120% Organic Traffic Growth
300% Content Production Increase

Mosaic Wellness is a visionary health and wellness company dedicated to improving the lives of individuals through innovative and tailored wellness solutions. At the core of Mosaic's mission is a commitment to holistic health, offering a diverse range of products and services designed to enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Haryana, India
Health and Wellness
Mosaic, a prominent player in the wellness industry, partnered with Scalenut to overcome its digital visibility challenges. With a unique two-portal approach catering separately to men and women, Mosaic sought to solidify its standing as a comprehensive wellness authority. Scalenut’s intervention was pivotal, multiplying content output and doubling organic traffic, thereby shaping Mosaic into a thought leader in the health sector.
  • Intense market competition and low awareness hindered Mosaic's visibility and engagement.
  • Despite offering specialized wellness solutions, Mosaic struggled to scale its presence.
Navigating a competitive wellness landscape, Mosaic needed to assert its presence and expertise. The main hurdles were the high costs of content production and the slow pace of content generation, which hindered timely market response and rapid growth.
  • Content Scalability: Implemented Scalenut’s AI-driven tools to increase content volume.
  • SEO Enhancement: Utilized Scalenut’s SEO expertise to optimize all content for better search engine rankings.
  • Quality Assurance: Deployed experienced editors and content managers to maintain the highest standards of content integrity and relevance.

Often, what makes a business succeed is not just its products and people. Sometimes, just being able to create a strong proposition and consciousness about your solutions can be the edge that pushes you and gets you noticed. And that’s just what made Mosaic propel itself into the big league of wellness players, making a difference.

Mosaic – Mission, Milestones, and Mantra

When Mosaic came to be in 2020, health and wellness were the need of the hour. While this wasn’t an unchartered territory, there was a clear need for men and women who were looking for complete self-care. Mosaic stepped right in to be able to cater to aspects pertaining to grooming, hygiene, nutrition, and performance. 

With 2 separate portals, Bodywise and ManMatters, dedicated to men’s and women’s care, Mosaic began with the premise of being able to restore physical, emotional, and mental well-being for all. This is why both portals offer generic wellness products as well as solutions specific to men and women, including PCOS, performance, sleep, and intimate care.

What makes Mosaic special is that they are much more than a wellness shopping portal. Mosaic is a consultancy offering expert advice and counselling on all matters related to healthcare. It is a platform for sharing information, with content on pertinent issues and solutions to them. It is also a community where men and women can build support and feel safe.

Scalenut Piecing The Mosaic Together

With consistent content production being the most pressing need for Mosaic, they reached out to us at Scalenut. We dove right in to support them with a pool of expert writers who understood their business and their audience to help Mosaic scale their content rollout to 3x, in turn helping them achieve their objective of increasing organic traffic. 

The approach brought in was very precise and carefully thought through. By projecting Mosaic as thought leaders and industry shapers, we wanted to position them very strongly. To be able to accomplish this just through content, we brought in:

  • Content experts who understood the nuances, facts, sensitivities and emerging trends of the healthcare industry
  • Authorities having an understanding of the SEO space to create optimized content
  • Experiened editors who managed to bring together the best writing practices and quality content to make it valuable for the reader while maximising readership

The fact that we worked consistently and diligently from the get-go ensured a systematic and steady flow of quality content that was meaningful and impacting. 

Scalenut X Mosaic
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The partnership between Mosaic and Scalenut marked a significant turnaround in Mosaic’s strategy, resulting in a 300% increase in content output and a 120% increase in organic traffic, establishing Mosaic as a leader in the wellness domain.

3X Content Production
50% improvement in SERP rankings
50% Reduction in Content Production Time

Mosaic's collaboration with Scalenut wasn’t just about scaling content production—it was about crafting a narrative that resonated with their audience and set them apart from the competition. Through strategic content initiatives, Mosaic has not only seen a significant uptick in digital engagement but also positioned itself as a holistic wellness leader. This partnership exemplifies how targeted digital strategies can profoundly impact business outcomes.

"Mosaic has been working with the Scalenut team for over 1.5 years now and it's been an incredibly collaborative experience. The team has always been adept at understanding the requirements perfectly well, super prompt with delivering them without delay and always following up for feedbacks. They have been super flexible and competent in delivering content when we scaled up the deliverables by over 3x without failing the timelines or impacting the quality. This helped us scale up our content requirements efficiently while contributing to our exponential growth in organic traffic. They are one of the best content agencies that I have worked with, and the fewest who deliver exactly what they promise.:)”

- Adrijja Chakraborty, Marketing Manager at Mosaic Wellness
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