Jun 8, 2023

10+ Best Keywords Trends Tools for SEO Research in 2023

Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
10+ Best Keywords Trends Tools for SEO Research in 2023
Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Jun 8, 2023

10+ Best Keywords Trends Tools for SEO Research in 2023

Find the top keywords for your website with our best keyword trends tool. Discover the latest search trends and improve your SEO strategy today
10+ Best Keywords Trends Tools for SEO Research in 2023

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Have you used Google Trends for your content marketing, or are you planning to use it in the future?

Undoubtedly, Google Trends is an excellent tool for finding user intent and interest, which marks the crucial first steps of your SEO journey. However, you must complement Google Trends with the best keyword research tools to create content that always makes an impact. 

This blog gives you a list of 10+ trending keyword research tools to help you validate your Google Trends research so that you make the right moves in your marketing plans. 

  1. Scalenut
Scalenut provides valuable data and insights to guide your keyword research process

Why is Scalenut one of the best keyword planning tools?

Scalenut, an AI-powered SEO and content optimization platform, offers effective keyword research, content execution, and optimization capabilities. Whether it's organizing and clustering keywords, generating long-tail keyword suggestions, exploring related keywords, optimizing website content, or planning a content strategy, Scalenut provides the necessary tools to streamline the keyword research process and drive better SEO results.

Keyword Planner by Scalenut

Once you get the trending keywords from Google Trends, you can validate its search volume, identify related keywords, and understand the keyword difficulty using Scalenut’s Keyword Planner. By analyzing data from around the web, Keyword Planner offers sets of keyword clusters you should address within your content to improve your overall site ranking and credibility.

This keyword cluster tool helps you organize your content strategy around a central topic or pillar keyword. It allows you to create topic clusters by grouping related keywords and creating content that links to a central pillar page. This approach helps search engines understand the depth and relevance of your content and can improve your website's visibility in search results. Topic Cluster tool and Google Trends can be used together to enhance your keyword research and content planning. You can use both to organize content around the core, popular topics and subtopics and optimize interlinking for improved search engine rankings.

Scalenut pricing:

Apart from a 7-day free  trial, Scalenut offers the following plans: 

There are three plans which are either billed annually or monthly:

  • Essential Plan
  • $39/mo when billed monthly
  • $23/mo when billed annually
  • Growth Plan 
  • $79/mo when billed monthly
  • $47/mo when billed annually
  • Pro Plan
  • $149/mo when billed monthly
  • $89/mo when billed annually

Scalenut is much more than a keyword research tool. It offers solutions to manage your complete content lifecycle on one platform. Sign-up for a 7-day free trial to explore the platform and its features. (Scalenut also has a free keyword finder tool to help you with your content strategy.)

2. Semrush

SEMrush keyword research tool helps boost traffic for the SERPs


Why is SEMrush one of the best keyword trends tools?

SEMrush’s Keyword Overview tool provides data on search volume and trends for specific keywords. It gives you insights into a keyword's average monthly search volume, allowing you to gauge its popularity.  Semrush also has a Keyword Magic tool, which offers search volume data and trend graphs showing keyword popularity over time. 

Both of these tools help you understand the search volume and trends associated with specific keywords, assisting you in making informed decisions for your SEO strategy.

This helps to validate the relevance and popularity of keywords in your industry.

Semrush Pricing

  • Pro Plan: $119.95/mo
  • Guru Plan: $229.95/mo
  • Business plan: $449.95/mo or custom plan

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs keyword explorer helps you discover great keyword ideas

Why is Ahrefs one of the best keywords trends tools?

Ahrefs has SEO tools that help you validate the Google Trends research. For example, its Keyword Explorer tool enhances your keyword research capabilities. It provides data on search volume, keyword difficulty, related keywords, and competitor analysis.

Additionally, it offers comprehensive keyword difficulty metrics to help you validate the competitiveness of keywords. By cross-referencing this data with Google Trends, you can accurately assess the popularity and difficulty of keywords.

Ahrefs Pricing

  • Lite: $99/month, offers an SEO dashboard, site explorer and site audit, among other features
  • Standard: $199/month, offers all features of Lite plus additional features
  • Advanced: $399/month, offers all features of Standard plus additional features 
  • Enterprise: $999/month, has all Advanced features plus additional offerings

4. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer helps you perform in-depth keyword and SERP analysis


Moz Keyword Explorer is a free tool that provides detailed keyword research data, including search volume, keyword difficulty, organic CTR (click-through rate), and SERP (search engine results page) analysis. The organic CTR (click-through rate) data helps validate the attractiveness and potential click-through rate of keywords, and the SERP offers SERP analysis to assess the competitiveness of keywords in search engine results.

Moz Pro Pricing:

Standard: Their standard plan starts at $99 per month and is apt if you only need basic SEO features. The medium plan, which includes keyword research capabilities, starts at $179 per month. Their premium plan can cost you $599 per month. (Check out some powerful Moz alternatives here)

5. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest keyword tool gives insights into competitor strategies to help you gain an edge

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool that provides search volume, keyword difficulty, and keyword suggestions. It allows you to validate the relevance and popularity of keywords based on competitor strategies. It helps you see how your competitors are targeting specific keywords.

Ubersuggest Pricing: 

To get access to other tools from Neil Patel, here are the subscription plans:

  • Business- $20/month, billed monthly
  • Individual- $12/month, billed monthly
  • Enterprise- $40/month, billed monthly

6. KeywordTool.io

 KeywordTool.io’s keyword research tool helps you find great keywords using Google autocomplete

KeywordTool.io is a keyword research tool that generates keyword ideas based on Google Autocomplete. It provides search volume data, keyword suggestions, and long-tail keyword variations. The long-tail keyword variations are useful for validating specific trends and search interests.

KeywordTool.io Pricing 

KeywordTool.io offers a free version with limited features. The pro version has the following subscription plans: 

  • Pro Basic: Starts from $69 per month, billed annually
  • Proplus: $79 / month billed annually
  • Pro Business: $159 / month

7. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner helps you choose the relevant keywords to tap the right customers.

 Google Keyword Planner is a free tool within Google Ads that provides keyword ideas, search volume data, and keyword trends based on actual Google search data. It uses actual Google search data, making it one of the best keywords trends tools for validating Google Trends results. All you need is a Google Ads account to use this feature. 

8. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro provides long-tail keywords that boost your SEO and traffic


Long Tail Pro specializes in finding long-tail keywords. It provides search volume, keyword competitiveness, and SERP analysis to help identify low-competition keywords. It helps you find long-tail keywords with low competition. This feature helps validate the potential of specific keywords in terms of search volume and competition.

Long Tail Pro pricing: 

  • Starter plan for beginners and small teams: 
  • $59.99 monthly 
  • $539.99 annually
  • Pro Plan for Mid-size business:
  • $89.99 monthly 
  • $809.99 annually
  • Agency Plan for Large Agencies and Enterprises
  • $299.99 Monthly
  • $2,699.99 annually

9. Serpstat:

 Use KWFinder to generate content ideas based on Google Trends

Serpstat offers a wide range of SEO tools, including a keyword research feature. It provides search volume, keyword difficulty, and competitor analysis data. The competitor analysis features allow you to validate the popularity and relevance of keywords by comparing them with your competitors' strategies.

Serpstat Pricing: 

  • Lite Plan $69 billed monthly
  • Standard Plan $149 billed monthly
  • Advanced Plan $299 billed monthly
  • Enterprise Plan up to $499 billed monthly

10. KWFinder by Mangools:

 Use KWFinder to generate content ideas based on Google Trends

KWFinder is a keyword tool from Mangool that focuses on finding long-tail keywords with low competition. This feature helps validate the potential of specific keywords by assessing their search volume, difficulty, and SERP analysis. Mangools offers a 10-day free trial. 

KWFinder Pricing 

  • Mangools Basic Plan: $29.90 per month 
  • Mangools Premium Plan: $79.90 per month 

11. Keyword Explorer by WordStream

Use the free keyword tool to discover new keywords and performance data. 

 Keyword Explorer by WordStream offers competitive analysis, allowing you to validate the relevance and popularity of keywords compared to your competitors. It also provides keyword suggestions and search volume data.

Keyword Explorer Price:

It is available for free.

How to choose the best keywords trends tool?

Choosing the best keywords trends tool depends on several factors that align with your specific needs and goals, such as:

Data accuracy and reliability 

Check if the tool sources data from reputable search engines and uses up-to-date information. User reviews and feedback can also give you insights into the tool's data accuracy.

SEO search volume and trends 

Ensure that the tool offers comprehensive search volume data and trend analysis. It should provide historical data, seasonality trends, and regional variations to help you understand keyword popularity over time.

Keyword suggestions and variations 

Look for features that provide long-tail keyword ideas, related keywords, and semantic variations to enhance your keyword research.

Competitor analysis and analytics

Competitor analysis features help you understand the keywords and strategies used by your competitors, allowing you to identify opportunities and validate the relevance of keywords in your industry.

User-friendly interface 

Choose a tool with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It should be easy to navigate and provide clear visualizations of data to facilitate your keyword research and analysis process.

Pricing and budget 

Consider the pricing plans and budget that align with your requirements. Compare the features and value offered by different tools within your budget range.

Additionally, you can also take advantage of free trials or demos offered by the tools. This allows you to test the tool's features and assess its suitability for your specific needs. Additionally, reading reviews and seeking recommendations from trusted sources can provide valuable insights into the pros and cons of different keyword trend tools.

Best Keywords Trends Tool FAQs

What is Google Trends, and how to use it for blog creation?

Google Trends is a free tool by Google that allows users to explore the popularity and interest of search terms over time. Users can discover search volume trends, seasonal patterns, related queries, and geographic insights by entering keywords or topics. You can use this information for more targeted keyword research, content validation, ideation, and creating timely and targeted content. 

Why should you use a keyword trends tool to validate Google Trends results? 

Validating Google Trends results ensures you use accurate and relevant data that drives an effective content strategy. You can verify its accuracy and credibility by cross-referencing the data with other sources and industry-specific information. This validation process helps confirm the relevance of identified trends and keywords to your target audience, ensuring informed decision-making, optimization of content, and better visibility, engagement, and conversions.

What is the difference between keyword volume and keyword popularity?

Keyword volume focuses on the quantitative aspect, measuring the search demand for a keyword, while keyword popularity considers the qualitative aspect, reflecting the overall awareness and recognition of a keyword within a specific context. Both metrics are valuable for keyword research and understanding the potential impact of keywords on your content strategy.

Both metrics help you to understand the user intent and create a content marketing strategy that works best for your business goals. 


In the world of SEO and content marketing, Google Trends is a powerful tool for understanding user intent and interest. However, it should be complemented with the best keyword research tools to ensure effective content creation. 

By validating Google Trends data using the best keyword trends tools, content marketers can stay ahead in the competitive landscape and create content that resonates with their target audience.

Choosing the best keyword trends tools, such as Scalenut, can help you access an intuitive platform with AI-powered features to validate content topics and provide search volume insights, trend data, and related keywords. It paves the way for informed decision-making, optimization of content strategies, and improved visibility and ROI. Want to know more? Sign up for a free 7-day trial to see how Scalenut can help you ramp up your marketing game.

Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager
ABout the AUTHOR
Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager

Suman Samal is a Asst. Marketing Manager at Scalenut. She is a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in content marketing and SEO. She truly believes that with the right set of tools every organization can improve the ROI of their content marketing campaigns. She spends her time managing content operations at Scalenut and ensuring that everything we publish is of the highest quality.

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