Apr 15, 2024

How MIT Plus Increased it's Organic Traffic by 60% and Reduced the Content Production cost by 50%

How MIT Plus Increased it's Organic Traffic by 60% and Reduced the Content Production cost by 50%


About MIT Plus

MIT Plus is a holistic branding, web design, and content agency launched in 2014. The team has established itself as an SEO copywriting expert after working with international brands to create keyword-rich content that boosts search engine ranking and organic traffic.

Evolution is a core value at MIT Plus. In the same spirit, the agency has adopted Scalenut to fast-track its journey and overcome existing challenges.

The Challenges

Quality content production at scale is one of the significant challenges agencies today face. But when you are an agency like MIT Plus with an impression to uphold, the benchmark for quality is high.

Mehedi  from the MIT Plus team notes two prime challenges.

  • Research time & cost

The team was spending copious amounts of time in research to write comprehensive articles. Servicing clients in multiple countries also required MIT Plus to use VPN services to conduct geo-accurate research. Both of these slowed down the research time and added extra costs.

  • Content production time & cost

Research to production was still a long road for the writers at MIT Plus. The demand was increasing daily while the rate of production remained the same. This requirement pushed the agency to hire more highly-skilled writers consistently, increasing the overall cost of production.

These were all challenges that the Scalenut Suite could swiftly resolve for MIT Plus.

The Solutions

The key to bringing down MIT Plus’ research and content production without compromising quality was bringing in AI-based optimization and smart processes.

Here is how Scalenut empowered MIT Plus to achieve its goals within six months.

Solution 1: SEO Hub for fast, accurate, and geo-specific research

Scalenut’s SEO Hub is a powerhouse for 360-degree content research. The tool analyses the top 30 ranking URLs for the keyword of your choice in your selected location and provides multi-level data.

Everything from the HTag breakdown, NLP terms, and FAQs, to Competitor Analysis, SEO Hub provides you with an in-depth report in just a few seconds. 


How it helped: The team at MIT Plus did not have to manually go through each link to conduct their SEO research anymore. SEO Hub’s ability to conduct location-specific research also eliminated the costs and delays associated with using a VPN service.

The writers could now get their research done in a matter of seconds and spend more time creating cutting-edge content. This time savings led to an increase in the per-day output and saved costs.

Solution 2: AI Templates for instant short-form content

AI Templates by Scalenut offers the ability to generate more than 40 types of short-form content like social media posts, product descriptions, review responses, or ad copies instantly on the go. 

Writers can choose the template they need, fill in fields to make the output relevant, and click generate. Scalenut’s state-of-the-art AI develops excellent-quality, plagiarism-free, ready-to-use content.

AI Copywriter

How it helped: Apart from long-form content, MIT Plus also provides its customers with website and social media content services. The time taken in communicating short-form requirements to the writers, production, editing, and reworks was reduced heavily through AI Templates.

The Results

The positive effects of implementing Scalenut were quickly evident to the MIT Plus team.

The agency increased its content production velocity 3x and lowered its content production costs by a whopping 50%. Articles that took one full day in production now take MIT Plus writers just 2-3 hours.

Mehedi also notes a significant change in the performance of MIT Plus’ own website since adopting Scalenut. “The number of visitors increased by almost 60%. With Scalenut, we reached our goals six months sooner than we expected.”


In Conclusion

Scalenut enabled MIT Plus to unlock the potential of its existing workforce and reduce its costs. MIT Plus is now equipped with the freedom to scale without hesitation regarding low bandwidth or proportionally raised expenses.

SMEs globally choose Scalenut as a partner for sustainable expansion without compromising quality or burning a hole in their pockets.