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How to use  Scalenut’s Blog Ideas Generator to get fresh content ideas for your next post?

On 1.7 billion websites, there are 600 million blogs. In this massive cluster of ideas and topics, what’s to say that you are writing a unique blog which your customers may not have read before? Even if you have a ton of fresh ideas, at some point, you are going to exhaust them and scratch your head for new ideas. 

The Scalenut blog ideas generator is here to help in those dire times and refreshes your list of potential blogs with new ideas. Here’s how to use the blog topic ideas generator. 

Step 1: Enter the keyword around which you need new content ideas. You can also use Scalenut’s Topic Cluster tool to identify the relevant keywords for your blog. 

Blog Title Generator

Step 2: Click on ‘Generate’ to get new blog ideas against the keyword. 

Blog Title Generator

Create a list of topics you want to write by clicking “Add to Editor.” The Scalenut blog ideas generator provides six suggestions in one go. Click on ‘Generate More’ to get more blog ideas. 

Yes, using Scalenut’s blog idea generator is this simple!

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