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What is a content brief?

A content brief is a structured and organized document that contains all information required by someone to create a piece of content. You can call it the guiding light for content creators producing content for social media posts, websites, video scripts, etc. 

What are the components of a content brief?

A content brief must compile all the necessary things that are required to make your content piece powerful. It must have the following components: the content's purpose, target audience, topic, keywords, word count, tone of voice, links and references, benchmark content, and image guidelines. Only with these components can your content brief become meaningful and helpful to the writer/content team.

What is the importance of a content brief?

With a content brief, you can ensure that all people involved in producing your content are aligned and work towards the expected outcome dedicatedly. It will also ensure that communication about expectations is clear, ensuring that revisions and corrections can be avoided. The content brief also makes sure that any critical information is shared so that the quality of content remains unmatched.

How much time do you need to create a content brief?

Any content brief needs to be comprehensive, and one must take ample time to prepare a good content brief. Preparing the content brief manually can take up to one to four hours of planning and preparation. You can also choose an automated free content brief template to make your work convenient.

What to keep in mind while writing a content brief?

When you create a content brief, always keep in mind the big picture that is the goal of your content. Further, keep the brief simple and ensure all the main requirements are listed in the content brief to give appropriate direction to the writer.

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