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scalenut copyscape integration

Plagiarism Checker

Scan your document to ensure that your content is plagiarism free with Copyscape
select plagiarism checker from extension tab
scan a section of content for plagiarism
find the link of original text for plagiarized content
rephrase the content


What does the Plagiarism Checker do?

The Plagiarism Checker tool integration will help you to check the originality of your content in one click.With this tool, you can scan the full document or a section of it in a matter of seconds. Once the plagiarism check is done, the tool will provide you with a snippet of the website where the original text was found and will let you know if your content already exists anywhere else on the internet.

How does the Plagiarism Checker work?

This integration will connect your Copyscape account within Scalenut which will enable you to check if your content is plagiarism free. Check out this article on step-by-step guide of activating Copyscape integration with Scalenut then use it to scan your content for plagiarism with detailed sources and references.

Why should you integrate the Plagiarism Checker?

Scalenut’s integration with Copyscape will transform your workflow in terms of ensuring that the content you generate is unique and free of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a very serious threat to the authenticity of a content piece and it is extremely difficult to manually scour the internet to ensure that your content is free of it. Copyscape’s integration will help you keep your content authentic and also minimize the risk of plagiarism by letting the tool search the internet for similar content. It will also highlight the text that is duplicated and give you the source of the original content as well.

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