Sep 10, 2021

A Writer’s Magic Wand: The AI Copywriter

Image of Saurabh Wadhawan, Co-founder
Saurabh Wadhawan
A Writer’s Magic Wand: The AI Copywriter
Image of Saurabh Wadhawan, Co-founder
Saurabh Wadhawan
Sep 10, 2021

A Writer’s Magic Wand: The AI Copywriter

Looking to overcome writer’s block? AI article writer is here. Read this article to find out how AI blog writers can create quality content in minutes.
A Writer’s Magic Wand: The AI Copywriter

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If you want us to begin with a cliche that revolves around the content industry, here it is - “Content is King.”

That’s the truth!

Good content can make or break you on the world wide web as it plays a crucial part in marking your online presence. 

There’s no doubt that the human brain is the ultimate tool for creating quality content, but it has its limitations and we also have to consider the time and costs involved. 

Writer’s block is one of the worst nightmares of content writers. That’s where an AI article writer comes into play. 

AI is taking over faster than ever — experts have projected the global AI market value to reach over $190 billion by 2025. However, the real question is how AI can impact writers and other professionals positively. 

Read further to get an idea about the AI article/blog writer and how to use AI to write blog posts.  

But first, 

The History of AI and Content Generation

The term AI was first coined in 1956 and since then, AI or Artificial Intelligence has been incorporated into various industries and fields. However, it was not until 2015 that AI stepped into the content landscape to assist writers in creating quality content. 

It was the launch of Open AI by Elon Musk that introduced the GPT-2 and GPT-3 technology for creating human-like content, product descriptions, and impressive business emails. 

Writing assistant tools incorporated with the GPT-3 Open AI technology helped content writers, editors and journalists eliminate the writer’s block and generate better ideas. 

Here are some instances where AI writer was used - 

The Washington Post’s AI writer (Heliograf)  wrote more than 850 stories during the Rio Olympics and the 2016 US presidential election.

The Guardian published an article using the AI article writer to prove that AI is never going to replace their jobs. 

Well, that’s true! 

With the help of AI blog writer tools, writers can overcome writer’s block, get the content intro and outro ideas and most importantly save a lot of time. This is a goldmine for the agencies or an individual writer with a lot of content requirements.

Using AI to Generate Text Instantly 

AI blog writers have proved to be a time-saver for content writing agencies. On average, a writer takes up around 2-3 days to write a 2000-word long article.  

An AI blog writer can complete this task in around 20 minutes or even less. Make sure to proofread the content before making it live as the Open AI itself recommends a human intervention. 

Be it blog posts, website copies or product descriptions, AI article writers can cut weeks from your tedious work schedule. AI writer tools curate SEO-friendly copies that are 100% plagiarism-free. 

Further, the process of generating the AI content is a cakewalk. It takes merely three steps for an AI article writer to understand your needs. 

3 Steps to Generate Unique Content 

What makes an AI blog writer more valuable is its ease of generating quality content. Be it the newbies or the professional content writers, using an AI article writer is indeed a no-brainer.  

Here is how you can use AI to generate original content for  blog posts, product descriptions, landing page content or even Ad copies: 

  • After the signup process, choose the type of copy that you want to generate. This can be the social media copy ads, website copies, emails, product descriptions, blog intros or even the blog topic ideas. 
  • In the next step, the AI writer asks for the brand name and a short description of the brand to help it understand better. Here, you can include the main features and the motive of your brand. 
  • Once done, click on ‘Generate text’ to create unique copies for your brand. AI article writers will generate 3-4 unique outputs. You can generate more ideas by clicking on the ‘Generate’ button again. 

Finally, you can use this content on your website, social media ads, for your eCommerce site or email pitches. 

How does an AI article writer work? 

AI article writers work in a way that is a tad bit complicated and technical. To put it in simple words, the AI uses a lot of information from various websites and puts all that data together in one place. 

The more different types of articles it reads, the better it gets at writing unique blog content. 

By finding common keywords between these articles, the AI software can write content that includes the most important keywords.

Further, the AI writing tools generate content on the basis of NLP (Natural language processing.) NLP helps computers to understand and interpret the human language. This could be helpful in creating content that understands the user search intent. 

AI tools get better with training and more inputs. For instance, you can get better outputs each time you improve your description or add more information to it. 

However, you would still need to proofread your article or blog before making it live as the AI still has a scope of improvement.

Lastly, you also get to choose the tonality of the generated content. The best part about the AI blog writers is that they generate content of different tonalities for different use cases.

For example, if the content is an ad copy, it will be written in such a way that it convinces the user to click on the CTA buttons. If it’s for social media, the generated content will have an engaging tonality that stirs emotions. 

Samples of Writing 

With AI article writer, you can generate any type of content; be it the short form or long-form content. 

Below are some examples of the short form content generated using an AI blog writer. 

Product Descriptions

Social media posts

Long-form content

What does this mean for you? 

AI article writers are just for content writers. 

It can create useful pieces of content for professionals such as content creators, marketing managers, growth hackers, and content strategists. 

Here is how the AI blog writers can help you: 

SEO-friendly content

To rank above your competitors, the content should also have the relevant keywords despite being high in quality. These copywriting tools reduce the efforts by sprinkling the keywords throughout the content where it is the most relevant in an organic manner. 

Furthermore, the AI article writers not only create keyword-rich content but also makes sure that it engages the audience and entices them to take action. 

Creates content instantly 

AI article writers help reduce the delays in the content SLAs. Businesses besides taking assistance from writers can also rely on AI content writers for their short-form content. With just a few clicks, AI article writers can create human-like content for you. 

A money saver

Besides saving your time, AI blog writers can save you a lot of money that you otherwise spend on hiring freelance writers, editors, proofreaders, SEO-specialists and so on. Human intervention for content generation can’t be completely ignored, but AI writers certainly bring down your spendings to more than half. 

Easily export results

You can export the generated content from the AI text editor to your preferred platform with a simple click and paste. Some content generators also offer integrations with various CMS and blogging platforms to easily export the results. 


A single typo can have a big impact on your brand’s image. As a result, any content you create needs to be polished, precise, and error-free. 

Scalenut’s AI writers can help businesses and startups do that.  With the GPT-3 Open AI technology, this AI blog writer will help you eliminate writer’s block, reduce the dependency on content writers and grow your business while saving time and effort. 

And, the best part; it is completely free to use for 7-days.

Get your Scalenut AI article writer’s free trial by clicking here

Saurabh Wadhawan
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