Scalenut AI copywriter can create powerful copies for your brand.

AI Copywriter

Be it your website copy, social media ad copy, email or newsletter copy, landing page text, Facebook headlines, or product descriptions, you can use our AI copywriter to generate powerful copies. 

Here are the various use cases of Scalenut AI copywriter. 

Blog/Topic Ideas: 

Generate impactful blog topics or ideas that will engage the readers and rank well on Google. If you like any of our blog topics/ideas, simply place a request in our marketplace, and our team will work on your request. 

Product Description: 

Create a compelling product description for your eCommerce store, emails, or to be used on social media. Simply enter the brand name and a short description, and our AI will generate the most engaging product descriptions. 

Social Media Posts: 

Create high-converting copy for your social media posts. Scalenut AI copywriter creates the most unique and engaging social media posts for your brand that can be used on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Make your brand visible with ‘power words’ that make your audience hooked to your posts. 

Google Ads Copy: 

Scalenut creates the most cost-effective and high-converting ad copies for your brand. Just drop in your brand name and the product description to get the most engaging meta description of your ad copy. See your CTR grow with our effective AI intelligent tool. 

Landing Page Hero Text

Create an impressive headline for your product landing page. Scalenut’s AI copywriter creates the sales-oriented landing page hero text so that buyers can be intrigued to explore it further. 

Landing Page Sub-Headers  

Explain how your product creates values in your landing page with the landing page sub-header text. Change the product description a bit to get different outputs for your products. 

Facebook Ad Headlines

Create the scroll-stopping headline for your Facebook Ad copies that actually convert. Get prospects to click with these headlines and ultimately buy. 

Facebook Primary text

Like Facebook headlines, create the most stunning primary text for your Facebook ad copies. Drop in the short description and generate your ad copy text within seconds with all the hooks and cliffhangers. 

Google Headlines 

Create compelling headlines for your Google ad copies. Get inspiration from an AI copywriter or use the headline as given. 

Google Description: 

Use the AI copywriter to get the most compelling description for your generated ad copy. 

Linkedin Text Ads Headline

Boost your LinkedIn presence with professional ad copy. Create a stunning and clear headline for your brand on LinkedIn. 

Linkedin Texts Ad Description

Generate an intriguing description for your LinkedIn Ad and see your ad convert. 

Catchy Email Subject Lines 

“The money is in the list.” Hence, you need a catchy email subject line for your brand prospects. Scalenut AI copywriter creates the most stunning subject lines that go well with your brand and with your audience. 

Be it the cold email, business pitch, or a thank you email, Scalenut makes it a breeze.  

Blog Intro 

End the fear of writer’s block with our Blog Intro. Create the most captivating blog intro paragraph with an exceptionally well opening.