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How to use Scalenut’s free product description generator?

Product descriptions are much more than well-crafted sentences talking about a product. An excellent product description entices your customer to buy your product over your competitors. 

With Scalenut's free product description generator, you can write persuasive descriptions for your e-commerce products - all in just one click. Our AI generates product descriptions in line with the best practices and as a list, making it easier for your customers to read and make a purchasing decision. 

To use our product description writing software, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Start by entering details of your brand and a few lines about your product or brand. You can go as specific as you want and list the features of your product. 

Our AI description generator will take these features to create benefits-oriented descriptions. 

  • Step 2: Click on ‘Generate’. It can take 10 to 30 seconds for the SEO product description to be created by the tool. 
Product Description Generator
  • Step 3: Scroll down to see the descriptions generated. Scalenut Product Description Generator will churn our four descriptions in the first go.
  • Step 4: Go through them and find the description you prefer. Click on ‘Add to Editor’, and the same will be moved to the ‘Write’ window on the left-hand side. 
Product Description Example
  • Step 5: Edit the description to add or delete the content that doesn’t fit your requirements. If you want to get more ideas, click on ‘Generate More’.

Recommended read: A detailed guide on how to use Scalenut’s free product description generator. 

What is a Product Description? 

A product description is a deal-maker in an eCommerce business. Great product copies can generate tremendous amounts of business. A good description helps potential customers find the answer to “Why Should I Buy.” 

To answer this, the description must include the key benefits and fine-tune the words to project your product as the panacea for your customer’s problems and pains. 

Example of a great product description copy  

Product descriptions can appear on many platforms depending on where you want to sell. While Amazon is one of the favorite places for an online business, some businesses also choose to build their own stores with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and other similar solutions. However, writing a great product copy is essential for every platform. 

With platforms like Amazon, you must follow the platform-specific rules and regulations. Here are two examples of a product description. One is from Amazon, and another is from a Shopify store. 

Source: Repricer
Source: Shopify

In both the descriptions, pay attention to the way benefits are shared. They are projected in a way to ensure that the business resonates with the user’s problems and that the product has the features to solve them. 

Read our detailed blog on writing product descriptions for your Amazon store to get started. 

Do product descriptions help with Google ranking?

Yes, product descriptions can rank on Google as long as they are SEO-optimized. This means you must write for your audience, show value in your description, use the right keywords, and highlight product benefits. 

Google’s algorithms have become smarter, and they are rooting for the descriptions that provide value to their target audience. The same applies to Amazon’s search algorithm. Here too, valuable product descriptions are written in accordance with Amazon’s A9 algorithm, which also focuses on providing the most value to customers. 

Is there any word or character limit for product descriptions?  

Yes, different platforms have set different word limits for the product descriptions. Staying under the prescribed word limit is important and can support your search engine page ranking. 

On Amazon, do not go beyond 300 words, and on Shopify, write between 300 and 400 words. 

Did you know that the Scalenut product description generator accounts for these details and churns descriptions accordingly? We have integrated fixed parameters for generating descriptions that comply with the rules and best practices. 

What are some best practices to optimize the product descriptions for effective performance?  

To write performance-ready product descriptions, follow these tips:

  1. Build buyer personas before writing to understand your customer and their pain points. 
  2. Abide by the rules and conventions of writing descriptions set by different platforms. 
  3. Understand the algorithms implemented by different platforms. Amazon has A9, and eBay has Cassini. No need to go in-depth; just know how they work. 
  4. Choose the best and optimal keywords for ranking purposes. 
  5. Do not over-promote your products as it can create false expectations among customers, and not fulfilling them means negative points for your brand. 

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