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How to use our free blog outline generator tool?

The right blog post outline is the first critical step in creating valuable content. Google algorithms pay greater attention to content that are useful to the readers. If you want your content, website, blog, or webpage to rank high, you must create valuable content. 

With our blog outline generator, you can streamline your ideas and research to write a blog. It will stop you from wandering off the topic and ensure that your readers get access to valuable content from the beginning. 

Follow these steps to use the Scalenut Blog Outline Generator:

  1. Login to your free Scalenut account.
  2. Open the Blog Outline Generator from AI Templates. 
Blog Outline Generator
  1. Provide some context on your blog topic in the text fields.
Blog Outline Generator
  1. Hit Generate, and the blog outline generator will give you different headings for the blog. 
Blog Outline Generator

You can create outlines with our free article outline generator and start writing with AI using our text editor. Scalenut also features a blog AI writer Cruise Mode that will assist you in creating a blog from scratch in just a few minutes. Try Cruise Mode today! 

What is a blog outline, and why is it important?

A blog outline is a planned blueprint of your final blog. The outline contains the headings with a little context of what to write under those headings. These are essential details as they help you develop your ideas and create a valuable post. It can also include subheadings, no. of images required, interlinks to add, and other elements that may form a part of the blog. Laying out blog outlines ensures you stick to the topic and not digress.  

How to write a blog outline?

Here are some steps you can follow to form a blog outline manually:

  • Picking a topic with a working title. The title you create must be specific yet straight forward. 
  • Write the article takeaways. In other words, you need to jot down what your reader will get after reading the blog. 
  • Decide the headings to supply the takeaway information to the readers in detail. 
  • With the general article outline ready, you must go into some detail and write the subheadings you will cover. This will further boil down the content creation to be more specific and highly informative. 

This process can take some time to complete. However, using the Scalenut Blog Outline Generator will cut down the planning time by half. Our AI tool travels across the web to find relevant content based on your topic and blog context. It gives you the most important headlines you must cover to provide valuable content to your readers. 

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