Sep 7, 2022

The Journey of Scalenut through its most loved Features

Image of Saurabh Wadhawan, Co-founder
Saurabh Wadhawan
The Journey of Scalenut through its most loved Features
Image of Saurabh Wadhawan, Co-founder
Saurabh Wadhawan
Sep 7, 2022

The Journey of Scalenut through its most loved Features

Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO & marketing platform that has introduced unique & effective features since its launch. Read on to know more about these features.
The Journey of Scalenut through its most loved Features

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Growth and evolution are at the heart of the culture at Scalenut. We seek it, we accept it, and we live for it. Changes can feel uncomfortable at first, but soon we learned that most of the time change is essential. In fact, strategic changes can be the fuel for the success of a SaaS business like ours.

As we celebrate our first anniversary, we would like to take you on a trip through Scalenut’s journey through the lens of our features.

Why Features? At Scalenut, we pay disproportionate attention to our users, their experience, and their needs. Our core mission is to help improve the organic traffic of our users and help them build sustainable brands. And this can only be done when users are kept at the forefront of planning. 

Our core belief is, therefore, that user feedback must shape the product instead of the product shaping user behavior. This philosophy manifests itself as state-of-the-art app features that enhance the end-user experience.

Our teams put in their expertise and effort to ensure each new feature adds unique value to our Scalenut Suite and improves the user experience further.

A brief overview of our features journey will help you get a picture of our growth and commitment to offering our customers across the globe nothing but the best.

The Five Most-Loved & Powerful Scalenut Features

Not to brag, but the Scalenut Suite comes power-packed with numerous features that are distinctive to our platform. Yet, we have picked the top five Scalenut features that we are not only proud of but that our users have loved and seen real-life results with.

AI Templates to enable on-the-go content writing

Leveraging artificial intelligence to create content can add immeasurable value to the life of marketers everywhere. This is due to the scalability that AI-powered content creation brings to the table.  While we realized this fact, we also acknowledged that there is a bridge to build to make AI accessible and easy for marketers and content writers.

AI Templates was one of the first flagship features we launched at Scalenut. This cutting-edge feature is designed to provide users with a straightforward way to produce AI-generated content. We pay special attention to each of the over 40+ types of templates to ensure the content generated is relevant, snappy, and requires minimum editing. Incredible amounts of research went into analysing the platforms and the use cases that would be most useful to our users.

Today, AI Templates is one of our most used and loved features by users of the Scalenut suite; coupling that with our Chrome Extension makes generating effective content on the go a cakewalk.

Topic Clusters for better content strategies

High-performing individual pieces of content are great! But true search engine supremacy calls for robust content marketing strategies.

Soon enough, we realized that Scalenut users aim for the moon! They did not just want to create individual blogs that rank high, they wanted to dominate the search engines for their niche.

Now, this is a problem we were thoroughly delighted to solve.

Topic Clusters by Scalenut is a crushing solution to this need. Our unique NLP-based, AI-powered feature creates multiple keyword clusters related to the keyword you wish to develop authority for. These clusters come with keywords and the search volumes for individual keywords and the cluster as a whole.

Businesses can now use these clusters to create all-encompassing content and display expertise to search engines. Reports generated through Topic Clusters can be used to develop topical authority for any industry or domain of choice.

SEO Hub for AI-powered thorough content analysis

Research forms the basis of any high-performing piece of content on the internet. For years, content writers have been conducting manual research or using various deferred tools to combine the information and make their assessments. This lack of an effective research tool was not only brought up by our users but also felt by us as a content-heavy business.

To resolve this problem, our engineers put together the best of their skills and developed SEO Hub- a well-built feature that is immensely useful and gives us tremendous pride.

The platform scours the internet and analyzes thousands of web pages. The feature then provides a detailed and exhaustive SEO Report with all the information a content writer would need to start writing. 

The report is a detailed breakdown of the top 30 ranking articles to their word count, the number of images, NLP terms, most cited websites, and even the most frequently asked questions related to the keyword, SEO Hub takes your research capabilities up multiple notches.

Our users have experienced significant changes in the performance of their articles since they started relying on SEO Hub.

Cruise Mode for lightning-fast blog creation

Growing businesses do not have the liberty to choose between quality and quantity if they are looking for quick conversions. Unfortunately, not a lot of SMBs can afford a large team of highly-skilled content writers to create content for them at the speed they need.

Cruise Mode is Scalenut’s solution to find the sweet sweet balance between quality and quantity. This powerful feature brings together the best of Scalenut and AI to breeze through the blog's first draft creation process in under five minutes.

We put in a lot of care and attention to detail to ensure that maximum control is retained by the user while AI does all the heavy lifting. This way, the first draft created at the end of the five simple steps only needs minimum editing and is ready to publish.

Cruise Mode greatly helps small and medium-sized Scalenut clients to keep up with the high-speed nature of content marketing while saving costs.

  1. SERP Ideas for increased accuracy

When seeking to write factually correct and updated content, the internet can be a challenging place to find the truth. Up-to-date and accurate information can also affect the ranking and traffic for content on search engines. Our users bought this challenge up to us, and we were committed to finding a solution.

One of the shortcomings of GPT-3 is that it has read a vast amount of the internet but only until October 2019. Generating current content using AI then leaves a lot to be desired. Say hello to SERP Ideas!

SERP Ideas is a feature unique to Scalenut. Users can enter a topic of their choice to find the latest and most precise ranking content. Then, they can select the ideas they want AI to elaborate on in their content.

The SERP Ideas feature aids the AI-generated content by providing specificity while saving research and writing time.

Notable mentions

While the five features mentioned above are crowd-favorites, we can’t help but give a shoutout to a couple of more features that have provided significant value to our users.

Chrome Extension to take Scalenut on the move

Nothing replaces the efficiency of the Scalenut app, however, we found the need for a Scalenut lite that could be easily used on multiple apps. As a solution, we developed the Scalenut Chrome Extension.

Our Chrome Extension allows users to use the best of Scalenut’s AI writing capabilities anywhere on the internet. Today, the extension has over 2000 downloads and a high 5/5 rating on the Chrome Webstore.

Integrations for additional power-ups

Brilliance is not achieved in solitude. So, we partnered with the top guns of the SEO and writing industry like Semrush and Copyscape to provide additional value to our processes.

Users can use these integrations as power-ups to get additional data and features and improve their content further.


The purpose of introducing these features was to assist creators and marketers in streamlining their content marketing efforts and in turn, help them to improve their visibility and build sustainable brands. That is what we are out to achieve with Scalenut- providing the ability to create phenomenal content that converts into the hands of everyone who wants to.

Looking back at the last year, the feedback we have received from our thriving community of users, the features that have managed to add to our users’ arsenal, we can’t help but be proud of what we have achieved. At the same time, we realise that we are far from the finishing line. So, we will be doing what we have done so far - put our heads down and get back to work!

Our mission puts our users at the heart of our evolution. We always keep our eyes and ears peeled for feedback, analyze user behavior and patterns, and even welcome suggestions for new features or improvements with an open mind.

Join Scalenut on our journey toward creating the most powerful SEO & content marketing platform by signing up for a free trial today.

Saurabh Wadhawan
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Saurabh Wadhawan

Saurabh is the Co-Founder of Scalenut. He is a technology veteran with over a decade of experience in product development. He is the co-captain of the ship, steering product strategy, development, and management at Scalenut. His goal is to build a platform that can be used by organizations of all sizes and domains across borders.

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