for readers to consume and SEO-enriched at the same time. 
  1. Scaling: Buzet knew that the only way to nail the content marketing game was by consistently churning out fresh content. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen, and they couldn’t scale up their volume mainly because of time-consuming research, shortage of resources, random inputs, and lack of new ideas. 

Solution: Scalenut helped Buzet bulldoze their way ahead

Buzet found a powerful ally in Scalenut’s SEO and content marketing platform. They came to know of Scalenut through positive feedback from their circle and reviews on listing platforms. The tool’s rich feature set helped Buzet break through the hurdles in no time. Here are some of the top Scalenut features used by Buzet:

  1. SEO Hub: Scalenut’s SEO Hub module came as a manna for Buzet. It automated one of their biggest pain points, SEO-related research. The tool helped them create content that the search engines loved. SEO Hub not only came up with a comprehensive competitor analysis but also identified key questions Buzet’s target audience asked on different platforms such as Quora and Reddit through its social listening capability.
  1. AI Copywriter: Once Buzet laid its hands on Scalenut’s AI copywriter tool, they no longer experienced the struggle to generate engaging short content they could use to capture the attention of their website visitors. They extensively used the different templates available in Scalenut’s AI Copywriter, offering 40+ templates for marketing copies, to instantly generate short content pieces of their liking. 
  1. Cruise Mode: This was their pick of all the features offered by Scalenut, mainly because it solved their most pressing problem — shortage of time. Cruise Mode, a 5-minute AI blog writer, enabled the Buzet team to create long-form content faster. They were pleasantly surprised to receive full-fledged first blog drafts once they fed in a handful of inputs around the topic.  
  1. Outlines: Building content outlines was not a strong suit of Buzet. Their outlines suffered primarily because of limited research time and their difficulty in visualizing the blog’s structure early on. Scalenut easily solved this challenge through its guided content brief outlines for Buzet based on what’s covered in the top 30 search SERP results. 
  1. AI Editor: If there is one thing that Buzet wanted the most, it is unlimited flexibility in content generation without hindering creativity. This was solved by the AI-powered editor of Scalenut that came with intelligent features like Write, Instruct, Connectors, and SERP Ideas that helped them quickly build content that revolved around ideas generated by them.

Results: Buzet mastered scalability and research to be independent in content production.

They started using Scalenut in Nov’21 and since then there has been a 25% increase in their organic traffic.

Wrapping Up 

By joining hands with Scalenut, Buzet not only eliminated its content hurdles but also mastered the art of generating high-quality content with minimal effort and in short timelines.