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Leap Scholar is an educational platform dedicated to empowering students worldwide by providing comprehensive resources and expert guidance for international education. Established with a mission to democratize access to global learning opportunities, Leap Scholar offers tailored counseling, test preparation, and application assistance to aspiring students aiming to study abroad.

Bangalore, India
Leap Scholar, an innovative education consulting platform, partnered with Scalenut to elevate its content strategy. With Scalenut's advanced AI and SEO tools, Leap Scholar achieved a significant boost in organic traffic, vastly improving its market presence and content quality.
  • Balancing high-quality content production at scale to meet aggressive SEO goals.
  • Enhancing organic traffic to compete effectively in a highly dynamic educational industry.
  • Maintaining a consistent and rapid content delivery schedule to keep up with market demands.
Leap Scholar was challenged with significantly increasing content output to boost their SEO performance and online visibility. They needed to achieve this without incurring excessive costs or experiencing delays that could hinder their growth objectives.
  • Deployment of Scalenut‚Äôs AI and SEO technology for SERP Ranking.
  • Utilization of Scalenut‚Äôs diverse talent pool to rapidly scale content production without sacrificing quality.
  • Strategic content planning and execution managed through Scalenut‚Äôs advanced tools, ensuring timely delivery and alignment with SEO trends.


Scaleut & Leap Scholar


How Scalenut Responded? 

In just a few days, Scalenut deployed the industry's best writers and editors equipped with the most powerful SEO tools for content research and creation. Armed with the technology built on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing capabilities, the team of writers and editors quickly scaled content production for Leap. 

The combination of Scalenut’s SEO technology and an adept talent pool proved to be exactly what Leap Scholar needed to meet its content goals. After the initial discussions, the project ran in auto-pilot mode where Leap was getting good quality content at lightning-fast speed. 

From creating briefs, and finding the most relevant semantic keywords, to creating the final draft, the Scalenut team executed the task efficiently. Our common belief in the power of quality content at scale grew stronger as we proceeded with the project.

Scaleut & Leap Scholar


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In just four months, Leap Scholar saw a threefold increase in organic traffic, significantly enhancing their digital footprint and reaching more prospective students worldwide.

3x Boost in Organic Search Traffic
50% improvement in SERP rankings
200% Expansion in Content Output

The team at Leap Scholar is elated with the project results. They are happy about the smooth experience with Scalenut. Here are a few notable aspects that they really loved:

  • Timely content delivery.¬†
  • Fast turn-around time.
  • Superior quality SEO optimized content.
  • A rich pool of top writers and editors.
  • The all-mighty AI-powered Scalenut SEO technology

If you are looking to up your content game and leverage technology with industry expertise, Scalenut can help you tell better stories at scale. We offer a simple and scalable alternative to research, plan, and create quality SEO content. 

What are you waiting for? Get started with us today and see Scalenut in action yourself.


"The expertise and tools provided by Scalenut were game-changing. The rapid increase in our content volume, coupled with the significant boost in traffic, has positioned us strongly in our market. Scalenut’s approach was exactly what we needed to advance our content initiatives."

- Leap Scholar Team
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