Dec 29, 2022

Scalenut Wrapped 2022: A Year of Groundbreaking Updates, Unprecedented Growth, and User Triumphs

Image of Mayank, Founder at Scalenut
Mayank Jain
Scalenut Wrapped 2022: A Year of Groundbreaking Updates, Unprecedented Growth, and User Triumphs
Image of Mayank, Founder at Scalenut
Mayank Jain
Dec 29, 2022

Scalenut Wrapped 2022: A Year of Groundbreaking Updates, Unprecedented Growth, and User Triumphs

It has been an amazing year for Scalenut. From the public launch to a rocketship of growth, know all about Scalenut’s journey in 2022 in this blog.
Scalenut Wrapped 2022: A Year of Groundbreaking Updates, Unprecedented Growth, and User Triumphs

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Has it already been a year? 

We feel like we just started!

As we come to the end of 2022, it's time to look at some of the major milestones we crossed this year. From launching the platform for the public to introducing a whole range of amazing features, it has been a ride. 

2022 has been a saga of pre-launch excitement, motivating user validations, and coveted industry recognitions for Scalenut. 

Let’s dive into some of the major milestones of 2022.

Standout Highlights of 2022

2022 was a year of setting the right foundation and taking Scalenut off the ground. We have witnessed an exponential increase in traffic, users, and revenue. Our AI-powered content marketing and SEO platform has become de-facto platform for thousands of founders, creators and marketers worldwide. 

Here are a few major highlights of 2022:

  • 300,000+ happy marketers trust Scalenut with their content marketing and SEO needs to help them create, manage, and market brands via high-quality content. 
  • Scalenut became a go-to SEO platform for users across the world. From the launch in January 2022 to December 2022, we saw an astronomical 20x increase in website traffic
  • 2022 was a year of geographical expansion at Scalenut. We now have a user base spanning 150+ countries
  • From finding keyword-ranking opportunities to optimizing content, marketers created more than 2,000,000 high-quality, search-engine-optimized blogs with the help of Scalenut. 
  • Our platform has helped marketers generate more than 15+ billion AI words on various topics and scale their content marketing and SEO efforts. 

Scalenut’s Product Odyssey So Far

Our journey has been eventful and adventurous. From the nervous jitters of the first public use launch to revolutionizing the content marketing and SEO landscape, 2022 provided one thrilling experience after another.

Let’s take a look at some major product updates of 2022.

Scalneut opens the content marketing and SEO rocketship for public use (Jan 2022)

We kickstarted the year with the public use launch of our platform in January 2022. This was after months of rigorous focus group testing and tweaks. The platform received an overwhelming response, with users from across the globe loving the initial features and lauding our platform’s potential. 

Cruise Mode hits the market and revolutionizes the content industry (May 2022)

The next big leap in Scalenut’s journey was in May 2022 when we launched Cruise Mode. The virtual launch of the tool had thousands of attendees, all excited about what Scalenut has to offer next. With the Cruise Mode, Scalenut revolutionized the SEO Blog creation process by introducing a new ‘team member’ to content marketers, the Scalenut SEO 5-minute Blog Writer. 

One step back = two steps forwards: Scalenut revamps the entire platform’s UI/UX (May 2022)

Scalenut was built with the user at the center of every feature. We have ensured our processes are fluid enough to make room for changes in line with customer feedback, promoting superlative experiences and retention. 

It was through these channels that we realized the need for a UI/UX upgrade. So in May 2022, we did a complete overhaul of the UI/UX of Scalenut. This update improved the accessibility of features and streamlined the content creation process for our users. 

Topic Cluster Generator enters every marketer’s content planning arsenal (July 2022)

The next major milestone came in July 2022 when we launched the Scalenut Topic Cluster Generator. This is a power-packed keyword cluster planning tool that helps marketers find the most relevant key terms and create successful pillar pages for their target audience. The release was met with praise across the Scalenut user community. 

Scalenut empowers marketers with industry-leading SEO and content management integrations (July 2022 & Oct 2022)

Everything was going great with the platform, but our users wanted more. They wanted more insights into the SEO aspects of content research, and they wanted better content creation workflows. And that is what we set out to do next. 

In July 2022, Scalenut launched a new feature that allows users to get keyword insights from Semrush, the most popular SEO tool on the internet. With this integration, users were able to gain deeper insights into keywords. 

Building on this, in October 2022, we launched the Scalenut + WordPress integration that enables users to publish their content on WordPress websites directly from Scalenut’s editor. 

Both these updates were specifically designed to improve the quality of insights and the content creation workflow for users. 

A stream of prestigious awards

That was all about the major milestones that Scalenut hit this year. And we couldn't have done any of this without the constant feedback and validation of our users. 

Scalenut has been chosen as the Leader in AI Writing Assistant and Content Creation category on G2, the most trustworthy SaaS review platform, in ALL the four quarters,. That’s not all. During the course of the last 12 months, Scalenut has won 20+ G2 Awards, a constant motivating factor for our team. 

We were also selected as the ‘Best Value’ and ‘Best Ease of Use SaaS Platform’ by Capterra.

Scalenut Secures $3.1 Million in Funding from Investors (Aug 2022)

The most important aspect of a start-up is growth. 

When we started, Scalenut was just a young team with ambitious leaders. However, post a stunning run on the heels of our public use launch in January 2022, we have grown into a huge community of marketers across the globe. 

With more than 300,000 users, Scalenut received $3.1 million in funding from Saama Capital and Amit Singal, formerly Senior VP of Google and Head of Google Search. This was after the initial seed funding round led by Titan Capital, First Principles VC, AngelList, Abhishek Goyal, and other angel investors. 

As a platform working in the AI technology space, this kind of positive traction from the investor community proves that we are growing in the right direction. We plan to continue to empower users with many more amazing content marketing tools in the future. 

As we mentioned, everything we do at Scalenut is built around our users. We are continuously working on new ways to streamline the content creation and SEO process for marketers. With this funding, we intend to improve our platform and introduce new ways to streamline and create high-quality content. 

Scalenut’s 2023 focus

While we are in celebratory mode, our brains continue to work on plans to enhance the utility of our platform. Our mission is to change the entire SEO industry with the power of AI. 

Users are and will always be at the center of everything we do. We intend to keep working to help SMBs and entrepreneurs scale their content creation processes and increase organic traffic. Our goal is to help marketers build a sustainable brand. 

Here is a sneak peek into what’s in store for 2023:

  • Single source of truth for anyone looking to scale SEO: Are you tired of AI being unable to cover recent and accurate information? Content created with the aid of tools often lacks genuine insights, factual data, and information on current events. That's about to change, though. With all that Scalenut has in store for 2023, the AI-powered SEO content creation process is going to witness a massive uplift.
  • Climb the search engine ladder at scale: Are you unable to rank content despite creating lots of it? Content creation in itself is a mammoth task that optimization, then, usually feels like an additional burden on the plate. Marketers have a hard time balancing adherence to following content quality standards and practicing the right SEO guidelines. Stay tuned for what’s to come because it only gets better from here. 
  • Continuous training, testing, and improvement of AI language models: A dedicated team of content quality experts is working every day to constantly enhance the quality of content produced by our AI writing assistant.
  • Empower more SMBs and entrepreneurs: We will continue to empower SMBs and entrepreneurs and help them establish sustainable brands and compete with industry giants without burning a hole in their pockets. That means building the right tools to drive organic traffic for them!
  • The only platform for SEO and Content Marketing: Scalenut has been a powerhouse; a holistic, powerful, and easy-to-use platform. But it’s just the start. In 2023, Scalenut will become the only platform marketers will need to scale SEO content.

That’s it for now. 

We hope to have another amazing year in 2023. 

Here's wishing everybody a very happy and successful New Year!

Mayank Jain
Co-Founder, Scalenut
ABout the AUTHOR
Mayank Jain
Co-Founder, Scalenut

A content marketing geek at heart, Mayank is the captain of the ship at Scalenut. He believes in building for the users and ensures that every Scalenut feature helps people get the most from the all-in-one SEO and content marketing platform.

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