60% Clicks Increase
88% reduction in Content Production Time

MIT Plus is a cutting-edge SaaS provider specializing in building online marketplaces. Known for empowering brands with innovative solutions, MIT Plus focuses on enhancing user experiences and optimizing operational efficiencies to drive growth and engagement across various industries.

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Marketing and Branding
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Scalenut enabled MIT Plus to optimize its content production process with AI-powered tools, achieving significant improvements in content velocity and SEO strategy.
  • High research time and cost due to manual processes and VPN services for geo-specific research.
  • Slow content production, requiring the hiring of more writers, thus increasing production costs.
MIT Plus faced high research costs and slow content production, leading to increased hiring expenses and an inability to meet rising demand.
  • SEO Hub: Enabled fast and accurate geo-specific research to reduce costs.
  • AI Templates: Generated short-form content instantly to streamline content creation.

Scalenut provided MIT Plus with AI-based optimization and smart processes to speed up research and content creation while reducing costs

MIT Plus leveraged Scalenut's SEO and content tools to streamline their research and production processes. This allowed them to quickly produce high-quality content and enhance their organic traffic and a 50% reduction in content production costs. By automating and streamlining content creation, MIT Plus enhanced its online visibility and efficiency, effectively doubling its digital impact while significantly lowering operational expenses. This strategic shift not only boosted traffic but also maximized ROI, marking a milestone in MIT Plus's growth trajectory.

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Through its collaboration with Scalenut, MIT Plus achieved a remarkable 60% increase in organic traffic, alongside a 50% reduction in content production costs. This strategic partnership allowed MIT Plus to streamline its content operations and enhance marketing efficiency, leading to improved search engine rankings and a stronger online presence.

These gains have substantially boosted MIT Plus's market competitiveness and enabled more focused resource allocation.

5X faster content delivery
50% improvement in SERP rankings
200% Reduction in Content Production Time

Scalenut empowered MIT Plus to fully leverage the potential of its existing workforce and significantly reduce operational costs. This partnership not only facilitated a cost-efficient scaling of operations but also freed MIT Plus from concerns about bandwidth or rising expenses, allowing them to expand their digital footprint without hesitation. By integrating Scalenut’s solutions, MIT Plus has been able to maintain a competitive edge in the market, optimize content production processes, and achieve substantial growth in organic traffic, all while managing resources more effectively.

"Partnering with Scalenut was transformative for MIT Plus. Their innovative tools helped us boost our organic traffic by 60% and cut content production costs by half. This efficiency has allowed us to scale operations and enhance our digital strategy, exceeding our performance goals."
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