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Foyr, a leading interior design brand, faced challenges in scaling their content production to meet SEO goals, impacting their organic traffic and user engagement. Partnering with Scalenut’s Talent Network, Foyr achieved a remarkable 80% increase in organic traffic, bolstered by a strategic influx of expertly crafted content.
  • Inadequate quality and quantity of blog content.
  • Excessive time spent in vetting suitable content creators.
  • Stagnant organic traffic affecting overall conversions.
Foyr needed a strategic shift to overcome the stagnation in organic growth, primarily caused by ineffective content strategies and an inefficient creator selection process.
  • Integration with Scalenut’s Talent Network for access to vetted expert writers.
  • Streamlined content creation process tailored for SEO and user engagement.
  • Regular delivery of diverse content types, including long-form articles.

Scalenut’s Talent Network enabled Foyr to enhance their content strategy through expert collaboration, resulting in consistent, quality output that aligned with their core business objectives.

Foyr, a leading interior design brand, partnered with Scalenut to enhance its content strategy and SEO efforts. Faced with the challenge of increasing organic visibility and engagement, Foyr utilized Scalenut's talent network to produce high-quality, SEO-optimized content. This collaboration led to an impressive 80% increase in organic traffic, significantly boosting Foyr's online presence and establishing it as a thought leader in the interior design industry.

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Since initiating the partnership with Scalenut, Foyr has seen a significant 80% increase in organic traffic. The collaboration has also expanded their community network and improved site engagement.

Improved user engagement and satisfaction

Foyr’s partnership with Scalenut illustrates the transformative power of expert content creation, proving that the right collaborations can lead to substantial growth and industry leadership.

"Partnering with Scalenut was a transformative experience for Foyr. Their innovative content solutions significantly enhanced our SEO efforts, leading to an 80% increase in organic traffic. The quality and consistency of the content produced were unmatched, propelling our brand to new heights in the competitive interior design industry. Scalenut's commitment to excellence and proactive approach to content strategy made them an invaluable part of our marketing success."

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