Apr 15, 2024

Sonata Music School Uses Scalenut: World-class Music Training Reaches 2X People

Sonata Music School Uses Scalenut: World-class Music Training Reaches 2X People


About Sonata Music School

Sonata Music School is an international music school that offers top-class training in piano, voice, and guitar. The school operates with a powerful vision to enrich lives and inspire souls through music. It has successfully delivered music training to hundreds of students based on a global curriculum like ABRSM.

Key barriers to their goal to spread the power of music

Like any other school in the pandemic, Sonata Music School also faced the challenge of attracting new students for their courses. They could not spread the word effectively about their advanced training programs to their target audience.

The worst part was they knew there was a huge market constituting eager students constantly looking for ways to learn music from a good school. 

They knew impactful content was the easiest and most effective way to reach these people. But they had three major hurdles —

  1. A lack of advanced SEO knowledge that could propel their school website to the top of search results.
  2. Inability to constantly generate copies that could convince most people to join their school.
  3. A major shortage of time to churn out high-quality content frequently. 

Solution: How Scalenut removed these barriers in no time

Sonata Music School started using Scalenut’s revolutionary content platform to address the above challenges. They mainly used the following features of Scalenut to up their content game —

  1. SEO Hub: Writing rankable content was undoubtedly their Achilles heel. This was solved instantly by Scalenut’s SEO Hub module, which automated most of their SEO-related research. The tool helped them rank higher in SERP results by identifying what their competitors were writing and what their target users were asking on different forums.  
Competitor Analysis



  1. AI Copywriter: The hurdle of generating convincing copies was handled effortlessly by the AI Copywriter tool of Scalenut. This feature helped Sonata Music School to write catchy copies for different channels, all aligned to the goal of improved conversions. 
AI Copywriter


Social Media Post Template




  1. Cruise Mode: The lack of time faced by the school was solved by the AI Blog Writer - Cruise Mode feature offered by Scalenut. It helped them generate the first draft of a blog in less than 5 minutes. The entire content creation process, which used to take more than 3 days, was now completed in half that time.

Results:  2X traffic + Reduced content production costs + Faster completion time

Joining hands with Scalenut, Sonata Music School achieved the following:

  1. Twice the number of responses on their learning platform.
  2. The cost of content production was brought down by 200$.
  3. Time taken to generate fresh content halved.
  4. Reduced effort on research and brainstorming.


By automating most of the content-related tasks, the team at Sonata Music School could focus on offering quality training to students instead of spending time and effort on research, brainstorming, and content generation activities.  

Here’s a note from their team highlighting their positive experience with Scalenut: