Oct 18, 2023

Enterprise Marketing with Scalenut helped Jungleworks Double its Organic Traffic in 5 months

Enterprise Marketing with Scalenut helped Jungleworks Double its Organic Traffic in 5 months


Scalenut has contributed immensely to our content production. The quality has been excellent throughout. We started with a few blogs but now have outsourced the content creation completely. Our organic traffic has increased 2x.
We have tried various freelance platforms and in-house teams earlier. This is the first platform that has gained our trust. ~Wilfred Vivek

SEO and Content Marketing - these two buzzwords have gained tremendous traction in the last few years. 

Given the multitude of businesses looking to produce impeccable content, it often becomes difficult to stand out in the online landscape, unless you use these two effectively. In such a situation, if you do not take care of it, your competition stands to gain more than you.

One such company is Jungleworks,  an end-to-end SaaS provider helping brands build online marketplaces. Although they are great at what they do, they wanted to reach out to a wider audience organically. They planned to do so by increasing traffic on the website for Tookan (a product of Jungleworks). 

Partnering with freelancers or getting work done in-house didn’t bring in the results they wished to achieve. The Jungleworks team then decided to partner with Scalenut.

It has been almost 5 months since we partnered with Jungleworks. This study is about how we approached the company’s issues and addressed them effectively with a short span.

The Problem Statement

Major issues Jungleworks was looking to address -

  • Increasing paid CAC (customer acquisition cost)
  • Inability to rank on SERP for primary business-related keywords
  • Juggling among freelancers
  • Paving the path for enterprise marketing

The best way for them to address these was to partner with a content marketplace capable of delivering the results that they desired. 

This is where Scalenut stepped in and helped them increase their website traffic by an astonishing 113% within 5 months.

When they were onboarded, the Jungleworks team conveyed the issues that plagued them and shared their expectations of us. Over the course of 5 months, the partnership has been instrumental in improving their online performance in more ways than one.

The Results

The results clearly showcase our role in helping Jungleworks expand its business and reach a wider audience. Here are the key developments in the last five months - 

  • We have improved Jungleworks' SERP rankings by over 50% 
  • The organic traffic has been on a consistent upward curve and currently stands at 213% more of what it was during the same time last year
  • The e-book and email campaigns impacted ‘Cost Per Lead’ and ‘Cost Per Market Qualified Lead’ levels too, and both of them saw a dip of over 80%

The Backdrop

Here is what Scalenut emphasized on- 

  • Helping Jungleworks scale content effortlessly. This includes creating multiple forms of content on a weekly basis for them to market it across platforms.
  • Churning out quality content that acts as a value addition for website visitors. 
  • Off-page and on-page SEO to improve rankings. This includes keyword research and using them in the most optimal manner. 
  • AI-enabled quality checks to ensure readership and sentiment adherence.  
  • Diversifying content by producing blogs, e-books, emails and more. We have curated over 200 quality pieces for them in the last 5 months.

The primary focus has always been to provide high-quality execution of content ideas to help Jungleworks find organic leads. 

Let Scalenut Be Your Content Partner

When you follow a proven strategy and ensure that every action contributes towards it, you will seldom fail. Scalenut continues to strive towards helping its partners achieve better results. We have more such yardsticks to topple for Jungleworks and continue to be incessant about our approach to deliver the very best. 

Curating meaningful content that provides value with utmost elan - that’s Scalenut for you. 

Click here if you would like to partner with us and get the most out of your content strategy.