Oct 18, 2023

How Scalenut helped Monk Marketers increase Organic Traffic by 80%?

How Scalenut helped Monk Marketers increase Organic Traffic by 80%?


Monk Marketers is a knowledge hub providing all the information one needs to be a part of the dynamic eCommerce industry. It is the perfect companion for those seeking eCommerce expertise but cannot afford a personalized consultation. The mission of Monk Marketers is unilateral - to help budding eCommerce entrepreneurs set up and manage their online businesses through handy how-to guides and practical tips. They aim to provide actionable tips and tricks that are easy to read and jargon-free to help readers of all knowledge levels gain an edge over their competitors. 

However, Monk Marketers’ mission of generating superior content was riddled with numerous challenges.

Obstacles on the way

  1. Shortage of good writers: It was a back-breaking exercise to find writers who could generate high-quality, compelling, authentic, and memorable content.
  1. Lack of Visibility: Even after hiring quality writers, SERP visibility of the website continued to be a hurdle.
  1. Faltering in consistency: Consistently publishing blogs remained a major problem due to the inability to bridge the gap between planning and execution.
  1. Technical know-how: It was overwhelming to run along with the constantly changing SEO algorithms and understand how the optimization process works.

These barriers impelled Monk Marketers to look for better solutions, leading them to Scalenut.

Clearing the way forward

Scalenut offered effective solutions that helped Monk Marketers multiply the efficiency in churning out high-ranking valuable content -

  1. Improved SERP visibility through NLP
Monk marketers case study

Scalenut brought the power of Natural Language Processing to the fingertips of Monk Marketers. By infusing NLP terms (recommended by the Scalenut tool for the primary keyword), they were able to make their content more comprehensive and rankable. Real-time feedback through Scalenut’s proprietary Content Grade gave Monk Marketers that extra push to beat their competition. 


  • Their content pieces became easy to understand for search engines.
  • Blogs found their way to be visible on the SERP.
  1. Simplified long-form content creation with SEO Hub

With Scalenut’s SEO Hub, creating SEO-rich long-form content became a piece of cake for Monk Marketers. They could automate most of the content creation tasks thanks to Scalenut’s robust AI engine and the presence of convenient templates. 


  • The long and futile search for new writers ended.
  1. Brought Consistency with Cruise Mode
Scalenut cruise mode

Scalenut’s Cruise Mode empowered Monk Marketers to write a blog in the blink of an eye. All it took was 5 simple steps, from setting context to adding writing points. Everything else was taken care of by Scalenut’s AI. A ready-to-use first draft was delivered by Scalenut that Monk Marketers manually modified in minutes and published on their platform. 


  • Scalability was achieved in content production.
  • Monk Marketers were able to post content without any break.
  1. Ensured the content is factual and current through SERP Ideas

Scalenut’s SERP Ideas feature ensured that Monk Marketers got 360-degree intelligence on all their relevant keywords, including complete information on what their competitors are writing for. This gold-mine of knowledge helped them in coming up with content that was valued not only by search engines but also by readers.


  • All their content pieces turned out to be current and factual.
  • Monk Marketers gained credibility in the minds of readers. 
Scalenut-Monk Marketers case study


The successful collaboration between monk Marketers and Scalenut resulted in the former enjoying a drastic surge in the number of their website visitors, impressions, and clicks on their website. 

When asked for one word to describe their experience with Scalenut, Monk Marketer quoted - “Amazing.”