Feb 17, 2023

LinkedIn headline examples and tips to get you inspired

Gaurav Goyal
LinkedIn headline examples and tips to get you inspired
Gaurav Goyal
Feb 17, 2023

LinkedIn headline examples and tips to get you inspired

Want to write an effective and attention-grabbing LinkedIn headline for your profile? Learn how with our guide on LinkedIn heading examples and tips.
LinkedIn headline examples and tips to get you inspired

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Ever wondered what you can do to grab more eyeballs on your LinkedIn profile and land more leads?

The answer lies in your LinkedIn headline. This brief description that comes up next to your profile name and profile picture in search results is an important marketing tool that will boost your visibility. And you need to get it just right if you want to see more click-throughs on your profile.

When visitors arrive at your profile, the first thing they see is a LinkedIn headline. On your profile, the brief description appears right under your name. Like an enticing article header, the purpose of a headline is to grab attention. With just 120 characters, you can introduce yourself to your profile visitors. 

In this blog, you will get acquainted with LinkedIn headline examples and learn how to write the best headlines for your profile. 

Reason you need an engaging LinkedIn headline 

Your LinkedIn profile is set up, and you have added all relevant information. Now you are ready to hunt for jobs, network with the right individuals, or manage your career. But what good is a great profile if you don't appear in LinkedIn search results? 

This is where your LinkedIn headline's power shines. Your headline on LinkedIn is a one-line summary of who you are, what kind of work you do, and what you bring to the table.  

Here are some reasons for ensuring an engaging LinkedIn headline:

  • It describes your exceptional skills, talents, job title, accomplishments and certifications to visitors of your profile. 
  • Your LinkedIn headline will help create a good first impression on recruiters, hiring managers, and potential employers.
  • Instead of allowing LinkedIn to set a default headline, you can use the headline as a niche marketing technique to brand yourself.
  • The headline will make you credible in your field when it reflects your professionalism and personal values.
  • It will boost your professional network by allowing you to connect with the right kind of people.
  • An engaging headline means the ranking of your LinkedIn profile will improve on search results.

Linkedin headline best practices everyone should follow 

LinkedIn is a great social media networking website that helps you connect with the right people who are experts in your field and share advice. You can also find any potential job, business partner, job seeker or investor on LinkedIn. 

However, you must strategically work towards bio and profile optimization to create a connection and improve your network. One way to do this effectively is by creating a well-written and concise LinkedIn headline.

The default option that LinkedIn provides for the headline is the job title. Instead of depending on that, you must customize the headline to boost your prospects on LinkedIn. Yes, adding your job experiences, skills, and future goals in the headline together can seem challenging. But with the best practices mentioned below, you can write the best LinkedIn headline in no time. 

Be specific and use simple language 

LinkedIn provides only 120 characters to write a headline. Keeping the character limit in mind, you must be clear and specific about your roles and responsibilities. Instead of writing lengthy headlines stuffed with jargon, try being precise.  

You need to remember that not only does specificity assist you in being remembered when you come up in searches, but it also helps ensure that your profile catches your potential connections' attention when they scroll through the social media website. 

Also, as no one has the patience to decipher obscurely written LinkedIn headlines, you have to make them interesting while being concise. Pro-tip is to use straightforward language so others can better understand your profession and role. H3: Optimize for SEO 

On LinkedIn, SEO is necessary to generate qualified leads and boost engagement rates. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile means writing and utilizing your profile to enhance your rankings on search results. How does SEO optimization work for LinkedIn? 

Make a list of relevant keywords related to your niche and add them to your headline. But avoid stuffing keywords, as that might harm your profile's ranking. Ensure that your headline includes your job title, industry, and USP and does not contain any emojis. Add a call-to-action to your headline. Make sure the rest of your profile is 100% complete. Keep updating your profile to ensure fresh content is available for search engines. 

Include what makes you special, and not just your job title 

The current job title describes the position you hold in the present company. But HR managers and potential recruiters often want to know you better. So, your LinkedIn headline must have information on what makes you unique and what you have to offer.

For this, showcase your professional accomplishments and create a good first impression. Your headline can include anything notable from your list of achievements. Take care to highlight your value proposition to companies or your customers. This is a terrific way to stand out and promote yourself for future projects or opportunities. 

Use data and numbers 

You can enhance your profile's credibility by adding data and numbers to your LinkedIn headline. According to usability specialist Jakob Nielsen, numerals are more scannable. Also, search terms used by people on Google are often numbers.

Adding numerical data in your headlines will be appreciated by people online who depend on verifiable information. LinkedIn headlines with numbers will help quantify your achievements, and your target audience and connections will get drawn in by this.

One advantage of adding data and numbers to your headline is that you can keep your headline short and to the point. A headline with numbers will be easier to read too. 

Add workplace (Yes, please)

Do you work for a well-known firm, and are you doing well in your current role? If yes, don't be shy about mentioning brand names in your LinkedIn headline. This will work to establish authority and demonstrate your expertise in the given field. A reputable workplace will also add credibility to your profile.

In order to get noticed and be remembered by other users, your LinkedIn headline must include your workplace. You must also include who you previously worked for in the headline as a way to show off a quick CV at a glance. Even include details about any internship you have done.

Apart from following the tips mentioned above to write the ideal LinkedIn headline for your profile, you can also make good use of Scalenut’s free SEO tools and generators to use the power of AI to write engaging content for various marketing use cases. 

Linkedin headline examples

Do you wish to compel people to strike up a conversation on LinkedIn with you and connect with you? Well, then, you need to execute the best practices you have learned from this blog, as an engaging LinkedIn headline can help achieve this. 

But before you write your own headline, we would like you to get acquainted with particular LinkedIn headline examples. These examples showcase how you can write headlines to provide a quick overview to your visitors, grab their attention, and boost your leads on LinkedIn. 

You can get inspired from these examples and create your own creative and out-of-the-box LinkedIn headlines. 

Headline with humor 

Do you think humor won’t work on LinkedIn as it is a professional social media website? You’d be surprised to know that it can definitely work in your favor. With the appropriate use of humor in your headline, you can grab the attention of potential customers and recruiters. 

Humor used wisely can also encourage others to communicate with you because they will find your profile relatable and approachable. A humorous LinkedIn headline will also add a touch of personality to your profile which might attract potential clients/customers effectively. 

Here is one of the LinkedIn headline examples injected with humor by AnnaLea Crowe Henderson, an expert who helps clients with content marketing strategies and search engine optimization. She takes a fun dig at her own job by mentioning that she ‘slings’ SEO-related advice to her clients across the world and that she is willing to write content for the love of burritos. 

Job role at company headline

Mentioning the company in the headline, no doubt, will increase your prospects on LinkedIn. This is especially true if you work for a reputable company. However, experts advise adding your job title along with the company name. Your job role will precisely showcase your talent and skills and how you can contribute to another company. 

Here is an example from the profile of Erin L'Hommedieu, a technical recruiter at The Walt Disney Company, who uses this strategically written LinkedIn headline to describe her job title. 

It is a clever way to show that Disney can offer the opportunity of a bright future for candidates. Her job description is mentioned clearly, allowing potential candidates a chance to connect with her on LinkedIn itself. 

USP-focused headline 

The USP-focused headline on LinkedIn would be a headline that highlights your niche. It lets your visitors know your expertise and achievements. By showcasing your unique selling proposition, you can make your profile visible and approachable. You can also ensure your visitors understand the value you will add to their lives.

Here is what a USP-focused headline looks like:

This headline by Shay Rowbottom, a marketing expert, does not depend on job titles. Instead, she highlights what she can offer clients, like boosting their revenue, leads, and followers by creating engaging content. Content marketing is her USP, and she uses it to her advantage by mentioning it on the LinkedIn headline. 

Linkedin headline with numbers

As mentioned in the blog, numbers enhance your LinkedIn profile's trustworthiness while providing factual data to visitors. Quantifiable data lets visitors measure your achievements clearly and get interested in connecting with you. 

Look at Jan Selter's (social media influencer) LinkedIn headline. She knows the importance of numbers and is not afraid to be upfront. She informs us of her current follower number and her estimated development rate. She says everything needed without wasting any time.

SEO-optimized headline 

When you make your LinkedIn profile, you want to be found in search results to expand your professional network, build your digital portfolio, and market your expertise. To this end, you can use keywords in your headline and add a CTA to it. A headline that is SEO-friendly can help you rank better on different search engines and generate more leads.

Notice this LinkedIn headline example of Salina Yeung, a well-known LinkedIn Business strategist. She has used the primary keyword 'LinkedIn’ three times in the headline. She has also pitched her USP in the headline about how she can help boost personal branding and convert LinkedIn connections into loyal customers.

Best Linkedin headline generator to get you started 

Do you want to improve your profile writing skills and create an engaging LinkedIn headline? Scalenut, an AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform, can help you. Its platform offers several free tools to make content writing and marketing easier for even the general public who know nothing about the SEO and content world. 

If you are specifically looking for AI-based SEO tools, Scalenut has got you covered. All you have to do is provide information like your brand/company name and a short description. Scalenut's AI generator will offer headline and content options that you can choose directly or edit at your convenience. Using the SEO-free tools by Scalenut is that simple. 

The content generated by Scalenut is SEO-friendly and plagiarism-free. You do not have to worry about its quality. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with Scalenut and get started now.

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