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A leading digital healthcare company, this pharma firm connects millions online with a wide range of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Their mission is to simplify healthcare access through innovative digital solutions, improving efficiency, reducing costs, empowering patient decisions, and enhancing user experience with personalized services.

Mumbai, India
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Scalenut's advanced AI-driven content marketing solutions dramatically improved the company's content production efficiency, empowering them to expand their digital presence and achieve unprecedented growth in organic traffic.
  • Slow and inefficient content production due to manual processes.
  • Struggles in scaling content production to meet increasing demand.
  • Company struggled with slow research and workflows, limiting content production.
  • SEO Hub: Automated keyword research and competitor analysis, significantly improving SEO strategy.
  • AI Templates: Enabled quick generation of engaging short-form content using pre-designed templates.
  • Cruise Mode: Streamlined long-form content creation, cutting production time drastically.

Scalenut's innovative platform equipped the company with powerful AI tools to optimize its content creation workflow. This led to faster production of high-quality, SEO-friendly content that resonated with their audience.‍

Transforming Content Production with Scalenut's AI

The original process was labor-intensive, involving multiple steps from research to publication. However, with Scalenut’s AI, the company transformed its process by leveraging keyword research, AI-assisted content creation, and automated publishing. The AI produced ready-to-rank content pieces, which eliminated the need for editors to spend additional time optimizing each article for search engines.

This new workflow minimized the time spent on research, draft creation, and optimization, leading to a significant increase in content production speed.

Achieving Significant Growth

The collaboration with Scalenut helped the company achieve 3X growth in traffic, website visits, CTR, and ranking positions. These metrics established topical authority, increased app downloads, and expanded their customer base.

Scalenut is proud to be part of the enormous growth of its enterprise clients. With AI rapidly transforming content marketing, Scalenut is committed to providing industry-specific SEO and content solutions that make content marketing accessible to all brands.

Streamlining Their Content Management Process

To scale content effectively, the immediate next step was to ensure their content workflow supported efficiency and production. Their prior workflow involved multiple manual steps: Keyword Research, Ideation, Competitor Analysis, Writing, Editing, Optimizing, Exporting to CMS, and Publishing.

Optimizing the Content System with Scalenut

Scalenut streamlined and optimized the content system for the pharmaceutical company. With Scalenut's AI, once the content head submitted all the keywords, the system generated SEO-friendly content. Scalenut also implemented a one-click solution to publish directly to the WordPress editor, allowing editors to view, edit, and publish content efficiently.

Scalenut’s AI streamlined this process into:

  • Keyword research
  • Content creation (from outline to first draft, the end-to-end process was automated)
  • Final review
  • Final publishing
  • The Results of Using Scalenut

Scalenut’s AI produced ready-to-rank content pieces, which minimized the time spent on research, draft creation, and optimization. This automated workflow eliminated the need for editors to spend extra time optimizing content, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks.

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3X increase in organic traffic. With Scalenut, the company achieved over 2M+ monthly visitors in organic traffic, along with substantial growth in keyword rankings and engagement. Their SEO strategy and content production efficiency improved dramatically, resulting in increased visibility and reach. Additionally, the collaboration led to enhanced content accuracy and relevance, optimized on-page and technical SEO, and more effective link-building campaigns, all of which collectively contributed to their remarkable online growth and strengthened their brand's digital presence.

3X increase in organic traffic
50% improvement in SERP rankings
Drastically improved content production speed

The collaboration with Scalenut marked a turning point in this pharma company's content strategy, revolutionizing its digital presence. By embracing Scalenut's advanced AI tools, they unlocked rapid growth in organic traffic, significantly enhanced search rankings, and achieved remarkable improvements in content production efficiency.

"We were quite hesitant to use Al to write medical content," says the content marketing head of the Pharmaceutical brand, "the factual accuracy of Al remained a mystery. However, we struggled to produce high-quality content at scale without incurring huge costs. So, we were looking for an affordable Al solution skilled in curating factually accurate medical content. That's when we stumbled on Scalenut."
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