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Oct 18, 2023

Here is how Scalenut’s Talent Network helped a leading interior designing brand increase its organic traffic by 80%

Here is how Scalenut’s Talent Network helped a leading interior designing brand increase its organic traffic by 80%


About Foyr 

Founded in 2015, Foyr is an interior design brand focused on empowering design professionals by providing them with state-of-the-art visualization solutions. In addition, the brand has a resource library and an active community of over 50,000 design professionals who interact with the brand’s content created and each other for holistic improvement. 

Challenges Faced by the Brand

In the last decade or so, most interior design brands have hopped on the content bandwagon and are producing different content forms for improved traction. While Foyr’s core focus has always been their software and its ease of use, they also embarked on creating content, mainly long-form, around their niche. 

For this, they had a dedicated blog section on their website, but the content that was being generated did not bear the desired outcomes. The primary reason was their struggle to find quality creators who could help them in their endeavors. It meant that they were spending too much time in vetting for the desired role and also had difficulties in producing the desired number of blogs. All of it resulted in subpar organic traffic for their website, which was affecting their conversions. 

So, they were on the lookout for viable partners who could help them achieve the desired results. This was when they came across Scalenut’s Talent Network, a hub of expert writers across niches, and there has been no looking back. 

Scalenut’s Role in Solving Foyr’s Troubles

Scalenut’s Talent Network is a platform where creators who specialize across niches meet clients in need of content for SEO and other purposes. It is a one-stop solution for superior content creation across niches and content types. Presently, it caters to over 15 content categories and helps clients globally access top talent and seamlessly receive high-quality, on-time deliverables. 

2021 was the beginning of the collaboration between Foyr and Scalenut . While searching for top-quality expert writers they reached out to our Talent Network and placed a request. The brand appreciated the results we could help them achieve and was happy with the expertise offered. 

Scalenut’s Role in Solving Foyr’s Troubles

Value Delivered by Scalenut

We completed a year of professional collaboration a few days back. During this timeframe, we have been able to deliver over 100,000 words for Foyr. 

As per Foyr, on-time delivery and high-quality content delivered by Scalenut’s expert writers has been immensely appreciated by the workforce and their readers. Since collaborating with Scalenut, the brand has been able to improve its organic traffic significantly with their website raking in over 80% more traffic. Also, because of the increase in volume, their network of community members and other interested parties has expanded significantly. 

Value delivered by scalenut

Wrapping up

Scalenut’s Talent Network takes pride in housing expert content creators across categories and niches. Our ability to match the right project with the right creator has been our biggest strength, and the partnership with Foyr is one of the testimonials of what we have been able to achieve. We strive to improve our talent base and look forward to continuing to deliver results beyond expectations to our clientele.