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Scalenut gives you a simple and scalable way to produce content that serves your business goals. Get AI tools to help you race past your competition.

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Cruise Mode

Guided workflow to complete blog in just 5 minutes!

Get ready to be in the driver's seat to generate super meaningful content by integrating content brief and automated NLP key terms usage in content creation

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Focus Writing

A master board for all your content creation work

We empower you with a blank canvas where you can let all your ideas flow freely and let our AI tools guide you through the process

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Thorough Research

Create SEO-focused content outlines

We give full-fledged content reports (powered by industry best NLP) out of your single targeted keyword, that serves you the winning SEO recipe each time

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Versatile Writing

Keep the ideas flowing

Get unlimited content ideas for blogs, product descriptions, ad copies, email headers, blog intros, and more at the click of a button.

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SEO-Friendly Content

Produce High Quality Content

Get real-time feedback on the quality of your writing in SEO Hub. It tells you the NLP terms you have included (and the ones you haven’t), the readability score, word count and many more.

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Human Touch

Top content professionals at your service

At Scalenut, you get Professional Creators who have experience writing in your industry. A Scalenut Expert is available for help, should you need it.

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What our users have been saying

Best AI-writer in the market

Scalenut stands out for quality. The text generated is profound and factual. I use it mainly for its "quora answer" module and its long-form SEO assistant. I'm now able to create long-form content in a few minutes.

Testimonial Headshot

Marco C.

Making blogs more powerful

The easy user-friendly App design made my writing easy. It saved me time and made my life easy.

Testimonial Headshot

Showket A

One of the best AI Writing tools

It's been a lot easier and faster to write articles because we are now able to cross reference data from the top SERP results and check our article against them.

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Joshua L

Powerful Long and Short Form AI-Writer

This tool has been really fun to use. The UI and UX is well designed and nothing inside Scalenut feels cheap. The output quality of the AI is also great whether you are using the long-form or the short-form generator.

Testimonial Headshot

Carlos U

All In One SEO Writing Tool

Because of Scalenut, now I can get articles from a single platform. Competitors are lacking in optimization features and have to use thrid party tools to cross reference SERP data. Scalenut eradicates the nesd of both writing and optimization tool.

Testimonial Headshot

Md Billal Hossain S

Scalenut is a winner

Scalenut has become an invaluable SEO tool that enables our team to conduct competition analysis to determine key elements that contribute to high rankings in Google. The SEO functionality along with the AI writing capabilities makes Scalenut a winner!

Testimonial Headshot

Gary G

Superb Long-form SEO Assistant

Scalenut has helped me to streamline my content research for the writing of blog articles and producing YouTube videos. I have been able to identify specific topics that my ideal customers are asking through using the SEO assistant.

Testimonial Headshot

Rachael Woolley M

Excellent AI writing assistant

I have been using Scalenut as a writing assistant program for a few months now, and I can assure you that it is an indispensable tool if you regularly write and experience writer's block. With it, you can create both long and short-form content.

Testimonial Headshot

Punardeep S

All in one content and SEO tool

I have been using Scalenut since from a month for all my blog content. The most favourite feature is its NLP keyword and SERP facts new feature. I can say that this is the most powerful AI content writing tool with a awesome team.

Testimonial Headshot

Shivakumar k N

Awesome AI Copywriter & SEO Assistant

Love the fact that it helps me power up my content research with its AI copywriter & SEO assistant. It helps me understand the user intent by extracting keywords from the content. Also, it helps me to write meaningful and well-optimized content by suggesting you with relevant topics.

Testimonial Headshot

Rolando V

Promising new entrant

I like the marketplace to hire talent to write content for me. For example, for as little as .05 a word, I can hire someone to write a blog post, website copy or even an entire e-Book for me. Scalenut looks like a promising new entrant into the crowded AI writing software field.

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Gary G

How AI helps me be a pro copywriter

Scalenut helps to complete tasks in my life much more easily. Has several features including the AI copywriting commands, when I'm writing blog posts and need some quick inspiration for the next section. The speed at which you can complete projects with Scalenut AI is also much faster than other AI tools on the market right now.

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Md. Kaysar K

AI Copywriter
Cruise Mode

5 minute-magic

Wave the wand with Cruise Mode and create a blog in just 5 minutes! It will guide you by putting you in control of generating meaningful content which ranks on SEO!

Guided Workflows
Blog in less than 5 minutes
Content Brief Integration
Automate NLP key terms
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It was never this easy to rank on Google

SEO Hub is an end-to-end content research and writing tool which covers all the ranking factors and provides you actionable insights with real-time tracking of SEO parameters.

Cruise Mode
NLP terms
H tags
Image frequency
Quality score
Long-form AI copywriting
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AI Copywriter
AI Copywriter
AI Copywriter

Writer’s block? What’s that?

Brainstorm ideas or write unlimited copies like social posts and email headers. Long form Editor keeps the ball rolling for you with instantly generated copy at the click of a button.

Website Copy
Ad copies
Copywriting (Frameworks)
Social Media posts
Product descriptions
Video Content
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Create content across Formats & Industries

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