5x targeted traffic boost from new keyword strategy.
482% increase of Traffic in two months

Noelle Salon partnered with Scalenut to enhance its digital presence through strategic SEO and content revitalization. This partnership led to unprecedented growth in website traffic and a solidified position in the online beauty market.

New York, USA
Beauty and Cosmetic
A leader in the beauty industry, Noelle Salon specializes in top-tier hair styling and treatment solutions. Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, they offer the latest in hair care innovations and styling techniques.
  • Lack of a coherent keyword strategy leading to underperforming blog content.
  • Difficulty in identifying effective keywords to drive relevant traffic.
  • Limited competitive insights due to few industry benchmarks.
  • Developed a comprehensive content strategy that identified and filled existing keyword gaps.
  • Refreshed underperforming content to capitalize on existing opportunities.
  • Conducted extensive keyword research to uncover service-oriented keywords and traffic-driving content themes.

Transforming Content Production with Scalenut’s AI: By leveraging advanced analytics and AI insights, Scalenut's Surge Team optimized existing content of the salon and strategically create new posts that resonate with their target audience.

Achieving Significant Growth: Noelle Salon experienced remarkable growth by implementing Scalenut’s tailored SEO strategies and content solutions, which directly addressed the unique challenges faced by the salon in the competitive beauty industry.

Keyword Research and Content Strategy: Focused on uncovering high-impact keywords and developing content around these insights to drive significant traffic and improve search engine visibility.

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Noelle Salon experienced explosive traffic growth, escalating from 11,000 to 64,000 visitors, significantly enhancing their online visibility. An optimized content strategy contributed to higher rankings for strategic keywords. Additionally, refreshed content pieces consistently outperformed previous metrics, leading to enhanced user engagement and retention.

Significant rise in search engine rankings post-optimization.
50% improvement in SERP rankings
Extended the reach of key content pieces

Noelle Salon's collaboration with Scalenut has set a new benchmark in the beauty industry for how salons can leverage SEO and content marketing to drive significant business growth and customer engagement.

"In March of 2024, I started working with SEO-Surge and my website traffic grew from 11k to 64k in two months. Their services are by far the best of all SEO firms I have worked with, and they are quite attentive. They are willing to teach you how to improve your site, and I have learned more in 3 months than I have in years. I can not recommend their services enough, and I am impressed by the entire team of experts. They are affordable and willing to learn about your business to create an optimal solution to drive traffic to your site! " - Noelle Spinosa NoelleSalon.com
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