Sep 14, 2022

Artificial Intelligence Blog Writing: Use Cases and Tips to Create Blog Posts Using AI in 60 Minutes

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Aditya Singh Rajput
Artificial Intelligence Blog Writing: Use Cases and Tips to Create Blog Posts Using AI in 60 Minutes

Artificial Intelligence Blog Writing: Use Cases and Tips to Create Blog Posts Using AI in 60 Minutes

Are you struggling to find time to write quality blog posts on your own? This blog describes ways AI can help you write better, faster, and with less effort.
Artificial Intelligence Blog Writing: Use Cases and Tips to Create Blog Posts Using AI in 60 Minutes

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If you're a content writer, you know that writing quality blog posts can be a time-consuming and daunting task. But with artificial intelligence powered blog writing, that doesn't have to be the case anymore.

This blog post will help you understand how AI can help content writers automate blog post writing, improve readability and flow, and more.

What AI can do for Content Writers

AI can help make content writers' jobs much easier by identifying topics based on search terms used in an article's title or body text.

This helps provide content ideas that are more relevant and easier to digest. Here is a list of ways in which AI can assist you with blog writing:

  • It enhances readability by automatically removing unnecessary words and fixing the language and formatting.
  • Artificial intelligence powered blog writing allows writers to create a consistent content flow, making it easier for readers to follow the article from the beginning to the end. This is especially helpful when writing long-form blogs and articles that may have multiple sections.
  • AI software can also help with the research process by finding similar articles and analyzing them.
  • It can help you keep track of your content by compiling statistics on how many people have read it, shared it, and clicked through to the next page.

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In addition, you can not just create blogs using AI but also work on various other types of writing such as:

  1. Reviews: Artificial Intelligence’s algorithm does well by comparing different products together to come up with well-defined reviews based on factual information. It only asks you to input the product name, review type, and keywords to generate a review. Once you do this, it will generate the required review. Try our online review generator and see how AI can generate impactful content for you. 
  2. Reports: AI also helps with writing reports that are easy to read and understand for business owners and managers. Using machine learning algorithms, data tables and graphs can be automatically generated. They make it easier for people to grasp key information without the need to research specific topics in depth manually.
  3. Web copies: AI can help you create headlines, subheads, and other elements of web copies crucial for converting browsers into customers. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, AI will make your web content more engaging for readers and easier to share on social media.
  4. Product descriptions: For product descriptions, AI can help create a clear narrative to persuade customers to buy the product. By using machine learning algorithms, AI can create descriptions that are more accurate and specific.
  5. Long-form writing: In long-form writing, AI can help break down complex topics with easy-to-understand language. Furthermore, machine learning algorithms will make your content more engaging and interesting to readers. Check out our article on how AI can help you write 1500+ articles in less than 60 minutes.

Can AI Write Blogs?

Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can write blogs. Additionaly, it can not just write but also format and optimize. And the best thing is that when it comes to artificial intelligence content writing, you don't need much manual intervention; AI will automatically do all the hard work for you.

All you need to do is give AI a topic to work on, and you're good to go. Once your post is complete, there are a few final steps before publishing it online. 

For instance, you might need to proofread it to ensure the content is accurate and engaging. 

To know more about humanizing AI-generated content, you can read Humanize AI-Generated Content With These Simple Steps.

Tools like Scalenut further help you to write compelling blogs that attract traffic to your website. AI platforms like such help your blog be more engaging and informational for readers using their ability to create clear, intuitive, and persuasive content.

How to Use Artificial Intelligence for Blog Writing with Scalenut (Workflow Explained)

There are several use cases for AI blog writing, so it's best to select one that suits your needs. 

For example, business owners who use AI to generate content about their products and services can keep their websites up-to-date with relevant content.

We have compiled the complete workflow to create engaging blogs on Scalenut using its AI for blog writing.

Perform Keyword Research and Topic Cluster Planning

Keyword research is essential for all online content, and AI blog writing is no exception. 

Before you begin drafting your posts, it's essential to identify the right competitive keywords, as they work well on SEO algorithms.

Begin with searching for some relevant short-tail or long-tail phrases and categories specific to your industry or niche using free or paid keyword research tools. Use these keywords to begin the AI content generation using Scalenut’s Cruise Mode.

In addition, make sure you develop a topic cluster and pillar page strategy. This will help you group related keywords together, so they're easier to find and target when promoting your content online. 

Create Content Briefs

Now, the next important step while writing AI content is to create a content brief that will help you outline the main points of your post.

With Scalenut's AI toolkit, you can easily create your content brief using artificial intelligence technology. On Scalenut, you can find a wide range of heading suggestions for your content brief. Along with that, you will also see the top-ranking content briefs on SERPs.

Choose the pointers you like and want to add to your content brief and optimize the brief accordingly. Moreover, Scalenut also suggests the top FAQs to choose from for your brief. 

Content Writing & Proofreading

Scalenut’s AI blog writer - Cruise Mode helps you with robust content creation. 

Starting a 1000-word article from scratch could be challenging. But an AI content writing tool can help writers with an “Almost perfect first draft.” 

With this draft, writers can get motivated to enter the writing zone. However, there is always a need to proofread and humanize the content using your expertise. 

Here is an example of a raw content piece prepared by an AI content writing tool: 

This content is not completely perfect, but it can be optimized if a writer uses their skills to proofread, modify and improve the content. Scalenut offers a five-minute blog creation tool, but the results need, ever so minimal, manual intervention. Hence, make sure to proofread the AI-generated content. 

On-page Optimization for SEO

Google doesn’t reject AI-generated content but does reject content with no value for the audience. Therefore, SEO optimization is the backbone of any content marketing strategy. 

Scalenut’s SEO Hub tool enables writers to add keywords to their content. Its AI editor keeps on analyzing the content grade (viz., A, B, C, D, E) based on the number of relevant keywords or key terms present in an article.   

The better you optimize your content for SEO, the less time it would take for crawlers to search your content and rank it on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Add Relevant Internal Links and Be Ready to Publish

Internal linking provides an indication for the reader to jump from one page of a website to another page of the same website. 

As we know, it’s quite hard to rank on search engines with just one blog. That means you need multiple blogs to establish your domain authority, which will further help you rank. 

While creating content with Scalenut, writers make sure to add relevant internal links every time they get an opportunity. This practice will not only improve the retention time on a website but will also exhibit domain authority to the audience. 

Scalenut can easily generate links for your blog posts, making them more accessible and search engine-friendly. At last, all you have to do is hit the publish button.

If you ever require help, reach out to Scalenut's customer support. 

How to Make the Most of AI Writing Tools? (Practical Tips) 

Here are some important tips for using AI writing tools:

Be Careful that You Don't Skip the Research Part

It’s essential to do a thorough SERP analysis before starting content marketing to know which channels to use along with consumer intent. 

A robust SERP Analysis helps you: 

  • Explore top-ranking websites to analyze competitive advantages
  • Identify new keywords and backlink possibilities
  • Find innovative content ideas
  • Specify a target word count range for your content

This way, you'll be able to produce engaging blog posts with little effort.

Make Your Content Brief, Clear, and Detailed

AI content generation tools create long paragraphs. These paragraphs might sound robotic and can be too long to read and understand for your audience. 

Therefore, it is important to give your audience concise and easy-to-understand content.

To do that, follow these three steps: 

  • Consider breaking up a paragraph into small parts (mostly 60 to 90 words). 
  • Make it conversational for your audience by including questions. 
  • Lastly, you can occasionally keep sentences short or in a single line to make a point.  

Always Fact-check and Write for Your Readers

AI-generated content can be outdated and may not contain relevant data, confusing your readers. To avoid this, make sure you scrutinize the data that you have included in a blog. 

In addition, writers should keep in mind that the content must be specifically written for their target readers. 

For example, if you are writing about the Google algorithm update 2022 and the statistics mentioned in the blog are of the 2018 update, the content would add no value to the reader.

Scalenut’s SERP ideas is a feature that solves this exact problem. 

Don't Forget to Proofread and Edit for SEO

As mentioned above, AI-generated content can be long and not perfectly optimized. Therefore, writers must put in manual efforts to proofread and optimize their content for SEO. 

These efforts require putting up relevant keywords, adding internal links and external links, making the content concise and to the point, and checking if all the data points mentioned in the content are correct.

Ensure You are Adhering to the Brand Voice and Tone for Consistency

When writing blog content, it is important to use the brand voice to depict the brand’s personality and emotions to its customers. This will help ensure a consistent look and feel across all your content, be it social media profiles or website copies.

Additionally, ensure you use effective keywords and phrases that reflect your business's target market. Focus on long-tail keyword phrases that might not be found through general Google searches but would be valuable to those looking for a specific product or service related to yours.

Images and videos can add a lot of visual appeal to blog posts; however, judiciously using them is essential in maintaining a high-quality level throughout an article. 

Start Your Content Writing Journey With Scalenut Today!

Are you a content writer looking for a tool to help you write blog posts faster and easier? Look no further than Scalenut. We provide users with a set of powerful tools that can help them write blog posts faster, better, and more efficiently. 

With Scalenut's help, you'll be able to easily find the best content ideas and develop them into high-quality blog articles. 

Plus, our content editing features like the Cruise Mode, SEO Hub, and AI Copywriter will ensure your writing is perfect. So, are you ready to take your blogging skills to the next level? Start your content writing journey with Scalenut today!

Sign up for free and get started with writing awesome content!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Google rank AI content?

Ans: As per Google's latest guideline, it’s mentioned that “Google doesn’t reject automatically generated content, but it does reject content with no value.” Hence, the answer is “yes,” Google does rank AI content. 

Q2. Should I use AI to write blog posts?

Ans: You should definitely try them! AI content writing tools like Scalenut make the content generation process so easy that one can create a blog within five minutes. However, human intervention should be applied whenever required. 

Q3. Can AI create original content?

Ans: AI algorithms do create original content by and large. But remember that AI content writing tools are fed with large data sets. So, if two people are creating content by entirely using an AI content writing tool, there might be chances their content will have similarities. 

This happens because the tool has been taught the same information. And if no manual human intervention is involved, it can even lead to plagiarism. Hence, the answer is “yes” an AI tool creates original, quality content, but human intervention is required to a certain level. 

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