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What is a pillar page checklist?

A pillar page checklist consists of tasks related to creating a pillar page for your website. It helps keep your pillar page strategy organized by listing down things you need to do to develop and finally publish your pillar pages. 

What are the components of a pillar page checklist?

The pillar page strategy checklist would contain the following tasks - choosing the broad topic for the pillar page, doing keyword research and creating topic clusters accordingly, gathering the resources required for the creation of the pillar page, analyzing SERP websites, and finalizing deadlines for creating content. 

What is the importance of a pillar page checklist?

The checklist helps you stay organized and on track while creating pillar pages and topic clusters. It makes the entire process of pillar page creation convenient by providing a step-by-step guide to your content team. You can always go back to the checklist to improve your strategy if you feel something is not working out for you. 

How much does it take to create a pillar page with the checklist?

To create a pillar page and its associated cluster pages, you will have to dedicate more than 20 hours. With the assistance of a checklist, you can save time and resources as you will know what needs to be done and when. 

What are things to keep in mind while using the pillar page checklist?

It is advised to keep in mind the pillar page best practices mentioned in the checklist. Follow the tasks listed as far as possible and keep track of your progress. Avoid taking up new tasks or doing multiple tasks together, as it can lead to confusion. 

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