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Apr 27, 2023

Upgrade Your Content Strategy: The Best MarketMuse Alternatives

Priya Jamba, Content Marketer
Priya Jamba
Upgrade Your Content Strategy: The Best MarketMuse Alternatives


Marketmuse is a powerful content planning and optimization tool used by businesses across the globe. It can consistently spawn high-quality and relevant content for your target audience. However, the tool’s high price point and feature limitations have made it an expensive choice for many businesses. These businesses have started searching for better alternatives that offer more value at lower costs. In this article, we've compiled a list of some of the best MarketMuse alternatives that you can consider to boost your content marketing strategy. From feature-rich options to affordable choices, these MarketMuse alternatives offer something for all.

Looking for an alternative to Marketmuse that can automate your entire content strategy? Try Scalenut by signing up for a 7-day free trial and decide for yourself. 

7 Best Marketmuse Alternatives to Consider

Here is our pick of the top 7 Marketmuse competitors that you can adopt for optimizing your content strategy ‚ÄĒ¬†

  1. Scalenut
  2. SurferSEO
  3. Clearscope
  5. Outranking
  6. Dashword

#1 Scalenut: Best Marketmuse Alternative Offering Maximum Value

Screenshot of Scalenut homepage

Scalenut is the number 1 Marketmuse alternative and deserves this spot for a reason. Scalenut is much more than a simple SEO tool. It is a full-fledged AI -powered SEO and content marketing platform that can help manage your entire content lifecycle, right from content research to optimizing published content. Whether you are a blogger, a copywriter, or a content marketer, Scalenut can help automate and streamline your content operations within a short span. 

Key features of Scalenut

  • Content Optmizer: Scalenut's Content Optimizer is a powerful tool that enables you to create high-quality content that is optimized for SEO. It offers recommendations for optimizing various on-page SEO elements, including NLP keywords, meta tags, content depth, keyword density, outbound linking, and other factors. This comprehensive tool can help you produce premium quality content that is sure to rank well on search engines.
Optimize Your Content for Better Search Rankings with Scalenut Content  Optimizer
  • Keyword Planner: Scalenut's Keyword Planner is a valuable asset for businesses and marketers looking to plan their SEO content strategies. This tool supplies you with keyword and topic clusters, along with their performance data for your specified seed keyword and target geography. With this information, you can develop a data-driven content strategy that is optimized for search engine rankings.
Scalenut keyword planner tool 
  • SEO Topic Research: This tool searches through the search engine to find your desired keyword and presents you with essential information from the top-ranking URLs. The insights include an overview of your competition, crucial references, NLP keywords to incorporate, and other data that significantly reduces the time spent on research. Additionally, it boasts advanced social listening features that enable you to keep track of social media and gather insights pertaining to your subject matter, helping you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements.
Scalenut SEO blog topic research page
  • Cruise Mode: If you are someone who constantly needs fresh ideas, gets writer's block frequently, or has tight content deadlines, then this feature is a godsend for you. It can automatically write the first draft of your article once you input the keyword and specify your requirements. In summary, you can lay your hands on freshly brewed optimized content in less than 5 minutes.¬†
Scalenut Cruise Mode
  • AI Templates: Scalenut is not just built for creating and optimizing long-form content. It can automate the creation of most of your short-form content too. Yes, every Scalenut user gets access to over 40 templates to master their marketing copies without racking their brains too much.
Screenshot of Scalenut’s AI Copywriter Feature

Pros of using Scalenut

  • It has a transparent pricing plan with no hidden fee. There is also a no-questions-asked free trial that you can use to explore the tool‚Äôs features. And the best part - you do not have to enter your credit card details to activate it. Marketmuse has a free plan with access to minimal features, which might not be sufficient to gauge the capability of the tool.¬†
  • Scalenut is sufficient for all your content needs, be it research, optimization, SEO, etc. You can also use it for both long-form & short-form content creation. This means you do not have to subscribe to multiple tools to handle your content strategy. Marketmuse is not suitable for short-form content.¬†
  • All the content generated in Scalenut is factual and current. This eliminates the need for multiple rounds of editing and verifying.

Cons of using Scalenut

  • If you are a beginner in the content marketing ecosystem, you might find Scalenut a little overwhelming. However, Scalenut has countered this issue by creating several tutorial videos and how-to guides that are easily accessible to anyone, anytime.¬†

Scalenut Pricing: How much does Scalenut cost?

Here is a detailed breakup of Scalenut’s pricing:

Scalenut pricing page
  1. The Essential plan has been carefully created for individual bloggers, content marketers, and digital marketing consultants. You can create 5 SEO articles in a month and generate 100,000 AI words with this plan. You get access to most of the features like Cruise Mode, SERP Analysis, NLP Key Terms, etc., in this plan. You can get it for $39/month. . 
  2. The Growth plan is perfect for startups and SMBs, looking to expand their content operations. It lets you create 30 SEO articles in a month. However, there is no cap on the number of AI words you can generate. You also get access to special features like Keyword Clusters, 1-click WordPress Publish, and other integrations. You can get it for $79 per month. 
  3. The Pro plan is best suited for large teams and enterprises who are looking to scale up their content creation rapidly. You can create 150 articles in a month, get a dedicated CS Manager, and add as many users as you want for $49/user. You can get it for $149 per month. 

Scalenut is best suited for

  • SEO strategists
  • Content creators
  • Marketers
  • Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners

#2 SurferSEO: Best Marketmuse Alternative for Content Planning

Screenshot of SurferSEO homepage

If your goal is to generate blogs and landing copies that are hyper-relevant to your target audience and SEO-enriched at the same time, then SurferSEO can help fulfill it. This Marketmuse alternative is an amalgamation of multiple tools to handle different content needs. Some of these tools include Keyword Research, Content Planner, Content Editor, and SERP Analyzer. It also offers free tools like an AI outline generator and Keyword surfer extension to optimize your content marketing efforts in an affordable manner.

Key Features

  • Content Editor: SurferSEO‚Äôs intuitive editor lets you write and optimize at the same time. It generates real time metrics to track the performance of your content in terms of structure, word count, NLP-ready keywords, and images.
  • Keyword Research: This feature generates multiple topic clusters around your primary keyword. It not only reduces your valuable time spent on crafting content strategies but also helps your brand become a topical authority with minimal effort.
  • Content Audit: You can compare your existing web pages with your competitors and find out what‚Äôs missing that can push your rank over others.¬†
  • GrowFlow: GrowFlow is perfect for fast-paced, growing companies, offering weekly insights with data-driven SEO strategies in bite-sized tasks. Busy entrepreneurs looking to boost their online presence must-have this tool.

Pros of using Surfer SEO

  • It offers several collaboration capabilities making it ideal for teams of any size.
  • It supports multiple languages to its users.¬†
  • It offers integrations with both WordPress and Google Docs.

Cons of using Surfer SEO

  • It is somewhat expensive when compared to other tools in this list.¬†
  • The free trial of this Marketmuse alternative can be activated only after providing credit card details.
  • There aren‚Äôt any copywriting features available on this platform.¬†

Surfer SEO Pricing

SurferSEOpricing page
  1. The Basic plan is ideal for business owners, freelancers, and bloggers. You can write and optimize 120 articles and audit 240 pages in a year. You can get it for $49/month. 
  2. The Pro plan is perfect if you are a small agency or mid-sized business. It lets you write and optimize 360 articles and audit 720 pages in a year. You can get it for $99/month. 
  3. The Business plan is tailored for large organizations with multiple users. You can write and optimize 840 articles and audit 1680 pages in a year. You can get it for $199/month. 
  4. There is also a custom plan for those looking for tailored solutions. You can reach out them for a quote. 

Surfer SEO is best suited for

  • Freelancers
  • Small and mid-sized agencies
  • Content marketers of large enterprises

Check out our comprehensive comparison blog "Surfer SEO vs MarketMuse: Which is the Best SEO Tool for Your Business?" and discover which one is the perfect fit for you.

#3 Clearscope: Best Marketmuse Alternative for Analytics 

Screenshot of Clearscope homepage

Clearscope is a content optimization tool that offers key insights about your topics. You can use this information to generate content that is relevant, comprehensive, and search-engine-friendly. Clearscope also helps drive organic traffic to your website when you include the LSI keywords recommended by it in your content. It even evaluates your content based on the number of keywords you have used in your content. 

Key Features

  • Reporting: Clearscope consistently churns out high-signal recommendations using real time data obtained from Google. Even the generated reports are quite comprehensive and easily actionable for all users.¬†
  • Insights: This feature grades your content in real time and offers a dynamic score. By using this score, you can modify your content accordingly and ensure that it ranks high on Google.¬†
  • Integrations: It offers plug-and-play integration with Google Docs and WordPress. This ensures that you do not have to keep shifting between multiple tabs while creating and publishing content.¬†
  • Text Editor: This Clearscope allows users to build higher quality content and make the most of the platform‚Äôs scoring metrics like readability, word count, and content grade.¬†
  • Keyword Discovery: As the name suggests, this tool allows you to discover keywords to fine tune your content strategy.¬†

Pros of using Clearscope

  • You can easily share & collaborate with anyone while using this tool.
  • You can create and optimize content in 5 languages.¬†
  • You get free training and onboarding for every plan you choose.¬†

Cons of using Clearscope

  • This Marketmuse alternative is very pricey. Even the lowest plan of this tool is priced at $170 per month.
  • There is no free trial to try this tool before purchasing.

Clearscope Pricing

Screenshot of Clearscope’s pricing page
  1. The Essentials plan offers 1 user seat and lets you create 10 content reports in a month. This is suitable only if you are an individual content creator with minimal content requirements. You can get it for $170/month. 
  1. If you are a large agency or business looking for advanced features and more user seats, then you can choose the Business plan. It also offers SAML single sign-on for all users. Reach out to their team for a price quotation. 
  1. The Enterprise plan lets you monitor unlimited domains and comes with customized pricing. You’d have to contact their team for a price quotation. 

Clearscope is best suited for

  • Content writers
  • Content marketers

Check out our Ultimate Clearscope vs MarketMuse Comparison Guide 2023 to discover which tool is the best fit for your business needs.

#4 Frase: The best Marketmuse alternative for teams

Screenshot of Frase homepage

Like Marketmuse, Frase is a content optimization platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate content rapidly. It fully automates the process of ‚Äúcompetitor research‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúoutline creation‚ÄĚ for your blog post. It can also generate a publish-ready article in seconds. All you need to do is feed in your keywords and writing points, and it will take care of the rest. Every feature offered by Frase streamlines a different phase of your content creation journey.

Key Features

  • Content Brief: This feature allows you to utilize the top results for your search query to curate SEO-optimzed content brief in minutes.¬†
  • Content Optimization: Frase provides you a blueprint for creating content that ranks in the form of relevant keywords and backlink data.¬†
  • Content Analytics: This feature provides users with a dashboard that allows them to analyze their content.
  • SEO planner: The platform offers rich SEO information such as search volume, domain authority, and backlink data to improve your SERP rankings.
  • Custom templates: Besides the multitude of content templates offered by Frase for faster content creation, you can also create your own templates for future use.¬†

Pros of using Frase

  • Frase lets you create individual folders for all your projects. You can organize all your content pieces and media in them
  • It uses real time Google Search Console data to offer accurate and actionable insights.
  • The editor provided is quite intuitive and user-friendly. It ensures that all the required features are accessible in a single click.¬†

Cons of using Frase

  • Even though the pricing seems reasonable, many key features have to be purchased separately as an add-on. This can shoot up your final cost of subscription.¬†
  • Frase currently offers only 1 feature as a Chrome extension. All the other key features cannot be used while you are browsing.¬†
  • You need to give your credit card details to access the tool for a free trial.

Frase Pricing

Screenshot of Frase’s pricing page
  1. The Solo plan is suitable for individual content creators, particularly those with fixed content requirements in a month. You can write and optimize 4 articles and generate 4000 AI words. This plan costs $14.99/month. 
  2. The Basic plan is suitable for a small team. You can write and optimize 30 articles in a month and generate 4000 AI words. This plan costs $44.99/month. 
  3. The Team plan gives you 3 user seats, making it suitable for a large team. You can write and optimize unlimited articles but can generate only 4000 AI words. This plan costs $114.99/month. 

Frase is best suited for

  • Freelancers
  • Owners of small and mid-sized businesses

Looking for more information to help you make an informed decision on which content optimization tool to choose? Check out our detailed comparison blog on "Frase vs MarketMuse: The Better Fit for Content Optimization" and discover which tool is the best fit for your needs.

#5 Outranking: Best Marketmuse Alternative for Building Topical Authority

Screenshot of Outranking homepage

Most of Outranking’s core features revolve around identifying content opportunities for your brand that can elevate your topical authority. It captures and highlights key information like domain authority, page authority, Pagerank, and backlink data to help you outrank your competition. It also analyzes your domain’s keyword ranking data and automatically highlights keywords that you can easily rank for.

Key Features

  • Topic Clustering: This feature auto-generates semantically related words to your primary keywords. It enables you to write multiple pieces of content that answer every question your target audience might have, thus establishing credibility and trust for your brand in no time.¬†
  • Authority Gap: This feature analyzes your existing content pieces and webpages and highlights the ones that need further improvement. Outranking knows what the target audience is exactly looking for and will recommend that to you to fill the gap.¬†
  • Keyword Strategy: This feature captures all the keywords that have a higher probability of ranking on the first page. Using this knowledge, you can create blogs and ads that offer greater ROI.

Pros of using Outranking

  • It supports multiple languages.¬†
  • It uses researched writing to ensure that every content it generates is current and factual.
  • It has plans for all price points. This ensures that it is available for everyone, irrespective of their budget.

Cons of using Outranking

  • It‚Äôs not suitable for short-form content. So if you‚Äôre looking to optimize short-form content, then avoid this tool.¬†
  • None of the plans offer unlimited content creation. This makes it unsuitable for agencies handling multiple clients.¬†
  • The platform has very limited collaboration features.¬†

Outranking Pricing

Screenshot of Outranking’s pricing page
  1. The Starter plan lets you create 4 articles and generate 300k AI words. This is ideal for hobbyists and casual bloggers who write occasionally. You can get it for $49/month. 
  2. The Solo plan lets you create and optimize 10 articles and generate unlimited AI words. This is best suited for individual content writers and freelancers. It costs $79/month. 
  3. The Pro plan lets you create 20 articles and generate unlimited AI words. This plan lets you manage multiple domains and is suitable for a small team. Users can get it for $149/month. 
  4. The Company plan lets you create 30 articles and generate unlimited AI words. It is suitable for large teams managing multiple domains. It costs $219/month. 

Outranking is suited for

  • In-house SEO
  • Head of marketing¬†
  • Agencies
  • Entrepreneur

If you're torn between Frase and Outranking, our blog post "Outranking vs Frase: Which SEO Tool is the Right Choice?" can help you make an informed decision.

#6 Dashword: Best Marketmuse Alternative for Monitoring

Screenshot of Dashword homepage

The next Marketmuse alternative is an SEO tool that improves the quality of your content based on what others have written about the topic. It constantly monitors your competitors’ websites and your content pieces for the given keyword and finds out where it is lagging in terms of rankability and how it can be improved. It also learns and understands what people are talking about it on different platforms. With the help of all this knowledge, you can craft content that people are actually searching for. This will automatically boost your SERP rankings in no time. 

Key Features

  • Google Docs Add-on: This seamless integration ensures that you can optimize your content while writing. The add-on shows what keywords to include, frequently asked questions, and a lot more information that you can use to tailor your content on the go.¬†
  • Content Brief Builder: This feature automatically creates briefs for your article. This serves as a great starting point for your blogs. You also have the option to edit or share them with your writers.
  • Real time feedback: Dashboard comes with a dynamic content score that keeps changing as you write. It indicates how ready your content is for publishing. You can use this score to make changes to your content then and there.

Pros of using Dashword

  • The first report you generate is free. You don‚Äôt have to enter your credit card details to access it.¬†
  • It is suitable for large teams as it offers 5 user seats, even its basic plan.¬†
  • It keeps tracking your website and lets you know if a particular webpage is losing traffic.

Cons of using Dashword

  • This plan is not affordable for individuals and freelancers. In fact, there is no plan suitable for them.¬†
  • It cannot be used for creating short-form content.¬†
  • It has a very restricted feature set when compared to other tools.¬†

Dashword Pricing

Screenshot of Dashword’s pricing page
  1. The Startup plan is suitable for a team of 5 members. You can generate 20 content reports. You also get access to the Content Briefs and AI writer features. You can get it for $99/month. 
  1. The Enterprise plan is suited for a large content team with 20 members. You can generate 100+ content reports in this plan. You also get advanced features like content monitoring, bulk reports creation, API access, and SSO. It costs $699/month. 

Dashword is best suited for

  • Marketing teams of Startups
  • Content teams of small and medium businesses.

#7 SE Ranking: Best MarketMuse Alternative for Digital Marketing Agencies 

Screenshot of SE Ranking homepage

SE Ranking is a viable Marketmuse alternative and a valuable tool for digital marketing experts and SEO teams. This software offers comprehensive support for SEO analysis and optimization efforts. 

With its state-of-the-art real-time tracking system, users can monitor and evaluate their website's keyword performance more accurately. This makes it easier to track keyword rankings and get insights into your SEO campaigns.

Key Features 

  • Keyword Rank Tracker: This tool tracks your website's keyword rankings in real-time on major search engines with more accuracy. You can monitor your rankings at the city, region, or country level.
  • On-page SEO Checker: Similar to Searchmetrics, this feature scans your website's pages for optimization opportunities and suggests improvements to boost your rankings.
  • Website Audit: The tool evaluates the performance of your website or your client's website and offers recommendations to improve its functionality.
  • Competitive Analysis Tool: This feature conducts a thorough analysis of your industry's landscape, helping you identify areas for improvement and take advantage of opportunities that your competitors may have missed. With this information, you can develop a more informed strategy and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Backlink Checker: This feature allows you to analyze your backlinks, identify the sources of the most valuable ones, and find potential areas for improvement.

Pros of SE Ranking 

  • The platform offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate for novice and advanced SEO tool users.
  • This software provides advanced competitor analysis features that help you evaluate your competitors' strategies, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and use that information to enhance your own SEO strategy.
  • This Marketmuse alternative integrates with popular third-party tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google AdWords, allowing you to incorporate your existing data and insights into the optimization process, making it faster and smoother.

 Cons of SE Ranking 

  • SE Ranking may not provide comprehensive keyword data for some regions, which could limit your ability to optimize your website for those areas.
  • This Marketmuse alternative currently does not offer a mobile app, which may be inconvenient for users who prefer to work on-the-go.

SE Ranking Pricing 

SE ranking Price

SE Ranking offers a free trial with all of its plans. You can also contact them for a customized plan. Here are the pricing plans for this tool. 

  • Essential: This plan costs $39 monthly and is designed for freelancers and beginners. It includes 10 projects and one user seat.
  • Pro: This plan costs $89 per month and is the most popular option, ideal for small agencies and teams. It offers unlimited projects and three user seats.
  • Business: This plan costs $189 monthly and is suitable for mid-sized agencies and businesses. It includes five user seats and unlimited projects.

SE Ranking is best suited for: 

  • Digital Marketing Agencies¬†
  • Small-Medium Sized Businesses¬†
  • SEO Experts


We live in a digital landscape where creating high-quality content is essential for gaining traction online. Search engines like Google have become adept at identifying and rewarding those websites that consistently churn high-quality SEO-enriched content. That's why it's essential to arm your content team with a powerful tool that can automate and streamline most of their daily tasks. 

This is where Scalenut scores, as it offers a suite of advanced features that can help propel your content to the top of the SERP without having to break the bank. Whether you're a freelance blogger, a small business owner, or a marketing professional, Scalenut's affordable SEO solutions can help you achieve your digital marketing goals in a short span.

Get started with Scalenut for free! 

Priya Jamba
Content Marketer
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Priya Jamba
Content Marketer

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