May 30, 2023

Explore 12 Game-Changing Searchmetrics Alternatives

Priya Jamba, Content Marketer
Priya Jamba
Explore 12 Game-Changing Searchmetrics Alternatives
Priya Jamba, Content Marketer
Priya Jamba
May 30, 2023

Explore 12 Game-Changing Searchmetrics Alternatives

Explore our curated list of 12 powerful Searchmetrics alternatives to improve your digital marketing efforts and take your online presence to the next level.
Explore 12 Game-Changing Searchmetrics Alternatives

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Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO and Content Marketing Platform that offers the same features at a more economical price range. Sign up for a 7-day trial today and witness its efficiency for yourself!  

12 Searchmetrics Alternatives You Must Check Out! 

  • Scalenut 
  • Moz Pro
  • SE Ranking 
  • SEOClarity 
  • SEMrush 
  • Spyfu 
  • Raven Tools 
  • Ahrefs 
  • BrightEdge 
  • iSpoinage 
  • Cognitive SEO
  • Siteimprove 

Read on to learn about these Searchmetrics alternative tools in detail. 

#1 Scalenut - Best alternative to Searchmetrics

Scalenut home page - a good choice for an SEO Clarity Alternative

Scalenut is an AI-powered content management platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools for enhancing your SEO and content marketing strategy. With features such as the Content Optimizer, Keyword Planner, and AI SEO Blog Writer, it streamlines the entire content creation process from production and planning to optimization.

The platform's user-friendly interface and intuitive features allow users to optimize content using the best SEO practices and SERP results. Besides, Scalenut offers a full suite of features for crafting compelling marketing copies that drive action. Let's learn about its features in detail below.

Scalenut Features

Keyword Planner

The Scalenut Keyword Planner helps you achieve topical authority in your industry and specific niche. You can insert your niche topic in Scalenut’s Keyword Planner to generate a report that automatically groups relevant keywords together. 

Scalenut Keyword Cluster with multiple keyword clusters with keyword difficulty, intent, and search volume. 

This cluster report lets you view metrics like relevance, CPC, and search volume under one tab. You do not need to juggle between multiple columns or tabs as you do in SEO tools like Ahrefs or Ubersuggest to find relevant metrics that matter to you.

Scalenut in-built content research hub listing ideal keywords to use while optimizing content. 

Usually, when you start working on a blog, you’ll have one seed keyword to target for each blog piece. In that case, without an AI-powered tool, you may have to manually search secondary keywords that help you rank your content. However, with Scalenut, you can eliminate the additional time spent on keyword research. 

Scalenut content editor will suggest relevant key terms relevant to your topic. This comprehensive keyword list also includes all the key terms used by the top-ranking page. Hence allowing you to easily outcompete your competitors’ content without doing hours of manual research. 

Content Outline Generator

In Scalenut, you can create an AI-generated outline automatically or build a custom version by comparing top-ranking web pages under a single tab. With this information in one place, you can easily find content gaps, add frequently asked questions, and restructure your outline with the drag-and-drop option within minutes.  

Scalenut AI-powered outline builder presents content outline and competitor content analysis. 

Moreover, Scalenut provides additional features like writing points and social listening tools to generate questions from forums like Quora, Reddit, and search results. This ultimately reduces the time taken to search and create an outline manually.  

Cruise mode

Scalenut in-built content research hub listing outline of top-ranking pages for easy navigation. 

Scalenut has an in-built AI writer to help you create quality long-form content at scale. The cruise mode function allows users to generate the first draft of their outline in less than 5 minutes. Once you have the first draft, compare it with your competitor's content. This helps you see what points and subheadings you have missed. Instead of juggling multiple tabs, you can find all your competitor's content under the research tab. 

Scalenut in-built templates to use AI to generate content for your blog.   ‍

Moreover, you can fine-tune the AI-generated copy in Cruise mode using the rephrase, shorten, or expand options. You can generate additional information for each section using the write and instruct tools in the editor tab. Altogether, this gives you complete control over AI and allows you to generate brand-relevant content within minutes. 

Content Optimizer

One of the biggest obstacles for content writers and bloggers is producing rank-ready content. You might be spending hours and hours ensuring every piece of content you publish is optimized to rank on Google or other search engines. 

Scalenut Content Optimizer indicates content SEO score based on different on-page SEO parameters. 

However, manually checking the keyword density and finding relevant keywords to target can be a hassle. In situations like this, a reliable content report can boost your confidence that a piece of content is optimized for search. That's why Scalenut's Content Optimizer grades your content to generate a score and necessary suggestions to help you find a place at the top of the SERP. 

Moreover, you can use the fix-it button to auto-optimize your content based on the suggestion list. This eliminates manual editing time and acts as a supporting tool to fine-tune your content. 

SEO Content Editor 

Scalenut has advanced NLP and machine learning technologies to help you create content that ranks on the first page of the SERP for target keywords. You can see real-time NLP scores and custom SEO suggestions to improve your content. 

Scalenut Content Optimizer indicating content SEO score based on different on-page seo parameters. 

Scalenut's SEO editor evaluates your content from different angles, like keyword density, links, content depth, key terms, and more. 

Scalenut Traffic Analyser

Scalenut's traffic analyzer has two sections: Insights and Inventory. 

The Inventory section of the Traffic Analyzer lists all the pages presented in your domain. This gives you a comprehensive view of all your content. 

The Insights section breaks down the website performance data into different categories to help you interpret the metrics. 

Along with basic details like overall traffic, impressions, average position, and CTR, you can also access complete details about the top gainers and top losers. 

Scalenut Traffic Analyser reporting top gainers and losers to summarize your website performance.  

The top gainer's section displays all the keywords and pages that earned increased traffic, CTR, impressions, and ranking. In contrast, the top losers section lists all the keywords and pages that experienced a dip in performance. These insights ultimately help you spot underperforming content and optimize it for better ROI. 

Scalenut Traffic Analyser reporting top gainers and losers to summarize your website performance. 

Further, you can get an overall view of keywords and pages that are generating more traffic impressions and ranking higher in the SERP. 

As the source of traffic also plays a significant role in evaluating content performance, the insights reports also present device distribution, position distribution, and Click-through Rate. 

Scalenut Traffic Analyser shows your traffic source from different devices and position distribution.   

Overall, the traffic analyzer report gives you all the data required to make strategic content decisions. 


  • Scalenut leverages advanced AI technologies to produce optimized content for search engines and engage the intended audience.
  • The custom tone of voice allows you to adapt quickly to different niches and brand voices. 
  • Easily view all the top-ranking blogs for your target keywords under one tab. This allows you to find the content gaps and manually add them to the outline with a click. 
  • Additional features like NLP terms, competitor content analysis, questions, and statistics can help you drastically improve the first draft without manually conducting basic-level research. 
  • Automated outline builder, SERP analyzer, competitor content analysis tools, simple user interface, ease of use etc., are added perks of using Scalenut. 
  • You can create supporting social media copy and short-form content using the AIDA, PAS, BAB, and other 45+ ready-to-use templates.


  • Scalenut has a steep learning curve for a beginner to navigate the platform, but it also offers an expansive help center and boot camp to help with navigating the platform easily.


Scalenut Price

  • Essential Plan: This plan caters to the needs of solopreneurs and freelancers looking for robust content creation tools. With this plan, you get access to five SEO reports and up to 100,000 AI-generated words every month, all starting at just $19/month, paid annually. 
  • Small Business Growth Plan: This plan is custom-made for startups and small businesses that want to elevate their content game. You get unlimited AI-generated words, 30 SEO reports, and advanced features like Instruct AI to Write and Topic Clusters, all starting at $39/month, paid annually. 
  • Pro Plan for Large Teams: The Pro Plan provides top-quality content at scale for established businesses and large teams. This plan comes with all the features of the Growth Plan, a dedicated customer success manager, and multi-user support, priced at $74/month paid annually. 

Best Suited For

  • Entrepreneurs
  • SEO experts/professionals
  • Agencies
  • Marketing managers
  • SEO strategists 
  • Freelance writers
  • Content Creators

Searchmetrics Alternative #2. Moz

Moz Pro home page featuring its tool functions

Moz Pro is a useful tool for marketers who want to keep track of their website's performance. It is an excellent alternative to BrightEdge because it offers many of the same features, including keyword tracking, site auditing, and on-page optimization tools. 

Moz Pro is a great tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts and allows them to monitor their website's performance so that they can make the necessary changes. Compared to BrightEdge, Moz Pro offers more affordable pricing plans, which can be helpful for small businesses with limited budgets. Ultimately, Moz Pro is a great alternative to BrightEdge for marketers who want to manage their website's SEO effectively.

Moz Features

Keyword research: 

Moz Pro provides a comprehensive keyword research tool that shows search volume, difficulty, and potential traffic opportunities for targeted keywords.

Site audits: 

Moz Pro has a site audit tool that analyzes websites for technical SEO issues, including broken links, crawl errors, and duplicate content.

Link research: 

Moz Pro offers a link research tool that analyzes backlink profiles, identifies link-building opportunities, and helps monitor and improve backlink quality.

On-page optimization: 

Moz Pro provides on-page optimization recommendations based on targeted keywords and content analysis.

Rank tracking: 

Moz Pro offers a rank-tracking tool that tracks the search engine rankings of targeted keywords over time.

Pros of Moz

  • Moz Pro offers a wide range of tools for keyword research, link building, and site auditing.
  • The platform provides detailed analytics and reports, making it easy for users to track their website's performance and improve their SEO strategy.
  • The Moz community and support team are very active, providing helpful resources and quick responses to any questions or issues.

Cons of Moz

  • The pricing for Moz Pro can be a bit expensive, especially for smaller businesses or freelancers.
  • Some users have reported difficulties with the user interface, finding it overwhelming or difficult to navigate.
  • While Moz Pro offers a lot of features, some users feel that it doesn't always provide the same level of depth or detail as other SEO tools.

Moz Pricing Plans

MozPro Price

Moz Pro offers multiple pricing plans to suit businesses of different sizes and needs. Here are the pricing plans offered by Moz Pro:

  • Standard Plan ($79/month): Ideal for those new to SEO and seeking to understand the basics of it.
  • Medium Plan ($143/month): Suitable for most people because it provides access to the entire range of keyword research tools.
  • Large Plan ($239/month): Helpful for businesses and agencies that conduct a serious search.
  • Premium Plan ($479/month): Perfect for large businesses with more advanced SEO needs and in-house marketing teams.

Best suited for

  • Small-Large Organizations
  • SEO Specialists 
  • Marketing Managers 

Like Moz but don’t think its features are enough? Refer to this exhaustive list of Moz alternatives in our blog “19 Best Moz Alternatives To Consider For Your SEO Needs

Searchmetrics Alternative #3. SE Ranking 

SE Ranking home page featuring its functions 

SE Ranking, another potential Searchmetrics alternative, is an SEO tool for digital marketing professionals and SEO teams, providing comprehensive assistance with SEO analysis and optimization endeavors. Its cutting-edge, real-time keyword position tracking system boasts 100% accuracy, enabling users to easily monitor and analyze the performance of their website's keywords.

Key Features

  • Keyword Rank Tracker: Keep track of your website's keyword ranking positions across major search engines in real-time with this tool that boasts 100% accuracy. You can monitor rankings at the country, region, or city level as frequently as you want.
  • On-page SEO checker: Similar to Searchmetrics, this tool provides an on-page SEO checker that scans your website's pages for optimization opportunities and recommends improvements to increase your rankings.
  • Website Auditor: In just 2 minutes, you can evaluate the performance of your own or your client's website and receive recommendations to improve its functionality.
  • Competitive Analysis Tool: By conducting a thorough analysis of your industry's landscape, this tool helps you identify areas for improvement and capitalize on opportunities that your competitors may be overlooking. You can develop a more informed strategy and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Backlink Checker: With this analysis, you can see the sources of your backlinks, identify the most valuable ones, and find areas where you could potentially improve.


  • It has a user-friendly interface that both new and advanced SEO-tool users can easily navigate. 
  • This SEO software offers advanced competitor analysis features that enable you to identify your competitors' strategies, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and leverage that information to enhance your SEO strategy.
  • This Searchmetrics alternative seamlessly integrates with popular third-party tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google AdWords, allowing you to incorporate your existing data and insights, making the process of SEO optimization faster and smoother.


  • SE Ranking may not offer comprehensive keyword data for certain regions, which could limit your ability to optimize your website for those areas.
  • This Searchmetrics alternative currently lacks a mobile app, which may be inconvenient for users who prefer to work on the go.
  • Some users have reported slow response times from SE Ranking's customer support team, which can be frustrating when dealing with urgent issues.


SE Ranking offers three pricing plans: Essential ($44.00/mo), Pro ($87.20/mo), and Business ($191.20/mo). They cater to different needs and budgets, providing basic to advanced features like keyword rank tracking, website audit, competitor research, white-label reporting, social media management, API access, historical data, and branded reports.

Best suited for

  • SEO Specialists
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Content Marketing Strategists

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Searchmetrics Alternative #4. SEOClarity 

iSpoinage Home page - an SE Ranking alternative featuring its functions and offers 

SEOClarity is an enterprise-level SEO platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO, and competitive analysis. A Searchmetrics alternative, it is designed to help businesses improve their search visibility and drive more organic traffic to their websites. 

Key Features

Some of the major features of SEOClarity include the following: 

  • Keyword Research: SEOClarity provides an extensive and up-to-date collection of keyword data, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the search environment and discover potential content prospects.
  • ClarityAutomate: This next-generation SEO platform helps overcome the biggest hurdle to achieving SEO outcomes - implementation.
  • Rank Tracking: SEOClarity's rank tracking tools enable you to monitor your website's search engine rankings for specific keywords and track your progress over time.
  • Technical SEO: With this tool, you can build a robust website foundation and deliver an exceptional user experience.
  • Competitor Insights: SEOClarity offers a variety of competitor analysis tools, including keyword gap analysis, backlink analysis, and content analysis, to help you identify areas where you can enhance your SEO strategy.
  • SEO Reporting: SEOClarity's reporting tools enable you to create customized reports for your website's SEO performance, including keyword rankings, backlink profiles, and site audit results.


  • It is designed for large-scale SEO operations, making it well-suited for enterprise-level businesses.
  • Its competitive analysis features can help businesses gain insights into their competitors' SEO strategies and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Its reporting capabilities are highly customizable, allowing businesses to track the metrics that most matter to them. 


  • It is a high-end SEO platform, and its pricing may be prohibitive for smaller businesses or those with limited budgets.
  • It has limited integrations with other marketing platforms and tools. These may limit its usefulness for businesses with complex marketing stacks.


SEOClarity Price

  • Essential: The pricing is customized according to each client's specific needs. This plan includes daily rank tracking, chat support, and email support, among other features.
  • Core: The starting price for this plan is $3000 per month, making it suitable for brands with small to medium-sized teams and one domain.
  • Professional: The starting price for this plan is $4500 per month, making it ideal for brands with global SEO teams and multiple domains. This plan offers advanced SEO capabilities.
  • Agency: The pricing is customized based on the needs of the agency or larger organization. This is the most exclusive plan, including all the features offered by this SERanking alternative.

Best suited for 

  • Multinationals 
  • Large Scale Enterprises 
  • Marketing Agencies 

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Searchmetrics Alternative #5. Semrush 

SE Ranking Alternative Semrush home page featuring its tool

Image name: Semrush home page
File name: Semrush home page
Alt text: SE Ranking Alternative Semrush home page featuring its tool

Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that provides tools for SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, market research, and competitive research. It is a popular Searchmetrics alternative that offers a wide range of features for digital marketers and website owners. Here's a breakdown of some of the features of this well-known SEO tool: 

Key Features

  • Organic Research: SEMrush's Organic Research feature enables users to analyze and enhance their website's visibility for high-converting keywords used by competitors. This feature allows users to optimize their organic keyword performance and discover new tactics to secure top positions in SERPs that align with their target audience's interests.
  • Keyword Manager: SEMrush's Keyword Manager feature enables users to create customized master keyword lists that align perfectly with their SEO strategy and objectives. This feature also provides access to real-time metrics for up to 1,000 keywords simultaneously, giving users an accurate picture of their website's performance.
  • SEO Content Template: With SEMrush's SEO Content Template feature, users can generate a personalized SEO content blueprint in just a few clicks to improve their website's organic traffic. This feature also provides practical suggestions based on targeted keywords by analyzing the top 10 competitors on Google.
  • Rank Tracker: SEMrush's Rank Tracker feature enables users to track daily changes in the target location of their target keywords, helping them stay on top of their website's search engine rankings.
  • Link Building: SEMrush's Link Building tool allows users to identify unique opportunities to strengthen their website's backlink profile, improving their website's search engine ranking and overall visibility.
  • Local SEO: SEMrush's Local SEO feature allows users to optimize their website for local searches, increasing their chances of attracting more customers in their area.


  • It offers a comprehensive suite of features for digital marketing, making it a versatile tool for all your online marketing needs.
  • The tool is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that makes navigating and finding the information you need easy.
  • It provides accurate data and insightful analysis, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for your marketing campaigns.


  • The tool's keyword tracking feature is limited to a certain number of keywords, which may not be enough for some users.
  • It does not offer a free plan, so users must subscribe to a paid plan to access its features.


Semrush pricing page offering three tiers of pricing ranging from $129 - $499 monthly.

SEMrush provides three pricing options for users, namely the Pro plan, Guru plan, and Business plan. The Pro plan, priced at $129.95 per month, caters to freelancers and small businesses, while the Guru plan, priced at $249.95 per month, targets marketing agencies and medium-sized businesses. On the other hand, the Business plan, priced at $499.95 per month, serves large corporations and eCommerce websites with extensive SEO requirements.

Best suited for

  • SEO Specialists
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • PPC Marketers
  • Freelancers

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Searchmetrics Alternative #6. Spyfu 

SE Ranking Alternative SpyFU home page featuring its tool

Spyfu is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) tool that provides users with comprehensive features for analyzing and improving their digital marketing campaigns. This Searchmetrics alternative allows users to conduct keyword research, track competitor rankings, monitor their rankings and backlinks, and more. 

Key Features 

  • Keyword Research: With Spyfu, you can explore and examine the keywords utilized by your rivals and find fresh keywords to utilize in your initiatives.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Spyfu enables you to observe your competitors' natural and paid search strategies, find out about their ad copy and landing pages, and gain insight into their most successful keywords and domains.
  • Limitless Projects: You may create unlimited projects to organize your keywords and keyword groups.
  • Rank Tracking: You may monitor your progress over time by tracking your website's search rankings for specific keywords.
  • Reports: Spyfu offers customizable reports that you may use to monitor your campaign's performance and communicate insights with your team or clients.


  • It offers a wide range of SEO features, including keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, and PPC management, making it a versatile tool for all your SEO needs.
  • It is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that makes navigating and finding the information you need easy.
  • Its affordable pricing plans make it accessible for small businesses and startups.
  • It allows you to create customizable reports and dashboards, making it easy to track your progress and share your results with others.


  • Its keyword tracking feature is limited to a certain number of keywords, which may not be enough for some users.
  • Spyfu's data is predominantly concentrated on the US market, which means that it may not be as valuable for businesses targeting other countries.
  • Spyfu's API is only accessible on its top-tier plans, which may be a disadvantage for advanced users or developers who require more extensive access to the data.


SpyFU provides users with three pricing plans: Basic, Professional, and Team, with different features and limits, priced at $39/month, $9/month, $49/month and $79/month, respectively. Their pricing is reasonable and affordable for businesses of all sizes, making it easy for users to select the plan that best suits their needs and budget without sacrificing any features or functionality.

Best suited for 

  • Content Strategists 
  • SEO Managers 
  • Small-Medium-Sized Businesses 

7. Raven Tools 

 SE Ranking Alternative Raven SEO Tools featuring its functions

Raven Tools is an all-in-one SEO and digital marketing platform that offers a range of features to help businesses optimize their online presence. It is a decent option for businesses looking for a tool to manage their digital marketing needs. Here are some key features, pros, cons, pricing, and suited use cases of this Searchmetrics alternative. 

Key Features

  • Keyword Research: Raven's keyword research tool offers insights into search volume, difficulty, and potential traffic for specific keywords.
  • Site Audit: Raven's site audit tool analyzes websites for technical SEO issues such as broken links, crawl errors, and duplicate content.
  • Backlink Analysis: With Raven's backlink analysis tool, users can monitor their site's backlink profile, analyze competitors' backlinks, and discover new link-building opportunities.
  • Marketing Reports: Raven's platform allows users to create custom marketing reports easily, using data from over 30 different platforms. Detailed reports can be designed for website analytics, social media, and PPC campaigns.
  • Rank Tracking: Raven's rank-tracking tool monitors the search engine rankings of your targeted keywords over time.
  • Social Media Management: Raven includes features for managing social media accounts and scheduling posts.
  • Competitor Domain Research: Raven's competition research tools enable users to examine their competitors' techniques and use that knowledge to elevate their website strategically.
  • Link Spy: With this feature, users can spy on their competitors and uncover new opportunities for their organization to rank. 


  • Raven offers a comprehensive set of digital marketing tools, including features for SEO, social media management, and reporting.
  • The platform is user-friendly and customizable, allowing users to easily navigate and use the tools.
  • Raven's social media management features are unique compared to some of its competitors.


  • Raven's backlink database is not as extensive as Searchmetrics', which may limit the depth of backlink analysis for some users.
  • Raven's pricing is relatively high compared to some other alternatives, which may not be cost-effective for smaller businesses with limited budgets.


Raven Tools Price

Raven Tools offers five different pricing plans catering to various needs and budget constraints. These plans include:

  • Small Biz: This plan allows users to manage 2 domains/campaigns, provides access to 2 users, and offers 1,500 position checks per month. The price for this plan is $49.
  • Start Plan: The Start Plan is designed for users with slightly larger requirements. It offers 20 domains/campaigns, access for 4 users, and provides 15,000 position checks per month. The cost for this plan is $109.
  • Grow Plan: Users with up to 80 domains/campaigns can opt for the Grow Plan. It provides access for 8 users and offers 20,000 position checks per month. The cost for this plan is $199.
  • Thrive Plan: This plan caters to the needs of users with a larger number of domains/campaigns. It offers access for 20 users, 160 domains/campaigns, and provides 25,000 position checks per month. The cost for this plan is $299.
  • Lead Plan: The Lead Plan is the most comprehensive offering from Raven Tools. It allows users to manage up to 320 domains/campaigns, provides access to 40 users, and offers 30,000 position checks per month. The cost for this plan is $479.

Best suited for 

  • SEO Professionals 
  • Digital Marketers 
  • Solopreneurs

8. Ahrefs 

SE Ranking alternative Ahref offering seo powersuit including array of tools

Ahrefs is undoubtedly one of the most potent alternatives available on the market today. This powerful SEO tool offers comprehensive data and insights on backlinks, keywords, content, and more.

With its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support, Ahrefs is an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes looking to take their SEO efforts to the next level.

Key Features 

  • Site Explorer

With this tool, you can examine a website's backlinks, organic search traffic, and top-performing content to gain insights into its online presence.

  • Keywords Explorer

This tool is designed to help you research and analyze keywords, and find hidden long-tail keywords, with search volumes and your competitors' strategies, in order to optimize your content for search engines.

  • Content Explorer

Use this tool to discover popular content ideas in any niche, and analyze their performance on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, as well as their backlinks.

  • Site Audit

This tool can identify technical SEO issues, crawl errors, and performance problems that may be affecting your website's search engine rankings and overall user experience.

  • Keyword Rank Tracker

Keep track of your website's rankings and compare them to your competitors with this tool, which also sends regular automated reports directly to your email inbox.

  • SEO Dashboard

Get a comprehensive overview of all your projects and monitor their search engine optimization performance and progress with this tool.


  • Ahrefs has a more extensive database of backlinks and search data.
  • It offers comprehensive insights into the SEO strategies of competitors, enabling users to uncover opportunities for improving their own SEO efforts.


  • Ahrefs is more expensive.
  • Some users may find the advanced features overwhelming.


Screenshot of the pricing plans offered by Ahrefs.

  • Lite: This plan starts at $99 per month and offers users access to all tools but with limited features and data. 
  • Standard: The Standard plan is designed for freelance SEOs and marketing consultants. It starts at $199 and offers access to vital tools and features needed to optimize your marketing strategies.
  • Advanced: This plan is geared towards lean in-house marketing teams. It comes with a starting price of $399 and provides additional tools and data that can help streamline your workflow.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan starts at $999 per month and includes all features and data, dedicated support, and API access.

Best suited for

  • Enterprise marketing teams
  • Large scale agencies

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9. BrightEdge 

Brightedge home page featuring the tool functions 

BrightEdge is an all-in-one SEO platform that provides comprehensive solutions for content marketing, competitive analysis, and web analytics. It is one of those  Searchmetrics alternatives you can consider for improving your website's search engine visibility. Here are some features, pros, cons, pricing, and best-suited industries for BrightEdge. 

Key Features 

  • Customizable Dashboards: View performance reports for websites, keywords, backlinks, traffic, and conversion metrics, as well as competitor analysis across search engines, geographies, and devices, all in one convenient location with customizable dashboards.
  • Daily Rankings: Receive timely notifications about any fluctuations in high-converting keywords, allowing marketers to prioritize their efforts accordingly with this feature.
  • Keyword Recommendations: Automate the typically manual process of keyword optimization with BrightEdge's Keyword Recommendations, which provide analytics and recommendations for your entire keyword portfolio, enabling strategic and scalable optimization beyond following best practices.
  • ContentIQ: ContentIQ from BrightEdge is a comprehensive site auditing solution that integrates seamlessly with the BrightEdge search and content platform. It uses advanced crawl technology to identify critical site errors that could hinder your search success.
  • Social Content Performance: Optimize campaigns across multiple channels, including site, search, and social, to achieve optimal return on investment (ROI) with valuable insights obtained through BrightEdge.


  • It offers a wide range of solutions for all aspects of SEO, making it a one-stop shop for all your SEO needs. It provides advanced reporting features, allowing you to track your SEO performance and measure the success of your campaigns.


  • It is one of the most expensive SEO platforms on the market, which may make it less accessible for small businesses and startups.
  • It offers a wide range of features, which can be overwhelming for new users, requiring both time and effort to master.


This Searchmetrics alternative offers customized pricing based on your specific needs, making it difficult to provide exact pricing details. However, the platform is known to be one of the most expensive SEO tools. If you want to know more about their pricing plans, reach out to their customer service. 

Best Suited For

  • Mid-sized to large enterprises
  • Big Agencies 

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10. iSpoinage 

iSpoinage Home page - an SE Ranking alternative featuring its automation capabilities, seo functions and offers 

iSpionage is a powerful search marketing tool and Searchmetrics alternative that provides competitive intelligence and keyword research data for online businesses. Below are some of the key features, pros, cons, pricing, and best-suited use cases for iSpionage.

Key Features

iSpionage offers a wide range of features to help businesses monitor their competitors' search marketing strategies and optimize their campaigns. Some key features of iSpionage include:

  • Competitor Analysis: iSpionage offers detailed information on your competitors' search marketing strategies, making it easy to identify gaps in your campaigns and optimize your approach.
  • Keyword Research: Discover new keywords, monitor your existing ones, and refine your targeting using iSpionage's comprehensive keyword research tool.
  • PPC Campaign Management: iSpionage provides a range of tools to help manage your PPC campaigns, from ad creation to bid management and performance tracking.
  • SEO Optimization: iSpionage offers a variety of SEO analysis tools, including site auditing and backlink analysis, that can help optimize your website for better search engine rankings.


  • It provides a wealth of data on your competitors' search marketing strategies, giving you valuable insights that you can use to optimize your campaigns.
  • Its interface is intuitive and easy to use, even for those new to search marketing.
  • Its keyword research tool is one of the most comprehensive on the market, allowing you to discover new keywords and monitor your existing ones.
  • It allows you to create custom reports focusing on the metrics that matter most to your business, making it easy to share insights with your team or clients. 


  • It does not offer social media monitoring tools, which may be a disadvantage for businesses that rely heavily on social media marketing.
  • It currently only integrates with a limited number of third-party tools, which may be a disadvantage for businesses that use a wide range of marketing tools.


  • Starter: Starting at $59 per month, this plan by iSpoinage includes up to 10,000 data exports per day and 15 PPC keyword alerts. 
  • Professional: Priced at $99 per month, this plan includes up to 5 SEM projects and unlimited keyword grouping. 
  • Advanced: Priced at $299 per month, this plan includes up to 25 competitor keyword alerts and 50 PPC keyword monitoring. 

Best Suited For

  • Online Businesses 
  • Content Marketers 
  • SEO Managers 

11. Cognitive SEO 

Cognitive SEO home page featuring the tool functions 

Cognitive SEO is an SEO tool that provides a wide range of features to help improve your website's search engine visibility. Below are some features, pros, cons, pricing, and best-suited for this Searchmetrics alternative.

Key Features

  • Keyword Research and Analysis: Get a detailed analysis of your keywords, including search volume, competition, and ranking difficulty, with this feature.
  • Competitor Analysis: Analyze your competitors' backlinks, content, and search engine rankings to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • On-page Optimization: Receive suggestions for optimizing your content and meta tags for better visibility in search engine results.
  • Technical SEO Audit: Identify technical issues on your website that could impact your search engine rankings.
  • SEO Dashboard: View more than 35 crucial metrics in real-time, providing effortless data to share with your team members and clients.
  • Penalty Recovery: Pinpoint problematic links quickly and recover from them promptly using their unnatural link detection tool.
  • SEO API: Seamlessly process all the data currently stored in your cognitiveSEO account, including link analysis, rank tracking, and social visibility data using CognitiveSEO's API.
  • Backlink Analysis: Uncover the digital marketing strategies employed by any website with unparalleled and robust data using this feature.


  • It provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface for easy navigation and analysis.
  • It offers in-depth analysis and reporting for each feature, providing actionable insights for better optimization.
  • It provides advanced suggestions for optimizing content for better search engine visibility and engagement.


  • It doesn't offer specific tools for optimizing local SEO.
  • This Searchmetrics alternative may be costly compared to similar tools.


Screenshot of the pricing plans for Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO offers three pricing plans, including

  • Starter plan: Priced at $129.99 per month, this plan is suitable for small businesses, freelancers, and startups. It provides for competitor analysis, unnatural link detection, and five campaigns. 
  • Premium plan: Priced at $199 per month, this plan is designed for large businesses and marketing agencies.  It provides for competitor analysis, unnatural link detection, whitelabels, and ten campaigns. 
  • Elite plan: Priced at $499 per month, this plan is intended for corporations with more extensive SEO needs.  It provides for competitor analysis, unnatural link detection, whitelabels, and twenty five campaigns. 

Best Suited For 

  • Marketing Managers 
  • SEO Specialists 

12. Siteimprove 

Siteimprove home page featuring the tool functions 

The last Searchmetrics alternative on this list, Siteimprove, is a comprehensive digital marketing and web accessibility platform that offers a range of features to improve your website's performance, usability, and accessibility. It is particularly useful for businesses that need a more holistic approach to their online presence. Here are some of the features Siteimprove offers. 

Key Features

  • SEO Standards: Siteimprove's SEO tool provides you with actionable insights to help you optimize your website for search engines. You can track your keyword rankings, analyze your on-page SEO, and get suggestions for improving your content.
  • Accessibility: Siteimprove's accessibility tool helps ensure your website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. You can identify and fix accessibility issues, generate reports, and monitor your progress over time.
  • Content Quality: Siteimprove's content quality tool helps you ensure that your website content is high quality and relevant to your audience. You can analyze your content for readability, tone of voice, and grammar mistakes.
  • Analytics: Siteimprove's analytics tool provides detailed insights into your website's performance. You can track your traffic sources, monitor your user behavior, and measure your conversion rates.


  • It offers various tools covering everything from SEO to accessibility to analytics.
  • It offers excellent customer support, including a knowledge base, phone support, and email support.


  • Its pricing can be higher than other Searchmetrics alternatives, especially for small businesses.
  • Some users may find that this Searchmetrics alternative has a bit of a learning curve, especially regarding the more technical features.


Siteimprove offers a range of pricing plans depending on your needs and the size of your organization. However, you'd have to contact the team as the organization doesn't display its plans on the website. 

Best Suited For

  • Digital Marketers 
  • Content Marketers 
  • Medium-Large Size Organizations 


While Searchmetrics is a powerful SEO tool, there are several alternatives available that offer similar or even better features. Each of the 12 Searchmetrics alternatives mentioned in the blog has its own strengths and weaknesses. So it's vital to evaluate them based on your specific needs and budget.

Unlike many tools mentioned in this blog, Scalenut is more than a mere SEO and content marketing tool. It offers tools for the entire content lifecycle and makes your content stand out. Sign up for a 7-day free trial to see the difference in your content strategy for yourself!Searchmetrics is a tool that allows businesses and individuals to analyze and optimize their online presence, identify areas for improvement, and track their performance against competitors. Searchmetrics suite includes features such as keyword research, backlink analysis, content optimization, and competitor analysis. However, it can be out of budget for most small-medium size organizations. Besides, some reviews hint towards its unfriendly interface. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives out there that can provide similar, if not better, capabilities. In this blog, we'll explore the 12 best Searchmetrics alternatives available today. Whether you're looking for a more cost-effective option, a tool with a different focus, or want to try something new, we've got you covered. So, if you're ready to take your SEO game to the next level, read on!

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