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The world's best
AI Content Detector and Humanizer is 
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The AI Humanizer tool enhances AI-generated content, giving it a more human touch by employing sentence structures and stylistic patterns commonly found in human-written text. Its purpose is to assist AI-generated text in passing through basic AI detection systems seamlessly, ensuring readability and fostering better connections with human readers, all while preserving the original ideas and context.

The AI humanizer tool transforms AI-generated content to resemble human-authored text, employing typical sentence structures and stylistic patterns. Its objective is to facilitate the passage of AI-generated text through basic AI detectors and enhance readability for human users while maintaining the original ideas and context.

AI content detectors analyze text to identify patterns and characteristics typical of AI-generated content. These detectors employ machine learning algorithms trained on extensive datasets comprising texts authored by both humans and computers.By comparing language patterns, grammar, sentence complexity, coherence, and word usage against known samples, the detector generates a probability score indicating the likelihood of AI involvement in creating the content.

Scalenut's AI content detector tool is designed to identify AI-generated content from various sources. It uses advanced machine learning models and natural language processing techniques to analyze text patterns and attributes, enabling it to detect AI-generated content with high accuracy

Scalenut’s AI Detector can only detect AI-generated, paraphrased, and human-written text. It can’t detect images, video, or other rich media content.

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