Oct 18, 2023

Creative Labs Partners With Scalenut To Achieve Their Mission: Scaled Content Delivery by 5x

Creative Labs Partners With Scalenut To Achieve Their Mission: Scaled Content Delivery by 5x


About Creative Labs LLC

Creative Labs LLC is a growing branding agency headquartered in Virginia. With a portfolio of over 100 world-class websites and a history of generating millions in revenue for its clients, Creative Labs is your go-to agency if you want your business to grow faster, better, and with style. 

Their mission is to help 20,000 small businesses, startups, and non-profits build scalable websites that will generate revenue for their clientele. 

Challenges: Bottlenecks in achieving their promising mission

Despite having a solid team and strong offerings, Creative Labs struggled to gain visibility among their target audience, particularly in the area of blogging. They were on the scrounge for a robust strategy to eliminate their Achilles heel and drive traffic to their website.

Apart from the lack of digital footfall, they were also lacking a solid content repository for their business. They wanted a rich database of informative articles they could use and reuse for a variety of purposes.

Lastly, Creative Labs were also on the hunt for an expert who could guide them through the nuances of the content landscape. 

Solution: Scalenut clearing out the bottlenecks in one go

Scalenut offered a one-stop solution for all these plaguing issues in the form of its AI-powered content marketing tool. Some of the different modules of the platform that helped Creative Labs counter its challenges were:

Cruise Mode: The silver bullet for faster content

This intuitive feature was one of the main reasons Creative Labs could bring down their content-creation time from 3 days to a mere 25 minutes. Their team just had to input some basic writing points to get the first draft of a full-fledged blog in minutes. 

Cruise Mode

SEO Hub: The key to becoming a traffic magnet

SEO Hub enabled Creative Lab to churn out SEO-friendly blogs that were not only loved by readers but also by the search engine. By automating their SEO analysis, their team could focus on more mission-critical activities. Simultaneously, their blogs started ranking at the top of SERPs in the background. 


SERP Ideas: A content expert like never before 

The solution for Creative Lab’s pressing need for a content expert came from an unexpected direction: the SERP Ideas tool of Scalenut. This feature  pulled out writing points for the keyword provided. 

It worked just like Google, by giving factual and current info for the keyword entered.

You can select the relevant points and command AI to write for you on those.

SERP Ideas

Results: Scalenut helped scale content delivery by 5X

By partnering with Scalenut, Creative Labs achieved the following:

  • Completed 100 blogs in record time
  • Experienced a surge in organic traffic
  • Reduction in content production cost by 42%
  • Reduction in content production time from 3 days to 25 minutes


Scalenut helped Creative Labs bring out their A-game in content creation. Using Scalenut, Creative Labs could focus on other aspects of the business, as they knew the entire content creation lifecycle was taken care of by a reliable tool and an able team. 

Here are some positive words lauding Scalenut from the Creative Labs team —

“We chose Scalenut because of its consistent content creation process. That was our biggest need of the hour. The Scalenut AI quickly understood our business and target audience and helped scale our content delivery process, which helped increase our organic traffic.”