Nov 22, 2022

5 Effective Content Brief Templates and Examples to Get You Started [Free Downloadables]

Priya Jamba, Content Marketer
Priya Jamba
5 Effective Content Brief Templates and Examples to Get You Started [Free Downloadables]
Priya Jamba, Content Marketer
Priya Jamba
Nov 22, 2022

5 Effective Content Brief Templates and Examples to Get You Started [Free Downloadables]

Read to get content brief templates and samples for blog, landing page, social media, ebook, and agencies. Also, find free editable templates to download.
5 Effective Content Brief Templates and Examples to Get You Started [Free Downloadables]

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In our previous blog, Content Brief: What Is It And How To Create One?, we spoke about content briefs and how they can help bring speed, accuracy, and consistency to your content.

If content briefs are the way to go for you and your team, we set you up with five content brief templates and examples in this blog.

What is a content brief template?

Before we look at some content brief examples, let us understand what they are.

Concisely explained, a content brief is an instruction manual explaining the requirements for a piece of content to a content writer.

Content marketing managers can use content briefs to communicate content needs to their in-house content team or outsourced freelance content writers.

Similarly, content agencies too can implement content brief request systems to understand client requirements clearly.

An effectual, templatized content brief approach helps save time spent back and forth before, during, and after the content creation process. It also enables successful keyword and search engine optimization to promote quality content and better content performance.

Here are some content brief samples for different use cases. You can choose the one most appropriate to your needs, download it, edit it per your requirements, and share it.

Content brief for SEO blogs

SEO blogs need to tick quite a few boxes to achieve the goal of pleasing the search engines and ranking high on the SERPs. These requirements also mark a need to communicate aspects like word count length, keywords, linking strategy, competitor pages, etc., for the writer’s reference when the blog is assigned.

Use the SEO blog content brief template to ensure your blog post meets all keyword and search engine optimization standards and ranks.

Content brief sample for SEO blogs using Scalenut’s template

(This is a content brief example, replace the details with those relevant to your requirements.)

Let’s look at an example of a content brief for an interior design SEO blog.

Blog Topic- 8 Ways to Use Bold Wallpaper Around Your Home.

Submission Deadline- 17/11/2022

Word Count- 1200+

URL - /trend/bold-wallpaper-in-homes

Blog Description - The bold wallpaper trend is gaining popularity. Incorporating it in homes can still be intimidating for the general person. Suggest ways to hop on the trend without overpowering the home.

Target Audience - City-based, trend-conscious, home-decor enthusiasts or hobbyists.

Purpose - Enable the reader to believe they can tastefully add bold wallpapers to their home. Nudge them to explore wallpaper options offered by us.

Tone of Voice - Casual, Informal

Top Competitor Blogs -

Reference Links -

Internal Links to Add -

Meta Title - 8 Clever Ways to Use Bold Wallpaper In Your Home

Meta Description - (Writer to suggest)

Primary Keyword - bold wallpaper for home

Secondary Keywords - bold wallpaper trend, bold wallpaper ideas, living room wallpaper, kitchen wallpaper, bedroom wallpaper, wallpaper on furniture

Blog Outline -

H1: 8 Ways To Add Bold Wallpaper to Any Room In Your House

H2: The Bold Wallpaper Trend

H3: Bold Wallpaper Ideas from Pinterest

H3: Bold Wallpaper Ideas from Instagram

H2: 8 Easy, Creative Ways to Add Wallpaper

H3: Cover all walls

H3: Cover half the wall

H3: Create a feature wall

H3: Create a wallpapered nook

H3: Wallpaper the ceiling

H3: Add wallpaper to furniture

H2: Choosing the Best Wallpaper for Self-Installation

H3: Tips for Owners

H3: Tips for Renters

H3: Our top picks

H2: Conclusion

H3: FAQs

Content brief for website landing page copy

The utility of content briefs is not limited to blogs. You can implement them for any type of content, including website copy. Landing pages make for high-importance pages for any business and need to be well-written while being keyword and search engine optimized.

Use our website content brief template to concisely explain your requirements to your content writer and create convincing landing pages that convert.

Content brief sample for website landing page copy using Scalenut’s Template

(This is a content brief example, replace the details with those relevant to your requirements.)

Let’s look at an example of a content brief for an online therapy platform’s landing page.

Landing Page Name - First Therapy Session Free for Students

Submission Deadline - 17/11/2022

Word Count - 550+

URL- /student-offer

Target Audience- College or university students across the UK looking for therapy.

Traffic Source(s) -

  • Targeted social media ads

Main Benefits for Target Audience - 

  • The first therapy session is completely free with any professional of choice.
  • Affordable packs, pay later options, and financial aid are available.
  • We have 1200+ therapists with specific expertise that students can benefit from.

USP - The most diverse pool of licensed therapists across languages, genders, and ethnicities.

CTA - Sign up for a free therapy session.

References -

Internal Links -

Meta Title - Free First Therapy Session for Students with Licensed Therapists

Meta Description - (Writer to suggest)

Primary Keyword - therapy for students

Secondary Keywords - affordable therapy, student discount therapy, depression therapy for students, anxiety therapy for students, ADHD therapy for students

Design Reference - landingpagewireframe.pdf

Content brief for social media posts

Another application for content briefs is social media posts and campaigns. You can use content briefs to help your content writers, freelance writers, or even content agencies understand your objectives better. This formalized communication also aids in analyzing performance and suggesting improvements.

Utilize our social media content brief template and sample to create your briefs.

Content brief sample for social media posts using Scalenut’s template

(This is a content brief example, replace the details with those relevant to your requirements.)

Let’s look at an example of a social media content brief for an online fitness consultation platform.

Organization Name - Fitness Online

Product/Service - Online Fitness & Nutrition Consultations by Experts.

Brand Vision - To make quality fitness advice accessible and affordable.

Target Audience Persona

Age Group - 20-40

Locations - Tier 1 and 2 cities

Lifestyle - Working professional, health-conscious, busy.

Objectives - Establish the brand as a reliable and trustworthy source of information.

Goals -

  • Increase social media reach by 3x
  • Implement two paid ad campaigns
  • Drive traffic to the website

Duration - 6 months

Budget - $2000

Content brief for ebook creation

Ebooks are a content marketing tool that, when made well and used strategically, help lead generation and drive prospective customers down the sales funnel.

Use our ebook content brief template to write briefs that get the job done hassle-free.

Content brief sample for ebook creation using Scalenut’s template

(This is a content brief example, replace the details with those relevant to your requirements.)

Let’s look at an example of a content brief for a vegan meat-alternative manufacturer.

Topic - How to Launch Your Brand of Vegan Meat.

Submission Deadline - 17/11/2022

Description - This ebook is a guide for those interested in launching their range of vegan meat. It will cover history, market trends, how-to steps, and case studies.

Word Count - 3000+

Target Audience - Start-up founders, HORECA industry veterans, and HORECA enterprises.

Purpose - The ebook will be downloadable from our blog on the same topic as a supplementary, in-depth content resource.

Goals -

  • It should provide valuable information regarding the topic.
  • It should mention numbers, data points, and official studies to bring reliability.
  • It should educate the target readers about our offerings and how they can reach us.

CTA - Schedule a call with our product advisor.

References - previousebook.pdf

Internal Links -

  • Relevant blogs

Content brief request form for content marketing agencies

For content marketing agencies, understanding the client’s requirements accurately is crucial. Installing a process for your clients to share their content requests with you through a request form aids in creating transparency, minimizes miscommunication, and saves time and cost.

Use our content brief request form template for agencies to bring structure to your content creation. You can share it as a form on your platform or website, an online form on a third-party platform like Google Forms, or as an editable doc with the client.

Content brief sample for content brief request form using Scalenut’s template

(This is a content brief example, replace the details with those relevant to your requirements.)

Here’s an example of how you might receive a filled-in request form from your clients.

Requirement Type - Email newsletter

Topic - We need an email newsletter to announce our festive sale.

Deadline - 17/11/2022

Purpose - The email will be sent to newsletter subscribers and customers.

Goals - Direct readers to the sale page.

Reference Links -

Internal Links -


Additional Notes - I have linked the design layout for this email in the reference links. Any graphics needed can be designed by our design team.

Content Brief Template

Click on the link below to download all the templates mentioned above in one go!

Automate your blog content brief creation with Scalenut

Whether you are working with a team of new writers or experienced writers or outsourcing to freelance content writers or an agency, content briefs are among the highly recommended best practices you must follow.

A detailed content brief system brings content harmony, helps you maintain your brand voice, reduces revisions, and ensures your content is optimized to convince the intended audience and search engines. 

If you are convinced about adding content briefs to your content marketing workflow but are concerned it will lead to excess time and effort over and above your current tasks, worry not.

Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO & content marketing platform that automates the process of creating functional blog content briefs at scale. You can easily share these briefs with your team so they can leverage the power of AI to write compelling blogs faster.

Start from research for topics you should write about through keyword research and search volume by using the Topic Cluster generator tool by Scalenut. Then, use your keyword to get a complete analysis of competitor content. Create effective content briefs along with external links and reference suggestions using Scalenut’s SEO Hub. Finally, edit the content and publish!

Read our blog on how to automate content briefs for long-form content with Scalenut for a detailed look at the process.

Priya Jamba
Content Marketer
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Priya Jamba
Content Marketer

Priya Jamba is a Content Marketer at Scalenut. She loves marketing technologies and believes that with the right combination of tools and creativity, every organization can build sustainable brands. She is on a mission to help marketing teams across the globe produce tangible results from their marketing campaigns. Currently, she is working along with the Product team to enhance the AI content quality through prompt engineering.

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