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How to Earn your 1 Mn AI Words?

AI Copywriter

Leave a review 

An honest review on G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot will earn you assured 100,000 AI words each

Total 300,000 AI words

Short form videos

Create bite sized videos, say what Scalenut brings to the table and get assured 50,000 AI words each

Total 150,000 AI words
AI Copywriter
AI Copywriter

Long form content 

Whether it’s a YouTube videos or a meticulously crafted blog, say how Scalenut is adding value to content creators and earn 250,000 AI Words each

Total 500,000 AI words

Social media mentions

Spread the word on social media, tell your friends about the most-loved content marketing platform and get assured 25,000 AI Words each

Total 50,000 AI words
AI Copywriter

Bonus 100,000 AI words

Record and share your testimonial or product review here to get an additional 100,000 AI words

Leave a review 

An honest review on G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot will help you get assured SaaS credits of $200 or 100,000 AI words each

Total 300000 AI words

Short form videos

Create bite sized videos, say what Scalenut brings to the table and earn $100 worth of SaaS Credits or 50,000 AI words each

TOtal 150000 AI words

Long form content 

Whether it’s a YouTube videos or a meticulously crafted blog, say how Scalenut is adding value to content creators and earn $500 worth of SaaS Credits or 250,000 AI Words each

Total 500000 AI words

Social media mentions

Spread the word on social media, tell your friends about the most-loved content marketing platform and get assured SaaS credits of $50 or 25,000 AI Words each

Total 50000 AI words

Bonus 500,000 AI words

Record & Share your testimonial and product review and get rewarded with additional $1000 SaaS Credits or 500,000 AI words

Commission Tiers



40% Commission Lifetime


50+ Referrals

50% Commission Lifetime


100+ Referrals

60% Commission Lifetime

How much can you earn?

Leave a Review and Earn


SaaS credits
AI words
SEO Docs
$200 each
Spread the Word through Short Form Content and Earn
SaaS credits
upto $300
AI words
worth 150000
SEO Docs
worth 150
$100 each
Spread the Word through Long Form Content and Earn

Whether it’s a YouTube videos or a meticulously crafted blog, say how Scalenut is adding value to content creators and earn upto $1000 SaaS Credits.

SaaS credits
AI words
SEO Docs


$500 each
Strike Conversations on Social Media and Earn
SaaS credits
$50 each

What's in it for you?

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High Earning Potential

Get a recurring commission of up to 60%.

Recurring Lifetime Commissions

Earn commissions on subscriptions renewal.

Long Cookie Time (60-days)

Affiliate link tracking are valid upto 60 days.

Loved by 10000+ users

Write and optimize content

Scalenut AI-generated content is super helpful, all you need is to put your context and you will get the generated output in seconds. The good part is it's all unique. It is a great way to write and optimize your content for search engines and social media.


The quality of output is unmatched

Scalenut has very high quality outputs so I don't have to run the AI credits multiple times to get one decent sentence. Every time an output is repeated the system identifies itself and asks you to make the required changes.

Sajwal S

Valuable resource for Writer's Block

Scalenut helps with time management, especially when writing long-form content where time is your enemy. SEO long-form assistant even lets me optimize the content I want to write. In my view, this amazing tool feature definitely stands out.

Danjohn R

Quick SEO Research and Implementation

The AI-Powered SEO Assistant reports are a great way to quickly see what keywords will help you rank for specific topics. It’s a solid software with a solid design and excellent customer service. What's not to like?

Rory S

Similar to human write-up

The long-form writer helps in generating outstanding article outlines because it displays SERP data, including my rivals' article outlines. The write-up looks totally natural and is everything I need.

Mehrab H

Using AI and SEO to write

What I like the best about Scalenut is that I can produce unique and engaging copy in less time. It saves me a lot of time by doing research and writing the copy. What's more convenient is that they have this Marketplace to order specific content and pay them at really affordable prices!

Mike Lester R

Easy content writing

The best part of Scalenut is NLP algorithm which is normally priced so high with other similar tools. We are able to create a content brief by checking the first top 10 competitors. No need to switch to another tool.

David K

An elegant and useful tool

Scalenut offers three distinctly different instruments: a web content research and long-form article writing tool, a helper tool for generating eye-catching text snippets like tweets, Facebook posts, email subject lines, etc., and a marketplace where one can contract other writers to scale up copywriting efforts during busy periods.

Ivan A

Scalenut has amazing UI/UX

I was looking for a tool that would help me with my content creation for my website, blog, social media and this is exactly what Scalenut is. It’s a content creation tool that uses AI and NLP to give you great ideas on content ideas and topics you should cover In your content.

Javier X

How does it work?

Post reviews, create content and give a shout-out on your social media

Share the published URLs with us via chat or email us at

We will credit your account with the SaaS Credits after verification

What our users have been saying

It has been more than three weeks now that I have been using Scalenut SEO Assistant, and not once have I been dissatisfied with the results. Scalenut SEO Assistant has helped me improve my blog’s strategy substantially in the last few weeks. It checks the top results for a given keyword and then recommends the right course of action. The best part is that the tool also includes Quora and Reddit content in its analysis. So, I get a comprehensive report related to keyword ranking.


Founder, 44Hz

I have used a lot of different types of software for content planning & generation. I was trying this new tool by Scalenut, SEO Assistant and the way it caught my attention, none of the softwares did. I am fascinated by the way all my problems get resolved within a few minutes. My team is able to research and build perfect content outlines, and at the same time use the AI to write longform pieces. Excited to see what comes next.

Nishant Hada

Marketing Head, uFaber

What would you call a tool that writes for you and gives you the best ideas at par with an experienced writer? A team member, right? Ever since I have onboarded Scalenut AI Copywriter into my workings, ideas have started to flow like a river. My team and I are now more confident with our writing because our ideas come from an AI-powered tool.


Founder, Flyvheel

The fact that I am able to generate new blog ideas quickly is the most fantastic thing for me when it comes to Scalenut AI Copywriter. The algorithm behind this type of content generation is revolutionary. Plus, the quality of product descriptions is also remarkable. I can only hope that we will have more awesome features on Scalenut AI Copywriter down the line.

Vivek sharma

Founder, Fixcraft

Not joking, guys! Scalenut AI Copywriter is a fantastic tool that I have been using for more than three weeks now. The best part is that the tool satisfies your requirements. Once you start using the AI copywriter, it gets better as with experience you start to understand how every part works. Awe-inspiring and relevant content just keeps on rolling out of it, like a pro writer is sitting at the backend and churning out content.

Sid Bhimania


love the fact that churning out original and plagiarism-free content is like a walk in the park when I am using the Scalenut AI Copywriter. Obviously, the tool has been a blessing for marketing strategists like me who constantly lack good content that can convert more leads. Now, I can create content with the click of a button and access different versions of content, all of them clearly giving the message I want my audience to hear and understand.


Marketing Head, SBI Cards

Scalenut AI Copywriter is one of the most authentic and fantastic tools I have used to get new blog ideas. Ever since my team and I started using it, we get a constant flow of new blog ideas, and the majority of them are directly associated with our industry and highly relevant. The AI Copywriter does us one better by giving us a blog intro so we know exactly what to write and research for the main content body


Founder, Letsdressup

Preparing content briefs is as cumbersome as getting the content up and running. Scalenut SEO Assistant has been excellent in helping us build solid briefs in a hassle-free manner. Before I was introduced to Scalenut SEO Assistant, I had to use multiple tools for developing a complete brief for our team’s writers. With Scalenut’s immaculate SEO companion, I have now been able to create robust briefs via their platform effortlessly. It has helped cut the slack and made it seamless for the entire team.


Content Strategist, uFaber

It has been four months since I am associated with the Scalenut marketplace. They have been one of the most supportive and inclusive partners I have had in my freelance writing journey. Not only are the briefs amazingly detailed, but the option to communicate my queries directly on the portal is easily the icing on the cake. Their UI is easily my favorite, with a focus on functionality rather than unwanted flair

Abhishek Jain


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