Sep 28, 2023

When Do Black Friday Sales Start in 2023?

Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
When Do Black Friday Sales Start in 2023?
Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Sep 28, 2023

When Do Black Friday Sales Start in 2023?

Get ahead of the game and know when Black Friday sales start in 2023. Stay up-to-date with the latest information about Black Friday deals and offers!
When Do Black Friday Sales Start in 2023?

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Are you ready for the biggest shopping day of the year?

Black Friday is just around the corner, and it's time to start planning your shopping strategy to save money while ticking off your shopping list. 

In this post, we'll answer all your questions about when Black Friday 2023 will be and what you can expect from this massive shopping event. 

When is Black Friday this Year 2023?

Black Friday, the much-anticipated shopping extravaganza, is known for its jaw-dropping discounts and unbeatable deals. In 2023, Black Friday is scheduled for November 24th. This year, retailers are expected to kick off their sales bright and early, enticing shoppers with incredible offers.

Prepare yourself for both online and in-store shopping, as retailers will be offering various promotions and discounts. And don't forget, some retailers may even start their sales a day or two before the official date. So get ready to snag those jaw-dropping discounts and unbeatable deals!

Are Pre-Black Friday Sales the Same as Black Friday?

Pre-Black Friday sales are separate events from the main Black Friday event. Retailers offer early deals and discounts in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, but they may not be as exclusive as the deals available on the actual Black Friday.

On the day of the main event, you can expect a frenzy of sales and promotions both online and in-store. Retailers will go all out to attract shoppers with jaw-dropping discounts and unbeatable offers. 

Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the thrill of in-store bargains, Black Friday has something for everyone. From electronics and appliances to clothing and home goods, you'll find a wide variety of products on sale.

When do early Black Friday deals start?

Early Black Friday deals can kick off as early as mid-October, offering a chance to get a juicy discount before the main event. So, keep an eye out for Black Friday deals in October and December sales or other promotions throughout the fourth quarter of the year. Online retailers may offer early access deals and promotions, so stay informed by checking their websites and signing up for newsletters.

How to find the Best Black Friday deals?

It's essential to be prepared and do research to find the best Black Friday deals. Here are a few tips to help you find the ultimate bargain:

Start Early

Keep an eye out for retailers who may offer early access to Black Friday deals. Popular brands like Amazon, Walmart, and others will give you a head start on snagging the best discounts before they sell out. 

Sign Up for Newsletters

Subscribe to newsletters from your favorite retailers. They often send exclusive promotions and discounts to their subscribers, giving you a leg up on finding the best deals. At times, retailers often provide exclusive discounts tailored to their email lists.

Start early

Retailers often start offering deals and discounts in the week leading up to the event, so keep an eye out for early access opportunities. This way, you can get a head start on your holiday shopping and secure those highly sought-after items before they sell out. 

Plan ahead 

Before diving into the world of Black Friday sales, take some time to plan ahead. Make a list of the items you're looking for and prioritize them based on their importance. Research prices beforehand to ensure you're getting the best deal possible. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the store policies and return/exchange processes to avoid any surprises after your purchase.

Research and plan

Research and planning are essential when it comes to making the most of Black Friday 2023. Start by researching the products you're interested in purchasing and comparing prices across different retailers. This will help you identify the best deals and ensure you get the most value for your money.

Prioritize popular products

While shopping on Black Friday, it's best to prioritize popular products. These items tend to sell out quickly, so make sure they're at the top of your list. Whether it's the latest electronics or trendy fashion items, be ready to act fast and secure them before they're gone. Keep an eye on retailers' websites and social media pages for updates on stock availability and any special promotions they may be running.

Explore "buy now, pay later" options.

Many retailers offer flexible payment plans that allow you to make purchases without immediate full payment. This can be a great way to bag those must-have items without straining your budget. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions of these plans carefully, including interest rates and repayment schedules, to ensure you're making a wise financial decision.

Compare prices

Before making any purchases, be sure to compare prices across different retailers. With so many deals and discounts available during Black Friday 2023, it's essential to make sure you're getting the best possible price. Use price comparison websites or apps to easily compare prices and find the best deal for your desired products.

Set a budget

It's easy to get carried away with all the enticing deals during Black Friday; that’s why it's essential to set a budget and stick to it. Determine how much you can afford to spend and prioritize your purchases accordingly. This will help you avoid overspending and ensure you make the most of your budget during this shopping season.

Follow retailers on social media 

Many retailers share exclusive deals and promotions on their social media platforms. Make sure to follow your favorite retailers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated with the latest offers. This way, you won't miss any limited-time deals or flash sales.

Sign up for the newsletter

Retailers often send newsletters with early access to Black Friday deals and discounts. Subscribe to the newsletters of your favorite stores to receive notifications about upcoming sales and special promotions. This will give you a head start and ensure you have the first opportunity to grab the best bargains.

Create a shopping list

Before diving into the frenzy of Black Friday shopping, list the items you need or have been eyeing for a while. This will help you stay focused and avoid impulse buying. Stick to your list and prioritize the items that are most important to you.

Utilize cashback offers

Many credit card companies and online retailers offer cashback rewards during Black Friday. Take advantage of these offers by using your credit card for your purchases. Not only will you be able to enjoy the discounts and deals, but you'll also earn money back on your purchases. Just make sure to pay off your credit card balance in full to avoid any interest charges.

Check return policies

While shopping on Black Friday, it's important to be aware of the return policies of the stores you plan to shop at. Sometimes, in the excitement of getting great deals, we can make impulsive purchases that we later regret. By knowing the return policies beforehand, you can make sure that if something doesn't work out or you change your mind, you can easily return or exchange the item.

Get Ready

With Black Friday 2023 just around the corner, it's time to start planning and strategizing for the best deals. Pre-Black Friday sales may offer some discounts, but they are not the same as the deals you can find on the actual day. Early Black Friday deals usually start surfacing a week or two before the big day, giving you a chance to snag some great bargains. So, keep tabs on your favorite brands and bag profitable deals in the upcoming months. 


How long do Black Friday sales last?

Black Friday sales typically last for one day, starting early in the morning and continuing until stores close in the evening. However, in recent years, some retailers have extended their sales to last throughout the entire weekend or even the entire week leading up to Black Friday.

Is Black Friday the same date every year?

No, Black Friday is not the same date every year. It falls on the day after Thanksgiving. Therefore, the date of Black Friday varies from year to year.

Is Black Friday the best time to shop for deals?

Black Friday is widely regarded as one of the best times to shop for deals. Retailers offer significant discounts on various products, making it an ideal time to take advantage of great deals. 

While Black Friday offers many excellent discounts, it's always a good idea to research and compare prices before making a purchase. Additionally, be sure to check for any restrictions or limitations on the offered deals, as some items may be limited in quantity or available only during certain hours.

How often is Black Friday each year?

Black Friday occurs once a year, always on the day after Thanksgiving. The annual event marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Shoppers eagerly await this day to take advantage of retailers' incredible deals and discounts. 

Is it better to shop early or later in the day on Black Friday?

When it comes to shopping on Black Friday, timing can make a difference. If you prefer to avoid the crowds and long lines, shopping early in the day might be your best bet. Many stores open their doors early, often as early as midnight or even Thanksgiving evening, allowing you to get a head start on your shopping list. However, keep in mind that popular items may sell out quickly during these early hours.

Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager
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