Sep 29, 2023

Best Black Friday Ads from 2022 to Maximize Sales

Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Best Black Friday Ads from 2022 to Maximize Sales
Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Sep 29, 2023

Best Black Friday Ads from 2022 to Maximize Sales

Get Inspiration from these 7 best black friday ads to create innovative ad campaigns during this shopping season. Read more here.
Best Black Friday Ads from 2022 to Maximize Sales

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The holiday season is always a busy time for marketers, especially with Black Friday around the corner. 

With so many brands and businesses vying for attention, standing out from the crowd can be challenging. 

But fret not; we have analyzed the 2022 holiday black friday ads and campaigns to show you what’s already working and what you’re competing for in 2023. 

Best Black Friday Ads in 2022

Ad campaigns during the holiday season play a crucial role in the success of retail businesses. Understanding the trends and strategies from previous years is vital to plan for future campaigns. 

According to Amazon 2022 data, the best-selling categories of the holiday seasons are home, fashion, beauty, toys, and Amazon devices. 

If you’re an e-commerce brand falling under any of these categories, this is your early chance to shine brighter by leveraging ad campaigns. 

During this shopping season, commercials and video-based ads become an efficient way to reach regional buyers. While Black Friday is related to both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce stores, it’s best to leverage the advertising medium that suits the nature of business. 

If you plan to leverage ads to garner more visibility, here are a few Black Friday Ads that garnered the attention of buyers in 2022. 


Entertainment platforms get noisier during the black friday season. Most of the retail and e-commerce businesses provide generous deals to attract customers. So, staying at the top of people’s minds becomes difficult yet non-negotiable. 

Walmart, the retail giant, leverages the popularity of famous singer and songwriter Michael Bolton. In this advertisement, Walmart promotes its premium membership and black friday deals in narrative music. 

As this retail platform has a well-established presence, its attempt to hold viewers' attention with a famous personality and a song proves to be effective. In the past, Walmart also utilized influencers to increase brand visibility and credibility, tapping into its large and dedicated follower base.


Businesses become brands when they contribute meaningfully to their industry and world. Adapting values like sustainability, charity, and other social initiatives builds a strong brand reputation and credibility. 

One of the classic examples is the Ikea Black Friday ad 2022. It promotes a sustainable Black Friday, a noteworthy and commendable approach to the traditional shopping holiday. By highlighting the concept of a sustainable Black Friday, Ikea demonstrates its commitment to responsible consumption and encourages customers to make mindful purchasing decisions. 

Additionally, the ad also reflects the changing consumer preferences. Many shoppers today seek brands and retailers who align with their values and support causes they care about. So, adopting such notable values during this shopping season helps you to stand out, besides providing huge discounts and irresistible offers. 


The Amazon Yeti Dancing Black Friday commercial is an innovative and fun approach to promoting Black Friday deals. This commercial captures attention and creates a memorable and entertaining experience for viewers. 

One of the key reasons why this commercial is a good approach is its ability to stand out among the flood of Black Friday advertisements. By featuring a dancing yeti, the commercial grabs viewers' attention immediately. Even though the advertisement was quite weird, it held the viewer's attention successfully. The unique and unexpected nature of the ad makes it memorable and distinct, ensuring it stands out in customers' minds amidst the barrage of Black Friday promotions.

Moreover, the commercial creates a sense of excitement and anticipation for the Black Friday sale. By featuring a lively and energetic dance routine, the ad generates a positive and festive atmosphere. This can evoke a feeling of anticipation and encourage viewers to participate in the excitement of Black Friday shopping on Amazon.


Dell's Black Friday commercial for 2021 is an excellent approach to promoting its Black Friday deals as it effectively showcases the brand's offerings in a concise and compelling manner. 

The commercial adopts a straightforward and informative approach, making it easy for buyers to understand the benefits and savings they can expect during Dell's Black Friday sale.

By emphasizing their products' performance, reliability, use cases, and cutting-edge features, the commercial gives buyers a compelling reason to choose Dell over other competitors during the Black Friday shopping period. With minimal visuals and a simple CTA, Dell efficiently conveys its message and reaches its target audience.


Jumia's ad mirrors the fact that black friday is the opportunity to replace old products with new ones at a discounted price during this black Friday. This ad relates to many consumers because buyers often procrastinate making big purchases like mobiles, laptops, or kitchen accessories during non-shopping seasons. 

As Black Friday offers high discounts and profitable offers, price-sensitive customers consider this an ideal option to leverage these opportunities. Though the practice is obvious, these type of ads acts as a reminder to those hesitant buyers to take action. 

Anti-Black Friday Approach 

While Black Friday is often associated with frenzied shopping and steep discounts, some brands take a unique approach to stand out. The above advertisement from Deceim is a classic example. During shopping and holiday seasons, many brands adopt different marketing strategies to create a sense of urgency and FOMO among the buyers to increase sales and revenue. 

Contrary to the traditional practice, Deceim supports no-rush purchases, meaning they extend their discounts for a month-long so buyers do not have to rush through the chaos to buy.  

With a 23% discount extended for a month, Deceium provides its customers with enough time to bag their favorite products. Instead of impulse buying, consumers were encouraged to research and select products that genuinely addressed their needs. 

Swapping Black Friday with Holiday 

Swapping Black Friday with the holiday season can be a savvy approach for e-commerce brands that serve a broader target audience. Firstly, it aligns promotional activities with the holiday spirit, a time when consumers are already buying. 

Popular brands like Louis Vuitton and H&M take a holiday-centric approach than one-day deals. This synchronization allows e-commerce brands to seamlessly integrate their Black Friday offers into the larger holiday shopping season, capitalizing on the increased consumer spending during this time.

For buyers, this approach means a more extended and relaxed shopping period. Instead of the intense, single-day rush of Black Friday, consumers can spread out their purchases over several weeks or even months. 

This reduces the stress associated with last-minute shopping and allows buyers to make thoughtful, well-planned purchases, ensuring they get the best deals on items they genuinely need or desire.

The Takeaways 

Leverage Celebrity Endorsements: The success of Walmart's 2022 Black Friday ad featuring Michael Bolton underscores the impact of celebrity endorsements in capturing audience attention and boosting brand visibility.

Embrace Sustainability and Values: Brands like Ikea demonstrated the importance of aligning with sustainability and social values, resonating with consumers seeking responsible and ethical shopping options.

Creativity is Key: Amazon's quirky Yeti Dancing commercial proves that creativity and uniqueness in advertising can help your brand stand out amidst the saturation of Black Friday promotions.

Informative and Concise Messaging: Dell's straightforward and informative approach highlights the effectiveness of conveying the benefits and savings of Black Friday deals in a clear and concise manner.

Consider Diverse Marketing Strategies: From Jumia's reminder for price-sensitive consumers to Deceim's anti-Black Friday approach and the idea of swapping Black Friday with the holiday season, diversifying your marketing strategies can cater to a range of consumer preferences and behaviors, ultimately leading to a more successful holiday campaign.

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Suman Samal
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