Jun 14, 2023

Top 8 Blog Idea Generator Tools for SEO Experts in 2023

Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Top 8 Blog Idea Generator Tools for SEO Experts in 2023
Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Jun 14, 2023

Top 8 Blog Idea Generator Tools for SEO Experts in 2023

Looking for inspiration for your blog? Check out the best blog ideas generator to help you come up with new and creative topics that will engage your readers.
Top 8 Blog Idea Generator Tools for SEO Experts in 2023

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Ever wondered how AI can help you create an impactful marketing content strategy without wasting time?  

Enter AI-powered writing tools and blog ideas generator – your one-stop solution to getting and executing ideas effectively. The digital marketing industry is abuzz with many SEO platforms that offer intelligent writing help. A content idea generator is an excellent tool for SEO experts and content writers who are constantly looking for the latest topics and tools to make their work easy. 

Identifying blog topics can become cumbersome when churning out relevant and high-ranking content. Blog idea generators are tools that assist writers and content creators in generating fresh and creative ideas for their blog posts. 

Keyword research is also an important part of finalizing a blog topic. It helps writers maximize the chances of their content ranking high on search engines.  

This blog has a curated list of the best blog ideas generators that help you with SEO-optimized content. But before that, let’s understand why SEO writers should do keyword research. 

Why must SEO writers do keyword research before writing content?

The main objective of your SEO journey is to gain maximum visibility and garner the attention of your target audience. Choosing the right topic through keyword research helps you create impactful content. SEO writers must do keyword research while writing content because:

  • It helps them unearth the terms and phrases with significant search volume and user intent. 
  • It helps them create content that resonates with the target audience. 
  • Exploring keyword variations, long-tail keywords, and related terms helps you uncover niche topics or fresh angles to create content. 

How do content idea generators optimize blog titles for SEO?

When creating a new blog post, it's important to consider how you can optimize your titles for SEO. AI-powered high-volume keyword research tools help you identify the most appropriate keywords for a given topic. Using the keywords in your blog titles helps in improving the visibility on search engines like Google. 

AI-powered content idea generators with headline analyzers ensure that your titles are readable and clickable, increasing engagement with your target audience. 

SEO suites packed with all of these features are what you need to look for while choosing the best blog ideas generator tools in 2023.

Tips To Help You Use Blog Ideas Generator Efficiently

  • Know your competitors: Whether it's an article, a blog or an e-book, you can always draw inspiration from your competitors, especially those who are ranking on the first page of the search engines. This gives you an idea about which topics will help you rank first and gain more brand visibility. The best blog ideas generators will have AI tools to assist you with this.
  • Utilize AI-powered tools to optimize content: Advanced keyword research platforms help you identify keywords with high search volumes that are relevant to your SEO goals. This helps optimize blog titles to align with popular search queries, increasing the visibility of the content on search engines like Google.
  • Incorporate relevant keywords in blog titles: You must include primary keywords in blog titles for SEO. It helps search engines understand the context of the content and improves the chances of ranking higher in search results. Keyword research and analysis tools identify primary keywords frequently searched by the target audience and strategically incorporate them into their blog titles.
  • Craft catchy blog titles that engage readers: Catchy blog titles significantly attract readers' attention and encourage them to click and read the blog. Blog idea generator tools from Scalenut, Hubspot etc., provide suggestions and insights for creating compelling titles that garner the readers' curiosity and ultimately increase reader engagement.
  •  Perform keyword research for relevant and low-competition keywords: Keyword research is a fundamental step in content ideation. By conducting thorough keyword research, writers can identify relevant topics and keywords with low competition. This enables them to create unique and valuable content that stands out in search results, increasing the chances of attracting organic traffic.

In addition, it is a good idea to explore "People Also Ask" and “frequently asked questions” features to understand your audience's voice. Analyzing frequently asked questions online provides insights into the specific queries and concerns of the target audience. By addressing these questions and concerns in their content, writers can provide value and establish themselves as trusted sources in their niche.

How to use blog idea generator tools?

The title is the first impression of your blog. It should be catchy enough to create curiosity among the readers. Blog titles also play a crucial role in SEO and can help rank your articles and blogs. 

With so many efficient SEO platforms that have blog ideas generators, you can easily find catchy blog titles for your next blog post. However, it is important to understand user intent so that you can create engaging copies that meet the needs of your target audience. 

Now that you have a fair understanding of the various aspects of creating a blog let’s look at some of the best blog ideas generators available in the market. 

8 Best Blog Ideas Generators For Identifying Blog Topics

1. Scalenut’s Free Blog Ideas Generator 

Scalenut is an AI powered SEO and content marketing platform where you can find solutions to all your content needs. Scalenut has a host of tools that bring efficiency into your content pipeline. It helps you streamline planning, research, creation, optimization, and publishing at scale.  

Scalenut’s free blog ideas generator is one of the easiest ways to get blog ideas. 

All you need to do is mention your product or brand, followed by its brief description and the target audience. The tool comes up with relevant blog ideas instantly. 

In addition, you can also use Scalenut’s Keyword Planner to identify the relevant keywords for your blog. The tool helps you emerge as a credible voice in your domain, increase visibility, and boost traffic. It helps you organize your blog topics around a central keyword. You get topic clusters for your keyword with their performance data, such as relevance, search volume, and CTC. 

Further, Scalenut’s Content Optimizer helps you get a comprehensive SEO score by optimizing your content for search engines, helping you refresh your existing content inventory and expanding audience reach.

Scalenut’s Plans and Pricing 

  • Essential: $39/mo 
  • Growth: $79/mo 
  • Pro: $149/mo 

2. Content Idea Generator by Copy.ai

Copy.ai is an innovative AI tool designed to accelerate content creation for writers and SEO experts. It is one of the best blog ideas generator tools where you can quickly get topic suggestions by providing specific details about your niche. 

Simply click the "Create Copy" button to activate the content idea generator. 

Copy AI Plans and Pricing

  • Free: Single user, 2000 words per month 
  • Pro: $36 per month, 5 user sets, unlimited words 
  • Enterprise: Request a demo for personalized plans

3. Content Idea Generator by Portent

Portent’s Content Idea Generator is a free tool that helps you create catchy titles for a variety of content, including blogs. All you need to do is type in your subject and hit ‘generate idea’ for the tool to generate a catchy title. 

4. Keyword Generator by Ahrefs

The free keyword generator by Ahrefs helps you plan your content calendar with keyword ideas that you can use to identify blog topics. 

Ahrefs Plans and Pricing

  • Lite: $99/month, offers an SEO dashboard, site explorer and site audit, among other features
  • Standard: $199/month, offers all features of Lite plus additional features
  • Advanced: $399/month, offers all features of Standard plus additional features 
  • Enterprise: $999/month, has all Advanced features plus additional offerings

5. Blog Topic Generator by HubSpot

The Blog Topic Generator by HubSpot is a free tool designed to help SEO experts generate ideas for their blog posts. It offers a simple and convenient way to come up with relevant and engaging topic ideas by entering a few keywords related to the desired subject. The tool then generates a list of potential blog topic ideas based on those keywords.

Hubspot Plans and Pricing

HubSpot has different paid plans for businesses/enterprises and for individuals and small teams. Here are the pricing details for HubSpot’s Marketing tools for individuals and small teams:

  • Starter: The plan starts at $18/mo and offers essential marketing tools, and includes 1,000 marketing contacts.
  • Professional: The plan offers 2,000 marketing contacts for $800/mo, along with comprehensive marketing software. 

6. SEMRush’s Topic Research Tool

Semrush’s topic research feature suggests related topics and subtopics to help writers with the content brainstorming process. You need to enter a topic in the search bar so that the tool can generate cards of related subtopics and ideas to include in your content. You can use the tool to generate ideas for new articles, headlines, and topics to write about. 

Semrush Pricing and Plans

  • Pro: The $199.95/mo plan is ideal for newbies and small teams. 
  • Guru: At $229.95/mo, agencies and mid-sized businesses can get 30,000 results per report.
  • Business: Large agencies and enterprises can opt for this plan at $449.95/mo or try a custom plan. 

7. Ed’s Content Idea Generator 

Ed’s Content Idea Generator is one of the most straightforward content generator tools. It is a blog title generator where you have to prompt it with proper context. It has a list of about 20 questions that you need to answer to get a list of 300+ blog ideas.

Ed’s Content Idea Generator Pricing

It is available for free.

8. Content Idea Generator by NeuralText

NeuralText can be a great free blog topic generator tool for content idea generation as it offers inspiration and unique perspectives. You can just give the proper prompts and receive generated ideas that spark creativity and explore new angles. The models' training on vast text data enables creative combinations and insights into niche or complex topics.

Neural Text also aids in expanding and refining existing ideas, making them more comprehensive. While the generated text serves as a starting point, combining it with personal expertise ensures the creation of engaging and high-quality content.

NeuralText Plans and Pricing

  • Trial: NeuralText offers a 5-day trial pack at $1.
  • Starter: $19/mo for 1 user, 20,000 AI words, and 2,000 keyword suggestions
  • Basic: $49/mo for 1 user, 20,000 AI words, and 20,000 keyword suggestions
  • Pro: $119/mo for 3 users, 40,000 AI words, and 50,000 keyword suggestions

Doing your best with blog ideas generators 

While blog idea generators can be a helpful resource, you must remember to evaluate and tailor the generated ideas to fit your target audience, niche, and brand. Blog ideas generator tools should be used as a starting point in your writing process so that you can customize and align your content with your specific goals and expertise.


Blog ideas generators are valuable tools for writers and content creators seeking inspiration and fresh topics for their blogs. These generators help overcome writer's block, provide diverse and varied ideas, save time and effort, and enhance productivity. They also assist in optimizing blog titles for SEO, increasing visibility and engagement. By incorporating relevant keywords and utilizing AI-powered tools, writers can create compelling titles that attract readers. Furthermore, conducting keyword research and analyzing audience queries help writers identify niche topics and address specific concerns. While blog idea generators are beneficial, it's crucial to customize the generated ideas to suit your target audience and brand.

Investing in a comprehensive SEO suite, such as Scalenut, can be a game-changer for your content generation and optimization. It offers a free blog ideas generator and a comprehensive suite of offerings that help you manage your entire content lifecycle within one platform. Sign up for a free 7-day trial to see how Scalenut can help you create keyword clusters, optimize content, analyze headings, and generate SEO-friendly content within minutes. 

Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager
ABout the AUTHOR
Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager

Suman Samal is a Asst. Marketing Manager at Scalenut. She is a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in content marketing and SEO. She truly believes that with the right set of tools every organization can improve the ROI of their content marketing campaigns. She spends her time managing content operations at Scalenut and ensuring that everything we publish is of the highest quality.

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