Oct 7, 2021

How to use AI story writer to generate amazing stories?

How to use AI story writer to generate amazing stories?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us. It powers self-driving cars, computer games, and chatbots.

What if we tell you that Artificial Intelligence is capable of generating stories on its own as well.

The future will be full of AI-generated fiction. And this is great news for the literary world!

With artificial intelligence, a writer can just provide a prompt and let the machine do the rest.

In this article, you will learn more about the AI story generator and how to create a story out of it?

What Is an AI Story Writer?

In a world where content is king,  AI story writers are here to help with quality content.

An AI story writer is a computer program that can generate stories for you. It uses Artificial Intelligence to read your ideas and create a story out of them. It’s like having an intelligent creative assistant by your side, which only needs a little bit of prompting from you.

The AI story writer is a great tool for those who want to write short stories or other creative works, but do not have the time to create them by hand.

AI-generated stories can be of any genre, including crime, mystery, horror and science fiction. The possibilities are endless!

The best part is that these AI that write stories do not require a lot of effort from the writer.

So, how do the AI text generator generates the stories that align with the readers?

How Does AI Story Writer Work?

The AI story generator uses the algorithms that takes the database from the web and uses the available keywords to generate stories.  It takes excerpts from the pre-written stories and and creates new ones by filling them out with freshly created sentences using various ways of generating phrases from those themes as patterns

You can choose from a wide range of genres such as crime, mystery, horror or science fiction. The more you give it information about your story, the better the output will be.

How does AI generated story looks?

We used the AI to write stories from the Reddit prompt that says- A blond haired woman wearing a white dress with iron hands holding a turquoise stone lying down on a table, mumbling, "This can’t be everything. I have fought in the most horrific battles only to get nothing.

Here is an example of the two outputs that we generated:

The stone glowed brighter as her frustration grew stronger because she still felt empty inside even though she has done everything to get what she wanted. Suddenly, there was a burst of light from the other side of table and right before her eyes, an old man appeared with his back turned to her looking at something behind him. “What do I want?” he asked himself quietly but Athena heard him clearly even if he didn't know it.

The woman opened her eyes. Her head ached, but she felt strangely energized. Confused, the woman tried to get up off of the table to no avail; her hands were stuck down to it by iron clamps. The woman panicked for only a moment before noticing something peculiar about one hand: instead of human flesh and bone, there was metal where should have been living tissue!

Now, we all need to do is press 'Write with AI' repeatedly to generate the stories that has clearly understood the prompt.

Benefits of using AI to write a story?

New AI Bots are able to write stories, music, poems that are as good as the  human writers.

It is hard to create a good story for the readers that is intriguing enough. AI story generator can help in that regard.

AI story generator is good for the writers who want to produce content that would be engaging and well written without much effort.

Moreover, it can eliminate the writer's block so that you can save time and efforts.

Challenges of using an AI story writer

Now, AI Story writer may posse challenges such as:

  • AI writer may fail to generate complex plots.
  • It might not understand the irony or the tone of the story.
  • AI writers may not be able to generate a good narrative in a shorter time frame.
  • You have no source or author to credit as it is created by the algorithms.


AI can help you generate a story that is more engaging and captivating.

You can write a story with AI in a shorter time frame, thus saving you the time and effort of writing it yourself. Most of the times it produces the original content.

However, make sure to check for the plagiarism before publishing it anywhere.

We hope you have liked our article on AI story generator.

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