Jun 8, 2023

Discover the 5 Best People Also Ask Tool for Quick SEO Win

Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Discover the 5 Best People Also Ask Tool for Quick SEO Win
Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Jun 8, 2023

Discover the 5 Best People Also Ask Tool for Quick SEO Win

Get ahead in SEO with our expert guide to the best people also ask tool available. Choose the right tool for your needs and start optimizing your content today.
Discover the 5 Best People Also Ask Tool for Quick SEO Win

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It is general knowledge that search engines continue to innovate and update their algorithms. Therefore, optimizing your content for better visibility and engagement is essential. One tool that can help with this is the People Also Ask (PAA) feature. 

This feature offers a list of related questions that search engine users may be searching for, making it an excellent resource for creating content that answers specific queries. In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the world of PAA, discussing what it is and how it works. Then, we will share a list of the 5 best people also ask tools so you can choose the right one.

What is the People Also Ask Feature?

The People Also Ask (PAA) feature is an interactive snippet that appears within search engine result pages (SERPs). This dynamic feature on Google suggests related questions to the initial search, providing additional context and information. 

It not only provides users with valuable information but also empowers marketers to optimize their work for enhanced visibility and user engagement. It aids keyword research and content creation, and including answers to related questions can boost the relevance and ranking of your content. The tool also helps us to:

Discover Audience Queries 

As a content marketer, you strive to create valuable, engaging content that resonates with your target audience. The People Also Ask feature plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. By understanding the questions users are asking and tailoring your content to address those FAQ queries, you can establish your expertise, build trust, and attract a larger audience. 

Clicking on a PAA question expands the box to show a brief answer and source link. The functionality of this free tool makes it great for finding new content ideas and optimizing your webpage or blog post for better visibility.

Enhance Visibility

Appearing in the PAA section can significantly increase your content's visibility, as it occupies a prominent position on the SERP. Crafting content that aligns with these related questions can drive more organic traffic to your website.

Maintain a User-Centric Approach

The PAA feature reflects Google's commitment to providing users with the most relevant and comprehensive answers. By embracing this feature, content marketers can adopt a user-centric mindset, ensuring that the content satisfies the information needs of their target audience.

Diversify Content Formats

The PAA section accommodates various content formats, including text, images, and videos. By diversifying your content strategy to cater to different learning preferences, you can better engage users and keep them on your page for longer.

5 Best People Also Ask Tools For SEO Optimization

  1. Social Listening Tool by Scalenut

Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform that offers a People Also Ask tool called Social Listening. It is one of the best people also ask tools available under the SEO Article Writer tool. It generates a list of top questions related to the keyword you are targeting across multiple channels. All you have to do is to enter your keyword and click on the "Questions" segment in the Content brief.

On this page, you will find a series of top PAA questions related to your keyword. You can easily filter this search if you wish to see questions from any specific channel like Google, Quora, Reddit, Competition, and even AI generated questions. 

Scalenut’s Social Listening tool offers a quick and efficient way to find the top PAA questions you can target

Let's look at an example of what the tool produced for the main keyword "Best NLP Optimization Tool" targeting the United States. You can add these questions directly to your content as FAQs or references.

 Scalenut’s Social Listening tool offers a quick and efficient way to find the top PAA questions you can target

Benefits of Using Scalenut's Social Listening Tool

  1. Most Relevant Questions

The algorithm lists the questions most relevant to your main keyword. These questions are sourced from multiple channels, including Google, Reddit, and Quora; some questions are generated by AI. This helps you create more targeted content that not only addresses the queries of your audiences but also improves your chances of ranking on SERPs.

  1. Links to Access the Best Content Related to These Questions

Link buttons after each question (highlighted in green) directly take you to the best content addressing the particular query. This means you can not only find the most relevant questions but also find answers and widen the scope of research.

Scalenut’s Social Listening tool offers a quick and efficient way to find the top PAA questions you can target

  1. Multiple References

The tool also offers you a long list of references so you can dig deeper and discover all the details to make your content rich and credible. 

Scalenut’s Social Listening tool offers a quick and efficient way to find the top PAA questions you can target

  1. Directly Add the Query to Your Content as a Reference 

When the question is sourced from the internet, you will find the link to include it in your content brief as a reference, to be shared with your content team. This way, the reference will be added automatically at the click of a button. 

Scalenut’s Social Listening tool offers a quick and efficient way to find the top PAA questions you can target

  1. Add as Many Questions as You Feel Necessary

You can add as many questions from the list as you want in your content, either as a reference or as an FAQ. The questions you add will appear on the bottom-right side of the page.

 Scalenut’s Social Listening tool offers a quick and efficient way to find the top PAA questions you can target


  • 7-days free trial 
  • Get the most relevant questions 
  • Get multiple references
  • Perfect for individual creators, consultants, budding startups, growing businesses, large teams, and agencies
  • Fastest PAA questions generator
  • Offers a quick button to add FAQs to your content
  • Considers the search intent of users
  • Users can deep dive into research for every question through the references segment.  


  • Scalenut may have a slightly steep learning curve; however, it provides a dedicated help center with comprehensive documentation and video tutorials to assist users in quickly overcoming any challenges and reducing the learning curve.


The Basic Plan starts at $20/mo for 100,000 AI words

2. People Also Ask by Frase

Frase is a helpful tool for content marketers looking to uncover the questions their audience is searching for. With its clean and minimal interface, Frase makes it easy to find the "people also ask" questions related to your topic. By incorporating PAA questions and their answers into your content, you can create informative articles that cater to their needs.

Frase People Also Ask tool finds the PAA questions you can target.


  • Offers user-friendly interface 
  • You don't need to subscribe to paid plans
  • Provides insights into user intent and search behavior


  • Using it for free is not as seamless as you expect. After 1 search, you must wait 15 minutes to search again.


The starting plan called Solo costs $14.99/mo for 4 articles. 

3. Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

You will find the Keyword Magic Tool on the left side panel of your Semrush Dashboard. You will have access to features for PAA question results like search intent (including transactional, informational, and navigational), keyword difficulty percentage, intent tags, and SERP features.

Keyword Magic Tool by Semrush discovers the PAA questions you can target


  • Multiple SERP features are available to aid better content planning


  • It is a very costly tool, so it is not feasible for freelancers.


The starting plan, called Pro, costs $119.95 per month. 

4. SearchResponse.io PAA Tool

With a vast database of over 150 million unique questions sourced through Google's Machine Learning technology, this tool provides users with relevant PAA queries for their main topics. Unlike other PAA scraper tools, SearchResponse.io allows 3 inputs: topic/word search, domain search, and URL search. This added dimension helps writers and marketers easily find relevant PAA questions for a keyword or look for the entire list of PAA questions answered by a domain or a URL. 

SearchResponse.io People Also Ask tool finds the PAA questions you can target


  • Gives PAA queries with topic, domain, and URL.
  • Offers relevant questions based on location, time, and device.
  • A free version is available.


  • The results for "Best NLP Optimization Tool" in the free version shows "No Data."


The starting plan, called Starter, costs $39 per month. 

5. AlsoAsked

AlsoAsked provides access to valuable People Also Ask (PAA) data, unveiling the questions people have regarding a brand, query, or keyword. Utilizing this platform gives you unparalleled insight into search intent, enabling them to create articles that rank higher in search engine results. Further, AlsoAsked offers the flexibility to set location parameters for almost any country worldwide.

AlsoAsked People Also Ask tool finds the PAA questions you can target.


  • Gives PAA queries in multiple languages.
  • Allows to set the location to any country. 


  • Some PAA results may not be relevant to the keyword.
  • Limited free attempts are offered every month.


The starting plan, called Basic, costs $15 per month. 

Importance of Optimizing for PAA (People Also Ask)

The PAA tool can help revolutionize your SEO strategy while boosting organic traffic. Here is why you need to optimize your content for PAA:

To Boost Your SEO Efforts

Optimizing for People Also Ask (PAA), a Google SERP feature that suggests relevant questions, enhances your SEO strategy. You can answer frequently asked PAA questions related to your industry or niche to demonstrate expertise and authority. 

These are the questions that people are usually searching for. So, addressing these PAA questions in your content improves your chances to rank. Moreover, you also get the chance to include more keywords.

PAA research also reveals insight into target audience queries, providing new content ideas. (Try out Scalenut’s free blog ideas generator!) By incorporating PAA optimization into the SEO strategy, you stay ahead of the competition with quick wins.

To Improve Content Engagement

Enhancing content engagement on your webpage is vital for its visibility in search engine rankings and gaining a competitive edge. Understanding the breadth of given questions surrounding a keyword using PAA or Answerthepublic can open up possibilities for new content ideas that satisfy your target audience's search intent. 

Utilizing schema markup and optimizing for featured snippets or FAQs section could enhance visibility on the Google results page. Remembering to incorporate related queries and the most relevant questions as part of the content brief ensures you stay relevant today.

Using PAA for Content Creation

Incorporating PAA optimization into your SEO strategy is crucial for staying ahead of the competition and achieving quick wins. Answering relevant questions related to your target audience's search queries using the People Also Ask (PAA) tool can provide a great way to generate new content ideas. This can not only improve your website's visibility on the Google results page but also increase the chances of being featured in the "featured snippet" section.

Finding PAA SEO Opportunities

Optimizing content by understanding your target audience's related queries and questions is essential to improve SEO rankings. By providing high-quality, informative answers that match the intent of the question in the blog post or webpage URL, visibility on the Google results page can increase significantly.

Optimizing Content Format and Schema

Optimizing your webpage on Google's SERP requires optimization of content format and schema. Structured data markup is a great way to make your website appealing to Google's algorithm. Providing high-quality answers to the most relevant questions in the People Also Ask box enhances the website's featured snippet section. Focusing on related queries and providing content ideas that answers frequently asked queries can help generate new content.

Adding FAQ Markup for Rich Snippets

Incorporating PAA questions and answers into your content is a great way to improve the visibility of your website in search results. Adding FAQ markup for rich snippets makes your content eligible for display at the top of the Google search results page. With proper formatting and schema markup utilization, you can optimize the content format and create concise responses to relevant questions.

Tips for Optimizing Your Content

Here are some tried and tested tips to better optimize content for PAA questions:

  1. Research User Intent

Thoroughly analyze the questions within the PAA section related to your topic. Gain a deep understanding of user intent to create content that directly addresses their needs.

  1. Comprehensive and Concise Answers

Craft high-quality content that delivers concise and informative answers to the questions in the PAA section. Using a structured format, subheadings, and bullet points can help enhance the readability of the content.

  1. Explore Related Questions

Go beyond the PAA section and explore other related questions that users may ask. Incorporate these questions into your content to further enrich the user experience and establish your expertise.

  1. Monitor and Update

The digital landscape is constantly evolving. Regularly monitor the PAA section to stay updated on emerging questions and trends. Revise your content accordingly to remain relevant and maintain your competitive edge.

The Impact of PAA on SEO and Google Featured Snippets

Incorporating People Also Ask (PAA) into your SEO strategy can increase visibility and drive traffic to your webpage or blog post. One way to achieve this is by optimizing your content to answer related queries in the PAA box. Doing so could yield a coveted spot in Google's Featured Snippet section and help establish your website as an authority on the topic at hand.

Common Queries About PAA 

Discovering the most relevant questions related to your target audience's search intent is one of the benefits of the People Also Ask (PAA) functionality. Here is all you need to know about PAA to make the most out of it:

How to Track People Also Ask Questions

Tracking People Also Ask (PAA) questions is a great way for content marketers to gain insights into their target audience's search intent. Analyze the breadth of a given question and use it to generate new content ideas or optimize existing ones. Tracking PAA allows you to identify gaps in your content strategy, improve visibility in Google search results, and potentially earn a spot in Google's Featured Snippet.

The Relationship Between Keyword Research and PAA

For content marketers, understanding the relationship between keyword research and the People Also Ask (PAA) functionality on Google search results is essential. Identifying target keywords via PAA can reveal the most relevant questions and related queries of your target audience. Creating comprehensive PAA-optimized content helps answer these queries and drives increased visibility and traffic to your webpage or blog post. 

Leveraging PAA for Email Marketing Campaigns

By identifying relevant questions and queries related to your target audience's search intent using PAA tools like Frase or CSV files generated through Answerthepublic.com, you can create targeted content more likely to resonate with them. 

Incorporating PAA-related keywords in your email subject lines or headlines is another effective tactic to increase click-through rates. Monitor changes in the SERP results page for the search queries you're targeting so you don't miss out on new questions people are asking. Don't forget to optimize for featured snippets whenever possible too!


To sum it up, the People Also Ask feature is a valuable tool for improving your SEO efforts and boosting content engagement. By optimizing for PAA, you can increase your chances of appearing in Google's Featured Snippets and capture more organic traffic. With the right approach to content creation, you can leverage PAA for your marketing campaigns and improve your overall search engine rankings. To learn more about how to use the People Also Ask feature to get quick SEO wins, Sign up on Scalenut today for 7-day free access, and check out all the free SEO tools.

Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager
ABout the AUTHOR
Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager

Suman Samal is a Asst. Marketing Manager at Scalenut. She is a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in content marketing and SEO. She truly believes that with the right set of tools every organization can improve the ROI of their content marketing campaigns. She spends her time managing content operations at Scalenut and ensuring that everything we publish is of the highest quality.

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