Oct 18, 2023

How PharmEasy Increased Website Traffic by 60% through Scalenut

How PharmEasy Increased Website Traffic by 60% through Scalenut


About PharmEasy

PharmEasy is one of the primary players that facilitates online medication ordering. It is an Indian startup that provides online medicines, diagnostic services, and telehealth solutions. It is a one stop shop for all your healthcare needs.

PharmEasy also has a smartphone app that connects people with pharmacies that facilitate deliveries. It also enables home sample collection for diagnostic testing at neighboring labs. 

What PharmEasy has to say about Scalenut

Scalenut X Pharmeasy

Challenges Faced by PharmEasy

PharmEasy’s content primarily focuses on healthcare and medical information. 

The primary challenges that PharmEasy wanted Scalenut to address were:

  • Creating and publishing volume content for their website, including diagnostic pages, health blogs, and medicine descriptions
  • Increase website traffic using high-quality, informative, and SEO-friendly content
  • Creating customer awareness by publishing articles on medications, chronic illnesses like diabetes, diagnostic pages, and addressing user queries on multiple forums

The most effective approach for them to resolve these concerns was to collaborate with a content-generating marketplace capable of producing relevant content by getting that done by industry experts like doctors and MDs. This is where Scalenut came in.

When PharmEasy collaborated with the Scalenut team, PharmEasy communicated their problems and expressed their expectations of us. Over eleven months, the collaboration has been crucial in boosting the company's website performance in various ways. We rejuvenated their content marketing efforts by delivering over 5 million words in eleven months.

Solutions Offered by Scalenut

Pharmeasy first handed out their OTC product descriptions project to us and once they saw the rigorous quality processes followed, TAT adherence and our accommodating nature to do the reworks in case briefs are not met, they were comfortable enough to hand out their more important, volume projects to us which required assistance from experts (doctors, MDs, medical writers).

We followed a very structured process to carry out those volume projects too while ensuring strict adherence to deadline and content quality rules (ensuring content in easy-to-read language for the laymen to understand).

Heavy medical jargon required not only writers to be healthcare niche experts but the editorial function too to make sense of things. 

While 50+ doctor writers were a part of the project, there was a team of 20+ editors from the field too who took care that the nuances of the industries are ensured within the content.

Here are the solutions that Scalenut offered to help PharmEasy optimize its website and increase traffic:

  • Medical writers and registered doctors were onboarded on the project to ensure that the articles are written in a way that heavy medical jargon can be understood by laymen.
  • High-quality content and lightning-fast delivery, with over 25 content pieces provided in a single day.
  • The content was sent in bulk and ranges from blog articles, diagnostic pages, to medicine descriptions.
  • The feedback given by PharmEasy was quickly responded to.

Scalenut had to keep a close eye on several things when creating content for a healthcare blog, such as keeping the content engaging and authentic and, at the same time, easy to read. In addition, it was important to give precise medicine descriptions. Further, the blog pages had to provide helpful information, so anyone with or without a medical background could understand them.

Our editorial team made that possible, with all the content pieces delivered effortlessly, on time, and accurately. At the same time, we ensured PharmEasy’s brand vision and voice were reflected in every word written, edited, and vetted.

Scalenut X Pharmeasy


So far, PharmEasy has published over 100+ blogs, 600+ diagnostic tests and packages, and 2000+ pieces of medical content, written by Scalenut. As a result of the content strategy and research team’s efforts, the organic traffic to the PharmEasy site increased by 60% within eleven months.

PharmEasy earlier approached any new content manually, which took a long time, and there weren’t enough technical resources to expedite the process before Scalenut. It can now produce high-quality website material without compromising the content’s authenticity and quality. This allows the team to focus on more high-value tasks.

Their primary source of content for blog posts, landing sites, diagnosis pages, and medication explanations is now Scalenut.