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9.3 rating for ease of use by G2
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AI Writing Assistant
Average: 9.2
9.5 rating for quality of support by G2
Quality of Support
AI Writing Assistant
Average: 8.9
9.4 rating for ease of setup by G2
Ease of Setup
Industry Average:Ā 9.3
high performer in winter 2022 report by G2
high performer small business in winter 2022 report by G2
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leader small business in spring 2022 report by G2

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Chelluboina S.
Product Manager

"Brilliant tool that will save thousands of man hours on your marketing plans"

The SEO hub function is incredibly powerful, keyword research, topic planning, content outlines, and the actual writing - are all taken care of in just a few clicks. Write a powerful 2500 word SEO blog in less than 5 minutes - no kidding!. Review collected by and hosted on

Victor B.
Senior Switching Analyst

"Cruise Mode is a BEAST"

So I previously used rytr and found it too plain. I discovered Crusie Mode on scale nut; it changes the game on content generation SEO optimized content generation; create a free account and test out cruise mode for yourself, and I bet you'd be as impressed as I am.. Now I look forward to publishing content on my blog. Review collected by and hosted on

Moris P.
Editor de la revista Fe y Libertad

"Probably, the most complete SEO assistant and copywriter"

The SEO assistant is one of its kind. The long-form assistant is amazing, it really helps the writer. Specially useful are the right button options. Compared to its competitors, Scalenut is on top. Scalenut is a fantastic tool for all tasks that I, as a writer, want to accomplish. Definitely, with Scalenut help, I am more productive, and my blog gets more visits.

Lauren G

A Must-Have for Article-Writers and Bloggers"

I like a lot of features of this software. My favorite aspect is how the SEO assistant gives suggestions for SEO optimization of my content, which helps tremendously in creating more search engine-friendly articles and blog posts. I've used Scalenut to create many different types of content for my businesses. It's a lifesaver when it comes to creating blog posts and articles in a timely manner because I can easily rely on its help.

Shivakumar k N.
SEO Developer

"All in one content and SEO tool"

I have been using Scalenut since from a month for all my blog content. The most favourite feature is its NLP keyword and SERP facts new feature. I can say that this is the most powerful AI content writing tool with a awesome team and also its a well funded. Well I am a small blogger who have technology related blog and like I said from 1 month i have been writing all my tech blogs by using Scalenut and also I use Scalenut to my office work as well for meta title and meta description generating and even quora as well.

Ali Hussain D.
Frontend Developer at Home

"Blog Generation flow is brilliant when it comes to SEO topics"

I have used their free version to create blogs. And it was very helpful, especially for SEO-focused content. The way scalenut generates outline topics from various sources like Reddit, quora, and google is very awesome.. Review collected by and hosted on

Baxtar B.
Web Designer

"Helps You Rank"

The platform's layout and work sequence is straighforward and easy to understand and use. The returned insights into your topic are readily available so you can make informed decisions on what content is suitable for inclusion, covering NLP terms and competitor content. Scalenut allows you to not only create new content but also optimize existing content for SEO, which has been very successful for us in increasing rankings. The AI writing assistant offers good relevant content once primed and generally needs little or no further editing. The SERP feature is also very useful to check facts right in the platform. The one time I had to use support they replied very quickly. The founders also seem very dedicated and hands on, and passionate about making the best product.

Eli K.

"Best affordable AI seo content generation portal"

I really like this tool. I have been using it for a while now and I am still amazed at how well it works. This is the best content-generating portal that you can find on the market today! It's easy to use, has an excellent user interface, and makes creating great content so simple! The tools are top-notch and work exactly as they should. Plus, there is nothing else like Scalenut out there. Help me generate meta tags and products descriptions faster and easily.

Md Billal Hossain S.
Affiliate Marketing Specialist

"All In One SEO AI Writing Tool"

In the current market, Scalenut is the only AI writing tool that provides NLP terms for free. That is why none other than but it is the best AI writing tool for both writing & optimizing articles. I am getting articles & optimization features at a time with a single tool. Previously I was using Jarvis + MarketMuse. But now I can do both tasks with Scalenut.

Saifullah S.
Digital Marketing Team Lead

"Scalenut AI is an all in one SEO-friendly Content Writing Tool"

I am not a writer but as a blogger, I need a good amount of content every week. I think this tool has been a blessing for me. I can create original and plagiarism-free content with the help of Scalenut AI within a very short time. It has amazing features that help me to create SEO-friendly long form of content. I think Scalenut can increase your writing and SEO productivity. If you are a writer or SEO professional, you can use it to see its magic.

Rolando V.
Digital Marketing Specialist

"Awesome AI Copywriter & SEO Assistant"

Love the fact that it helps me power up my content research with its AI copywriter & SEO assistant. It helps me understand the user intent by extracting keywords from the content. Also, it helps me to write meaningful and well-optimized content by suggesting you with relevant topics. I can Easily Create, Monitor, Analyse & Optimise my Content Effortlessly On Autopilot. Why is content marketing so important? Because content marketing plays a vital role in brand awareness, leads generation, leads nurturing, leads conversion, leads retention, leads upselling, leads cross-selling.

Camp Tramp
Scalenut User

OMG Thank God for Scalenut!!!!!

Carrie ChappellOMG!!! If this site wasn't a big lifesaver for me starting a website, and not knowing a thing about keywords and SEO. I never claimed to be a writer or a blogger and when I started affiliate marketing, I had to become one. I searched and found several websites claiming they could write blogs for you, well, if you wanted your readers to think you were in second grade, maybe. Then, Thank you lord, I found scalenut. Really, I don't know what I would have done without them.

Adham Eldeeb
Scalenut User

Scalenut: A Game Changer for Creating High-Quality and SEO-friendly Content

Wow, I'm absolutely blown away by Scalenut! This AI-powered content creation assistant is a game changer for businesses and marketers. It not only helps you create high-quality content faster than ever before, but it also ensures that your content is SEO-friendly, increasing your chances of ranking higher in search engines. So Scalenut's technology is constantly updating and improving its output quality to provide even better outputs. With Scalenut, you can rest assured that all of your content will be original and free of any copyright or plagiarism issues. If you want to take your content marketing strategy to the next level with unique, optimized, and SEO-friendly content, Scalenut is the perfect solution.

Rachel D
Scalenut User

SEO score feature is the best

I'm very new to using AI copyrighters for blogging so I have tried several different platforms recently and Scalenut has truly stuck out in terms of ease and usefulness. It's such a great platform and tool for content generation and is especially helpful for me as I put together travel blogs that are fully optimized to rank. Only Scalenut provides the most comprehensive content brief across articles of similar topics and makes it very easy to create outlines based on keywords. The real-time SEO score is another unique feature and is so helpful in finetuning articles at a granular level.

Imran Khan
Scalenut User

Best Tool in Any Arsenal

to be honest I was skeptical at start..when they initally launched on pitchground..i left the timetime license..but i kind regret to do so.. post that deal I tried some of its feature and damn...i love that.. now i use it in my daily blog creation... seo reprts..really helping me in increasingf my ranking and knwoing the blogging field better.... it is definatly a best tool in my arsenal

Luke S.

"Great combo of SEO + content AI writing"

The Long-Form AI + SEO Intelligence is the best feature. You can see the relevant keywords along with your competition. Understanding what relevant keywords to use in my content when creating articles and who i'm up against

Mike Rosales
Scalenut User

AI + SEO Intelligence All-in-One

What I really like about Scalenut is that the platform combines the power of SEO and A.I. in writing Copy that should rank higher on Google. They recently launched a Marketplace where I can actually order Content specific to my requirements at very affordable prices!Room for improvement? I'd say I want to be able to use Scalenut on my Wordpress website, Word processor, and even on Mobile on the go!

Ali Hussain
Scalenut User

The Scalenut app generates SEO friendly Blog

The Scalenut app generates SEO friendly blog post. It generates a lot of SEO outline topics from various source. I'm in love with this tool.I highly recommend to bloggers to use this tool for content creation

MD Rafiul Islam
Scalenut User

The ALL-IN-ONE Marketing & Social Media Platform

Scalenut is a comprehensive suite of research and content writing software that helps you manage your businessā€™s online presence.However, you only need 1-2 good GPT3 tools so if you have good AI writing software such as Jarvis, shortlyai, Frase, and others then you wonā€™t need this.I hope you liked my Scalenut review. Please comment below on your experiences with Scalenut SEO content research and AI writing assistant software.

Shivakumar K Naik
Scalenut User

A Gem for SEO Content Writers and Bloggers

From one month i am using Scalenut for all my blog content. I swear this tool has become my most favourite because of urs feature like NLP and SERP facts which is new feature implemented recently. All in all I can openly say that this is the most robust and powerful AI content in the AI industryas a content writing tool having a genuineand educated team and also its a well funded tool. To be honest in this tool there is only flaw that is sometimes it repeats the same words again and again and fortunately this has been reduced to 90 percent with their recent update.As a small blogger this tool has become boon for me and I am utilising this for all my other office works too and also to write quora answers as well.

Md. Salman Kabir
Scalenut User

All in one SEO optimized AI Writing tool

I'm so much excited about this newly launched AI writing tool. scalenut ai is super amazing. its really helpful for those who are searching for SEO optimized ai writing tools. its kind of all in one deal.

Nishant Singh
Scalenut User

Scalenut is helping us scale our SEO game

I have used a lot of different types of software for content planning & generation. I was trying this new tool by Scalenut, SEO Assistant and the way it caught my attention, none of the softwares did. I am fascinated by the way all my problems get resolved within a few minutes. My team is able to research and build perfect content outlines, and at the same time use the AI to write longform pieces. Excited to see what comes next.

Scalenut User

Made SEO copywriting Easily

Overall good ai writing tool that's fulfill my on page seo process and discovered thats the tool was improving day by day. Yea Nice product.

Jeroen D
Content Creator

Cruise mode is the best reason to buy

Fast and great tool. Even Cruise Mode alone is sufficient to make this worth it's money. The option to use cruise mode, is an incredible timesaver and inspiration bringer. Content grader and topic clustering makes it a total experience

Kanak Afnan
Scalenut User

ā€œAll In One SEO Writing Toolā€

Now I can get articles from a single platform and it is the Scalenut. I don't need both of writing tool and article optimization tool anymore.

Wali Khan
Scalenut User

Scalenut is very good tool for seo and content writting

Scalenut is very good tool for SEOĀ optimized content i prefer you all for buying this

Fahim Kabir
Scalenut User

Great tool for seo manager and content Marketers

Great tool for seo manager and content marketers, Saves a lot of time for creating outlines, and scraping the information from the competitors and SERP. Super efficient

Jason S
Founder and CEO

"Keyword Research + SERP Competitors + AI Writer ALL IN ONE - Scalenut Rocks!"

Great for content generation and SERP research. Scalenut has one of the better user interfaces and includes everything you could possibly need all in one tool. I've tried other AI writers and content editors etc. and I was always switching back and forth before I switched to Scalenut. Very easy to start using and great quality output. They really did a great job incorporating the most useful tools into one great solution.

Henry Hoe Yong Zhi
Scalenut User

Best AI SEO Writing Tool in my Kit

The best one I've ever used. I use this for all my content writing now. Love it.

Ritesh Agarwal
Scalenut User

Great product, helps me in my SEO efforts

Great product, helps me in my SEO efforts to produce quality content, very fast!

Gary G

"Reverse-Engineer Your Competition With This AI-Powered SEO Intelligence & Writing Assistant"

Scalenut has become an invaluable SEO tool that enables our team to conduct competition analysis to determine key elements that contribute to high rankings in Google. The problem it solves is having in-depth reporting on the top ranking competitors, including many key metrics Google uses to rank pages. The SEO functionality along with the AI writing capabilities makes Scalenut a winner!

The top four things that I like about Scalenut are:

1) The SEO Assistant, which offers in-depth reports and content analysis of Google's top 30 search results, including NLP keywords used with example usage, a list of the top 30 rivals, their word count, readability, content grade, number of images and headings. This is a powerful competitive analysis tool normally found in expensive 3rd party SEO tools.

2) The long-form editor within the SEO Assistant offers useful tools such as AI writing, AI connectors, and access to AI-assisted templates.

3) The marketplace to hire talent to write content for me. For example, for as little as .05 a word, I can hire someone to write a blog post, website copy even an entire e-Book for me. And finally,

4) the quality of the AI content generated for the topics I've tested. These are all easy to integrate into my workflow and other AI writing tools I use.

Md S

"Best AI Writer with SEO features"

I get high-quality content, and Cruise Mode is extremely useful for blog posts. I like the quality of the content and SEO features such as SERP, topic clusters, and cruise mode for blog posts. Furthermore, the Growth plan includes unlimited AI words, which is fantastic.

Kashan S.
Senior Content Writer

"BEST AI SEO Writer"

Overall: Scalenut provides you with an easy and scalable method of creating content that supports your business objectives. Hire skilled creators and artificial intelligence solutions to assist you in outracing your competitors.Pros: The outlining function is currently one of the finest accessible. It gives great advice on how to structure your material. After you complete your plan, AI writing fills in the blanks while keeping SEO in mind. In my testing, Scalenut stands out. The blog ideas option is great for new bloggers. Success with the email topic generator too.Cons: None, it has so much more to give that I haven't got the time to review it all out yet. I'm continuing going and love every bit of it.

Shehroz N
Digital Marketer

Best tool for Content Creation and SEO Optimisation

SEO feature very amazing as well as content creation is easy and highly qualitative! I am very easy after using Scalenut, i no longer needed any plugin to optimise SEO, all is available in Scalenut

Switched From: Jasper

Reasons for Switching to Scalenut: SEO assist

Rory S.

Quick SEO Keyword Research and Implementation

Solid software. Solid design. Excellent customer service. What's not to like? The AI-Powered SEO Assistant reports are a great way to quickly see what keywords will help you rank for specific topics.

Rachael W.
Founder/ CEO/ Owner/ Coach

"Superb Long-form AI and SEO research assistant"

Scalenut has helped me shorten the amount of time I was using when doing blog research. I have been able to produce much more informative blog posts using their SEO AI assistant. It is much better than the other tools I have been using.Scalenut has helped me to streamline my content research for the writing of blog articles and producing YouTube videos. I have been able to identify specific topics that my ideal customers are asking through using the SEO assistant.

Nick F
Managing Director

"Incredible AI tool for Content Writing and SEO"

Nothing I've tried beats Scalenut for quickly researching and creating valuable SEO content - that's unique, beautifully written, and relevant. The support team is also very responsive and helpful. I've used Scalenut to quickly create a portfolio of websites designed to quickly rank in Google. It's saved countless hours of what would have been manual work.

Jason S.
Founder and CEO

"Best All in One Content Writer and SERP Keyword Research Tool"

What I can accomplish within Scalenut replaces at least two (maybe 3) tools I used to use. It is great for content writing with AI and doing keyword research via SERP competitors right from within the editor. AI written output is great quality too - short form and long-form content. They have a ton of templates, or you can just freestyle your content writing, which is helpful. Excellent user interface too.Scalenut combines my content and keyword research with not only editor capabilities, but also an awesome keyword topic cluster tool that is incredibly useful for ranking your keywords in SERP.

Gary G.
Founder & CEO

"My Experience with Scalenut, the latest AI Powered SEO Intelligence And Content Creation Assistant"

While there is a lot to like about Scalenut, the top 4 things I like most are:1) the SEO Assistant that generates in-depth reports and content analysis of the top 30 search results from Google, including NLP terms used along with example usage of each term, a list of the top 30 competitors, their word count, readability, content grade, number of images and headings. This is a powerful competitive analysis tool normally found in expensive 3rd party SEO tools.2) The long-form editor within the SEO Assistant offers useful tools such as AI writing, AI connectors, and access to AI-assisted templates.3) The marketplace to hire talent to write content for me. For example, for as little as .05 a word, I can hire someone to write a blog post, website copy even an entire e-Book for me. And finally...4) The quality of the AI content generated for the topics I've tested. Scalenut looks like a promising new entrant into the crowded AI writing software field.

Shivathmaj S.
Creative Freelance Writer

"Your only Seo blog writing tool"

I love its generate report option. how it shows the number of images, headlines of competitor blogs very useful. I highly recommend this to anyone who is into blog writing or wants to write social media copy ad save time.

Rishabh J
Funnel Marketing Coach

Very Powerful AI Writing And SEOTool"

Overall my experience with the tool is great. I use it very frequently to come up with content ideas, Outline my blog post, write long-form posts, and also in getting headline ideas. Whenever I plan to write a new post, I use SEO assistant to see NLP terms, FAQ, and my competitor's content structure. It makes the process fast and easy. I highly recommend this tool for anyone who is writing long-form content and also creating social media content to generate leads and grow business.I really like Scalenut for its simplicity and features. I bought LTD of this tool and using it for the past few months. Written a few blog posts using this tool and one of them is ranking well on google. I find this tool useful for the following features: 1. SEO assistant tool is really helpful to know the NLP terms, competitor's content, questions people asking, etc. It's like a cakewalk to see so much data with a single click. 2. Multiple tools to write ad copies, blogs, headlines, meta descriptions, video outlines, etc. All these tools together make it a complete package. 3. quality of content is really good and it is also written by understanding the context of already written sentences. 4. User interface is now much better than it was at the time of launch . The recent update was good and now this tool has an easy-to-use interface. 5. There is an editor where I can write my content and add images as well so I don't have to go to any other editor to write my post and add images.

Scalenut User

Nice & Clean SEO tools

I have been using Scalenut for a while now. The app has improved so much since the first time I used it. Now, with Cruise mode introduced, the workflow has improved greatly, such that creating an article is way simpler, easier, and faster with SEO optimization. The Chrome extension also comes in handy when we are writing on the fly on any website. This is undoubtedly a fantastic tool for bloggers.

Burair A.
Chief Executive Officer

"Flawless Content Writing for Maximum Reach"

It helped me write professional content optimized for the web with focused keywords so I can rank my content easily. As it is AI-powered, my content is now more valuable than ever. I can now rank my content easily. My content is likely to be read completely over the internet. Moreover, AI is strawberry on the top. It has put more value to my content & brought me more useful ideas

Punardeep S
Vice President

Excellent SEO optimised content writer

One of the best AI content writer available in the market that is able to generate SEO optimised content. I have been using Scalenut as a writing assistant program for a few months now, and I can assure you that it is an indispensable tool if you regularly write and experience writer's block. With it, you can create both long and short-form content. Content can be generated from SERP ideas and NLP terms with great ease. Moreover, the capability of viewing the outline of competitor articles and incorporating the information into your article is a very useful feature. Having this feature available in Scalenut has helped me simplify and streamline my workflow. The process makes completing articles a breeze, and the quality is top-notch. I get instant feedback on my writing quality, scoring, and where I need to improve. There is nothing much that I don't like about Scalenut. However, I do feel that having some more features will be great. I wish Scalenut could generate a first draft based on SERP results and NLP terms. The ability to create custom templates would be fantastic. It would be great if there were text enhancement features (like Wordtune/Instatext). A WordPress plugin would also be helpful.

Simon A.

"A stand-out offering that combines SEO, keyword clustering and AI article generation"

Scalenut offers incredible customer service. I was offered a video call when I had a few questions and got much more than that from the call. The fact it is not just an article spinner but a keyword research and strategy tool that then produces a structure and article based on that structure to rank for a given cluster of keywords