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Build SEO optimized content brief guided by data, no more guesswork

Brainstorm in a click and put together the best content outline for any topic and improve your chances of SERP ranking

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SEO optimized content brief generator

Swiftly build content blueprints in minutes

Get insights into top-charting competitors, page metrics, and customer questions while drafting a content outline so that your brief is SEO-optimized right from the beginning. Go beyond keywords and understand how ranking works

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AI generated SEO optimised content
Automated Brief

Craft winning blog posts with automated outlines

Based on real-time SERP data and social trends. Designed to beat your competition.

Data-drive outlines

Search optimized subtopics

Audience-tailored headings

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Uncover the best-kept secret of competitors

From word count and headings to readability and quality of writing, understand the trends and practices of top-charters and instantly generate SEO-friendly content brief.

SERP Analysis

NLP Keywords

Content Brief Generation

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Competitor content analysis tool
Create content briefs incorporating user intent

Incorporate user intent in your content brief

Discover the questions your target audience are searching for related to your topic so that you can create relevant content loved by your customers.

Social Listening

Top SERP Questions

Relevant Keyword Targeting

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Seo optimized content

Write and optimize your content for Google ranking

Seamlessly transition from research to execution with content editor. Start writing with real-time Al-guided recommendations of NLP terms or use Cruise Mode to generate articles within minutes.

NLP Terms

Top Competitor Analysis

5 Minute Blog Writer

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SEO content brief creation tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to write a perfect SEO content brief

A perfect SEO content brief should include the audience, keywords, content goal, tone and style, and requirements. You can simplify the process by using a content brief generator tool like Scalenut, which uses AI to generate the best SEO-optimized content brief for any topic.

What should be included in a content brief?

A content brief should include the target audience, keyword, objectives, tone of voice, format, length, and timing. This will ensure a clear direction for creating optimized and engaging content, resulting in a better ranking on SERP. Scalenut's AI-driven content brief tool creates a tailored and optimized brief for improved ranking on SERP.

How can we analyze competitors' content?

Scalenut's content brief tool includes a competitive analysis that provides insights into your competitors' content strategy using AI algorithms. The analysis shows top-ranking content, topics, and outlines used by competitors to inform your own content strategy. Scalenut offers a comprehensive solution for generating optimized content briefs.

How to build content plans around user intent?

Scalenut helps in building content around user intent using target keywords and AI algorithms to analyze user search behavior. Scalenut provides the top questions users are asking on platforms such as Quora, Reddit, and Google. Including such questions in your content leads to higher discoverability and engagement with the target audience.

What are the SEO tools used for content writing?

Scalenut is an SEO tool for content writing. It uses AI to analyze competitorsā€™ articles and create a comprehensive, optimized content brief. The brief includes suggestions for keyword targeting, outlines, and questions users are asking to enhance both SEO and relevance. Scalenut helps improve your chances of ranking on top of SERP.